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5 Ways To Style Marble Wallpaper

No doubt one of our personal favorites from our entire wallpaper collection is the gorgeous “Marble” wallpaper by Kemra. This unique wallpaper makes the most of the popular trend of marble everything (there is no such thing as too much marble, right?!). We’ve come up with 5 ways to style marble wallpaper, from color techniques to decor choices, these ways will ensure you ace the marble trend effortlessly in your home without going OTT.

Gold Detailing

Nothing goes better with marble than luxe gold detailing. Whether it be with subtle trims of gold around the room, gold homewares or bold gold furniture, gold and marble are a match made in interior design heaven. These two materials work well together as the warmth of the gold metal helps to counteract the coldness that comes from a stone such as marble and helps to create a much more cozy feeling in the room. If gold isn’t to your taste you can always opt for a different warm metal like brass, copper or rose gold, and if you want to avoid metals altogether, timber works well in its place.

White Furniture

If you love the look of the white-on-white-on-white interior trend that is everything on Pinterest right now, then you will love pairing our  stunning Marble wallpaper with some classic white furniture. To avoid a completely stark and clinical feel, accessorize your white and marble features with subtle accents of color or with a contrasting pattern or texture to create contrast and interest. White and marble with a splash of leather, fur and industrial textures are the perfect way to style your marble wallpaper.

A Pop Of Color

On the other end of the spectrum, colorful furniture works really well with marble wallpaper. As the marble wallpaper is only incorporating the colors of white and gray, it is a very neutral wall choice that can easily be styled and changed over time to cater for changing trends and tastes.  So, if you are a lover of bright pops of color, this wallpaper is perfect for you. Some of our favorite combinations that make the marble pop are pinks, teal and yellow for a fun and super fresh interior style that gives you an energy boost every time you walk through the room.

Bring In A Touch Of Glamour

Anything marble has a feel of being luxurious and high-end. Complement this by adding some plush decor items within the area. To achieve this look, a soft, fluffy rug works wonders and singular chairs in a room always ooze sophistication and style.


If you don’t want to jump headfirst into the bold colors we mentioned above, pastels are a wonderful option. Not only do you get the fresh, fun look, but pastels work very similarly to neutral tones as they are soft, delicate and often blend in nicely with a simple, chic decor. Opt for a pastel rug or lamp for a soft touch or a pastel sofa or table for more of a statement.

What would our ultimate marble wallpaper look like in a lounge room? Here is soem inspiration for our dream styling:

5 Ways To Style Marble Wallpaper | Milton & King

If you’ve been struggling to think of ways to style your a Marble wallpaper, we hope these 5 tips and tricks will help you achieve the room you’ve always wanted. For more inspiration, check out how Yvette from The Stylish Splash accessorizes her marble wallpaper on a weekly basis in her master bedroom here.

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Monochrome Love: 7 Black and White Wallpapers For Your Home

Are you after a show-stopping wallpaper for your home? Look no further than an amazing, clean-lined wallpaper in crisp black and white. Always the definition of style and understated glamour, black and white wallpapers are a timeless addition to your home, allowing for relatively easy styling and decor options. Black and white wallpapers are fantastic to hang on all walls of a room, however, many may opt to just use it on an accent wall to create some interest and refresh a look. You can make your choice from our large collection of monochrome wallpaper designs here although if making a selection from our fantastic range is too difficult, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite 7 black and white patterns and included some styling tips too!

Contact Grid 55

This simple and minimal wallpaper pattern is perfect for creating a gorgeous Scandinavian style in your home with an easy geometric pattern. The crisp black lines with a white background in this grid design are perfect for a study, bedroom or living area space, and can be styled with pops of color and clashing textures.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Lodge Lattice

Available in a variety of colors, the black and white colorway in Lodge Lattice is the perfect option for any room in the home or a commercial space (hello luxe hotel bedroom!). This gender-neutral wallpaper has a geometric and repetitive pattern that is not only classic but also modern and fresh, perfect for a sprucing up an interior space. Lodge Lattice in grey looks great with small pops of colour around the room, and works best with black, white and neutral furniture and decor to ensure the room is not too overwhelming.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


Are you looking for a delicate and intricate black and white wallpaper pattern that will subtly create interest and texture in your home without going overboard? Twigs, with its calming illustration, is a great choice for a gender-neutral nursery or child’s bedroom, or as a feature in your entryway as Ashley from Ashley’s Decor Space has used the gorgeous wallpaper (you can see her room reveal here). This light wallpaper helps to create a modern, yet quirky, style in a room because of its cute and unique design. Twigs works really well with a block color palette with shades from the same color family.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Lubeck Bricks

Lubeck Bricks is the best way to mimic the industrial trend but all the while, still keeping that monochrome aesthetic strong. This wallpaper gives the illusion of crisp black bricks fixed with white plaster and is great if you don’t have exposed bricks available to create this look in real life.  A combination of black and white styling looks great with this wallpaper, with pops of neutral hues and mix-and-match textures to create a room inspired by the industrial trend.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


A beautiful wallpaper pattern that is classy and chic for a modern monochrome theme. The clean and lines and geometrical design of Nixon is perfect when paired with pops of color (just like Contact Grid 55) and is ideal if you are keen to bring a Scandinavian-inspired look into your home. Check out how Naomi from Design Manifest used this wallpaper in her one room challenge here!

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


If black and white geometric designs aren’t your thing, perhaps Gadara in charcoal is the perfect fit with its floral-inspired monochrome design that is calming and free-flowing rather than crisp and sharp. Gadara is inspired by a 1920s wallpaper frieze and combines black charcoal and white forms to create a design that is neither masculine or feminine, so it is the perfect black and white wallpaper to suit everyone in your home.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Floss Delight

Floss Delight is one of our best sellers, with its unique print and eye-catching nature. Floss Delight is available in three colorways, with the black option being the most intense and stark, yet it is a popular favourite if you are confident enough to use it. Floss Delight in black looks best as a feature wall in a living room, hallway or entry and is great when paired with white furniture and soft neutral colors.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

If you love black and white interior combinations, then you will LOVE choosing a monochrome wallpaper from our collection. These are just 7 of our favorite black and white wallpapers… you can find more here.

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10 of the Best Kids Wallpapers

Choosing a wallpaper for your child’s room is a difficult task, especially when there are so many designs, patterns and color palettes to choose from! Here at Milton & King, we have a large selection of fun and exciting kids wallpapers for your child’s room or family playroom regardless of age, gender or interests.

Wallpapers for your little one’s bedroom is a great choice over paint as it is super easy to clean and can be changed whenever you or your child desire, which is great as they get older and you want to transform the room from a nursery to a kids room, and then a teen bedroom. If you are interested in choosing a particular theme for your child’s bedroom and styling it to match, you can take a read of our recent blog post on 6 of our favorite kids bedroom themes here for a dose of inspiration.

Here are our favorite kids wallpapers:

Bow Ties and Moustaches

We love this super cute and simple wallpaper pattern that is an adorable collage of bow ties and moustaches. This wallpaper can not only be used in a child’s bedroom but also in other rooms around the house, so there are lots of options when it comes to installing and styling this design. This wallpaper is a popular hit with various ages as it is inspired by the hipster trend and isn’t an overwhelming statement with its monochromatic colors.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Floating Feathers

Float away with this gorgeous feather pattern wallpaper. Coming in two colorways – pink or teal – this wallpaper is great for a nursery and won’t age as your child grows up. This soft pattern is a beautiful choice to help calm, soothe and relax a child of any age. This is a great option if you’re in the market for a cute feature wall that is not overbearing.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Tonka Tough

Have a little builder in your family? Then they will love this tonka truck inspired design! A mix of various trucks and excavators, this design is great for the little bulldozer in your life who loves to move the sand around the sandpit and play with building blocks. This design is best for a nursery through to the younger schooling years, and even makes a great feature in the playroom if you have a house full of boys. The bright colors are perfect for a fresh and energetic feel.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Pink Elephants

Who doesn’t love pink elephants? This super girly and adorable design is perfect for a newborn babies bedroom. The soft colors and cutesy pattern are a great feature in any little girls bedroom, and would be gorgeous when styled with pink accessories and some fluffy pillows. This design is one of our hottest wallpapers at the moment, so get on board and make your kids room pretty in pink.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


This robot design is a one of our favorite kids wallpapers simply because of the inclusion of so many fun colors and different types of robots! We love the fun colors and the awesome robots that are featured on this wallpaper and we know your little one will too. This design is super fresh and funky and it will keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Planes & Helicopters

This white and blue wallpaper is a great choice for any aspiring pilots bedroom. Let your child soar high into dreamland with the cute plane and helicopter illustrations. The simple pattern means that it will be perfect for your growing child and be suitable for various ages, so you won’t need to update the wallpaper for years.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Monkey Wall

What is better for your cheeky monkey than a complimenting cute and fun monkey wallpaper? Available in two colors, your little monkey will love this pattern and the bright hues will bring life and energy into their room. This is another of our popular kids wallpapers, and with such a cute pattern it is no wonder why!

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Hello Berries

We think this ‘Hello Berries’ design is absolutely precious! Perfect for a nursery or a little one’s bedroom, these soft colours and cute animals are pleasing to the eye and work at sparking imagination in young minds. The stunning and intricate design has been beautifully created and is sure to be the perfect choice for many bedrooms.


Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Run Away & Join The Circus

Roll up! Roll up! This wallpaper features all your old favourites from the circus including lions, clowns and elephants. If your child is a lover of visiting the circus when it comes to town, this will be perfect for their bedroom. The bright colors and cute cartoons will captivate them and keep their play time inspired for hours on end.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


While this isn’t specifically a kid’s bedroom wallpaper, ‘Sentiments’ is bright, fun and quirky and would be perfect for the bedroom of a growing little boy or girl. It’s colourful, bright and super funky, so it’s perfect for the middle years right through to teens and can be styled a number of different ways.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


Do you have a favorite from the kids wallpapers above? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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How To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

Your bathroom is one space in your home that can date quickly, often within a couple of years. Whether it is the combination of dull tiles on the floor, boring walls, a cringe-worthy color palette or outdated decor, if not done correctly a bathroom can appear clinical and sterile, rather than luxurious, which is what it should be! As one of the most used rooms in your entire house, we feel it deserves a refresh and a special touch every now and again. If you feel like your bathroom is losing its spark, consider implementing these 6 changes to bring your luxurious bathroom to life.

Update Your Mirrors

Get rid of that daggy rectangle mirror you have and grab a beautiful Victorian inspired mirror. Something with curves and intricate detailing to really put across a glamorous, luxurious vibe in your bathroom. If you don’t want to go with the Victorian approach, look at different shapes or framed mirrors to increase the quality and feel of the room.

Pay Attention To Details

You’ll notice as you use your bathroom, things become messier and regularly used items go everywhere on your vanity and drawers, and sometimes even on the floor. Invest in some fantastic storage options for the bathroom to contain all your products, from skincare to toilet paper. It’s the smaller details that will make the biggest impact on the luxurious feel of your bathroom, and keeping things organized and neat and tidy will ensure your bathroom stays chic and classy despite everyday use.

Incorporate Marble

Marble is the epitome of glamor and is a beautiful complimenting pattern in any bathroom, however, it doesn’t always come at the cheapest price! As an alternative, Milton & King offer a gorgeous ‘Faux Marble‘ wallpaper, and you’ll be pelased to know it is a fraction of the price of the real thing! Choose to use it on the walls, or focus on one feature wall instead. The choice is up to your personal preference and we know it would look beautiful either way! While we’re on the topic of marble, check out our top tips to adding marble to your home without going overboard with the trend here.

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious | Milton & King


Avoid the harsh fluorescent lighting that comes in many bathrooms as stock standard nowadays and opt for something with more character and style. An increasingly popular trend in lighting for a bathroom is the inclusion of a grand chandelier (one which you would have often found in the dining room) above the bathtub. Not only does this look extremely glamorous, but it provides gorgeous soft mood lighting, perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub. Other trending themes when it comes to lighting is a gorgeous drop light hanging over the basin.

Gorgeous, Soft Towels

Keep your bathroom fully stocked at all times with soft and fluffy towels and rugs. Having them easily accessible inside the bathroom adds a hint of that luxurious hotel vibe we all know and love when we head to a fancy hotel. Keeping with a singular color scheme will ensure the room looks complete and polished, rather than mismatched with random colors and patterns.

Add A Splash Of Gold

Ooze chic with some gold accents throughout the bathroom. Whether it be the taps and faucets or perfume bottles on the vanity, incorporating gold into your bathroom will add to the glam vibe that you want to achieve. If you don’t like gold, there are plenty of other metals you can choose from including silver, copper and rose gold that can still pull off that luxurious and stylish feel in the bathroom.

Have you renovated your bathroom lately? We’d love to hear how you added a touch of luxury to the space in the comments below!

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Inspired By The Industrial Interior Trend? Read Our Top Tips!

Loft styles and industrial decor trends have been gaining momentum as the interior trend to covet in the last couple of years. Elements such as exposed bricks, polished cement floors and exposed wooden and metal beams have become highly sought after features in homes, cafes and office spaces, as the industrial interior trend takes the design industry by storm. We aren’t all lucky enough to be living in a gorgeous refurbished loft, so we have to fake it until we can make it when it comes to home styling inspired by the industrial trend! Here are some handy tips and tricks on how you can achieve the rustic and cozy homes we adore on Pinterest in your own home…


A big feature in industrial styled homes are the lighting choices. Aim to get something warm and moody to complete the atmosphere of your space. Choose specific lights that don’t feel complete or polished, something like loose hanging lights and copper hues work really well for this particular trend. Particular lights are even styled to look like naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling and these are a perfect choice for over your bed or within your kitchen and dining space. Additionally, lofts tend to have a lot of large windows so mimic their effect and get as much natural light into the space.


Using metal accents throughout your home is a great way to mimic the industrial trend. Aim to have metal or wired chairs, furniture and decor knick knacks to add that rustic edge that is loved by industrial interior enthusiasts. Depending on your personal preferences, you can aim to have gold, silver, rose gold, copper or even wrought iron for an added vintage touch. Remember, they don’t always have to match to achieve your desired effect in the room, so get creative and mix and match furniture items and tones until you get the perfect industrial look.

Exposed Bricks

It’s hard to get the exposed brick look if your home doesn’t have any or if you don’t want to start renovating, so look into one of our popular brick wallpapers that look exactly like the real thing minus the hard work! We love ‘Old Brown Bricks‘ for a warmer atmosphere or ‘Clubhouse Bricks‘ for a more Nordic inspired vibe in the space. Using a wallpaper is the easiest and the quickest way to achieve that sought after industrial trend in your own home or business, and these wallpapers are some of our most popular!

Get The Industrial Trend | Milton & King


Wooden furniture pieces tend to add warmth and character to a home, so look to add some beautiful wooden pieces like tables, TV stands, and bedside tables to really complete the look. These will pair beautifully with the metal accents and the rustic exposed brick walls (or wallpapers) previously mentioned. The great thing about wood furniture is that they are completely unique and the wood grain isn’t replicated with any other piece of furniture, so you can often find something that is truely unique.


Give your home that personal touch with some beautiful, vintage frames for artworks or personal photographs. These will really complete the look in your room as it adds a personal and intimate touch, and additionally, a sense of depth and texture on your walls. Think about purchasing some lovely intricate wooden frames or a type of metal frame in different sizes to help tie all your styling efforts together. If you love a spot of DIY, why not make your own from recycled materials or hunt at your local thrift store.

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Love blue and want to add more to your home? Here are our tips!

Incorporating color into a relatively monochrome room can not only be a difficult task but also daunting. You may be worried you will add too much and it will look absurd or add too little that it looks out of place and awkward. The key is to find the perfect pieces that speak to your inner interior design personality and allow your character to shine through in your space. This week we are covering different ways you may not have considered adding gorgeous blue hues to your space.

Styling Blue In Your Home | Milton & KingChairs

Whether this is a solo chair, a sofa, dining chairs or even an office chair. A chair is the perfect starting place in adding this gorgeous gem-toned hue to your room. It is a big enough piece of furniture that it won’t get lost in the rest of the room but small enough to not look random and uncomfortable. You don’t need to pick a solid color chair if you find that a bit scary, and instead, opt for a pattern that will help to break up the color and allow it to blend better into the space without being obnoxious.


You don’t even need to add flowers, sculptured vases are a gorgeous three-dimensional art piece to include in your home as a decor item on their own, or with flowers if you love to have some fresh blooms in your space. Choose a large vase and sit it in eyesight as people enter to act as a complimenting colored piece for your other blue choices. If you want to add it alone, look at popping it into the entry hallway or dining room to add a splash of color – it can even be used practically for storing umbrellas in the doorway if it is big enough!


This is a super easy and affordable way to add blue to different rooms in your home, from your lounge room to bedroom and also the home office. Go for a variety of pillows with different tones of blue, contrasting patterns and different textures to add further interest and dimension to your room of choice.

Wall Decor

Think things like clocks, artworks and lighting fixtures. These can all be color customized to suit whatever theme you want. Wall decor items are a great way to brighten up and breathe fresh air onto blank walls whilst still holding a practical purpose. We love this type of inclusion as the blue isn’t overwhelming and can be as subtle or as bold as you like.


Choose a rug with a pattern throughout to break up the color and to soften the intensity of the blue in the room if you are worried of a solid colored rug gaining too much attention in the space. These are a perfect option if you also want to add some texture and dimension to the room. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and prints with each other as well as these often will work beautifully together.


Don’t want to go all out on a piece of furniture that screams blue incase it dates or you get sick of the colour? How about a furniture item with blue stitching or blue detailing? Choosing items that slightly incorporate blue is perfect for those of you who want the softest touch of blue in the room and don’t want to feel like you live in a blue house! No matter the item, you will be able to find an option that contains a splash of blue.

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Creating A Home Office

While it might all be convenient and easy to simply put a desk and a comfy chair into a room and call it a home office, more thought should be put into the creation of a study room to ensure productivity and focus. How you choose to decorate and style your home office is completely up to you and should support what you plan on doing within the space, but if you are struggling to plan and design your home office, have a read through these 8 tips to help you create the perfect home office space.

Incorporate Art

Consider adding a piece or a couple of pieces of fun art to your study. The inclusion of artworks tend to evoke creativity within a person and are a great way to break up an otherwise structured and clinical room design. Go with something colored blue to instil calmness, efficiency, and focus, or a fresh yellow to improve energy and optimism. Seeing a gorgeous piece of art every time you enter the room will be refreshing to the mind and give you a moment to relax and be reinspired.

 Make It Comfortable

Ensure the room has a sense of comfort and doesn’t feel sterile. Think about adding a soft, fluffy rug to add a touch of softness and texture to the room or a throw blanket and pillows to the chair to ensure maximum comfort while you are working. These additions also help in giving you moments of relaxation between business, and ensure you are sitting in a comfortable and productive position that doesn’t cause you to slouch.

Don’t Keep It White

While the white study rooms are all the rage on Pinterest, they may not be the best for your creativity or your emotions. Consider breaking away from the cliche of white home offices for something that energises your mind. While you don’t want to go intense with the wall, choosing a simple motif  on a white background is the perfect compromise between chic and practical. ‘Gold Diamonds‘ by Muffin & Mani is a beautiful, simple wallpaper that could be easily used in your home office without being overwhelming or obnoxious. Bonus, if you have a smaller room, the white background of ‘Gold Diamonds’ will help to trick the mind into believing the room is larger than it actually is!

Creating A Home Office | Milton & King

Avoid Clutter

Keep your home office clutter free and relatively organized to allow for fewer visual distractions and a better working environment. Additionally, keeping the space tidy will keep your stress levels down and make it easier for you to complete your work, without becoming overwhelmed. You’ll be surprised at how this single tip will improve your productivity and keep you focused throughout the day.

Have Good Lighting

The difference some good lighting has on your work and productivity is impressive to say the least. Ensure you have fantastic natural light during the day, and some great lamps or indoor lights that will keep the room bright and you in work mode right into the afternoon and early evening. Good lighting will also keep you alert and will stop you from straining your eyes, especially if you are working on a computer all day.

Burn A Candle

A scented candle can be a fantastic help on your stress levels and also calm the mind and relax. Although don’t get one that is too strong and overbearing, because that could give you a whole other set of problems that you don’t need in your home office. A small candle or incense will do the trick.

Invest In Storage

Investing in some fantastic storage solutions like shelves, containers and cabinets is a necessity for a home study space. Keeping things organized will be key to making sure you know where everything is kept and making sure you never throw out an important document ever again. Make sure the storage solutions you choose are easy for you to manage, because as things get busier and the office gets used more, the faster it is for your storage spaces to become cluttered and overflowing in an unorganized manner.

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Kids Bedroom Themes? Here Are 6 To Consider!

Struggling to come up with a suitable theme for your child’s bedroom? With an endless number of kids bedroom themes to choose from, here are some of our favourites to help make the decision a little bit easier:


An ocean theme is an easy theme to implement. Look at some nautical colours like navy and cream and incorporate them throughout the bedroom… on the walls, in the bed linen, in the book shelves and with some funky wall decor. If you really want to get into the nautical theme, check out our Beach House design with cute whales, shells, and seaweed – it is perfect for this theme! This theme is an easy one because you can go all out with it, or you could keep it subtle and minimal with a splash of nautical colour. Still want more? Consider going for a pirate or mermaid touch with one key object, such as the bed.


Keeping up with the trends, a boho-inspired children’s bedroom is a fast growing styling theme for your little one, and gosh is it adorable! The use of neutral colours like beiges, creams and browns are perfect growing kids who are picky and don’t necessarily want too strong of a theme for their space. The boho-inspired theme is also great for a nursery if you’re keeping the gender of your new addition to the family a surprise. For a stylish touch,  add a teepee in the corner of the room either as a play accessory or to complete the gorgeous bohemian aesthetic.


Do you have a little princess in your life? Try incorporating pinks and silvers into areas of the room to really emphasize the princess theme and transport her to a classic fairytale theme that is fit for a Disney princess . Pink Damask by Muffin & Mani is the perfect wallpaper to include in this gorgeous room, especially if her favourite colour is pink! This vibrant pink design has a subtle print which adds a touch of luxury and class to whatever room it is placed in. Don’t forget to add some crowns as décor pieces, and a touch of sparkle here and there too.

Kid Bedroom Themes | Milton & King


Fighting off criminals and saving the world is what most kids want to do when they grow up, so why not embrace their energy with a superhero theme in their bedroom or playroom? Place some superhero décor items like artworks, comics and action figurines around the room, and add a superhero branded quilt, pillow and sheet sets to complete the look.


This theme is perfect for kids who love colour as well as magicians and circus animals. Add bright, eye-catching colours around their bedroom to bring some energy into their room, but remember to keep it a calm and relaxing space too otherwise they won’t get any sleep! Our Run Away & Join The Circus wallpaper would look super cute for a circus themed playroom, with the clowns, elephants and lions making the wallpaper come to life.


Keep it soft and calm in your childs bedroom with pastel decor and a whimsical theme that will help them drift off to sleep with ease each and every night. So, what does a whimsical themed bedroom require? Gorgeous soft toys, cute vintage inspired artworks, your favourite childrens books and of course, a comfy armchair you. Get the full effect of a dreamy, whimsical bedroom using the Yee Von wallpaper design in Bear & Squirrel or the cute Garden Foxes print by Emma’s Ink.

For all 6 of these themes you can go all out or just include references within the bedroom, the choice is yours. If you want some more inspiration for others themes you may love to use, check out Milton & King’s full selection of children wallpapers and browse until your heart is content!

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13 Wallpapers To Get You In The Mood For Summer

Summer is a great time to renovate and revive your home and wallpaper is a fantastic way to start! With Summer just around the corner for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, here are thirteen wallpapers that will get you in the mood for summer (or make you wish it was still summer if you’re heading into the winter months in your part of the world).

Deep Summer

Summer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & King













Wallpapers that portray the deep sea will get you thinking about summer in no time! ‘Flamingo‘ and ‘Camoufleur Midnight‘ are wallpapers that comprise of beautiful blue tones, giving any room a cool, summery touch. Both wallpapers embrace the deep blue sea with visual representations of water in their designs. The variety of blue tones present in these wallpapers will compliment your walls and create a grand interior that will make you dream of an everlasting summer.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King

Geometric wallpapers are a funky way to modernise walls this season, especially if you have a summer DIY project in mind. ‘Empire Weave and ‘Terminal‘ are bold patterns that give off a modern feel, and they’re perfect for summer! Both wallpapers contain graphic geometric designs, defining a sense of depth and creating bold statements in your home.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & King










If you want a fresh feeling for the summer months, pastel shades are making a popular return. Soft colours including lovely lilacs, pale greens, pretty pinks and baby blues are a trend to keep your eyes out for this season. ‘Flamingos, ‘Flower Garden (Peachy)‘ andFlower Garden (Blues)‘ are recommended wallpapers to refresh and redesign your living space this summer if you want to create a calm, inviting space with character.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King










Tropical wallpapers inspired by the tropics are a strong favourite for the upcoming warm season, especially if you’relocated by the beach. ‘Tropical, ‘Pineapple Harvest‘ and ‘Feather Palm are visually appealing and sophisticated designs that will evoke memories of your summer holidays all year round. These mind-blowing colours and vibrant patterns will create an abstract feature and enhance the depth to your walls, transforming your home into a tropical paradise. Now all you need is a cocktail!


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King










Floral wallpapers or wall murals featuring flowers are elegant designs are so welcoming for the warmer months to come. ‘Flower Bomb, ‘Flora and ‘Sture‘ are floral designs that display these techniques and also comprise of multiple artistic elements including bold lines, vibrant hues, composition and texture. These patterns will instantly trigger memories of a warm summers day, reminiscing the clear blue skies and freshly scented flowers. Whether you’re interested in approaching a modern take on floral themes or something more classic, these designs will give your space an instant update this summer.

Whether you want to redecorate your whole home or just a feature wall, these vivid and decorative designs will add style to your space, and fill your walls with inspiration for the summer months.

Interior Tips

Decorating Tips For Your Entertainment Space

Your entertainment space should reflect you and your family (or perhaps housemates) personality and style. Just like fashion, your home is a reflection of you, so have some fun with it and wow your next visitors. If you want some ideas and tips for creating a comfortable and stylish entertaining area in your home, here are 8 tips to get you started.

Where Will People Sit?

You may want a large table to seat a number of people, however, in reality, will it be used that often? Think about get a smaller sized table and putting other methods of seating around the area like bench seats, ottomans or sofas which can be utilised for other things for the days you aren’t having a gathering and don’t want a large table taking up space in your home. There are many different ways to add seating arrangements to a space without the use of a conventional table and chairs setting.

Add Some Fun 

Add some fun into the area by including some games or activities to entertain your guests. Think of things like a pool table, foosball table, dart board, karoke machine or even a setof lawn balls that people can use and get involved in. This will give you and yours guests hours of fun and laughter, and it’s also great as an icebreaker when you are entertaining a mix of people from different parts of your life. These are also great conversation pieces between yourself and your guests.

Add Some Cushions

Cushions are a great way to add some character as well as practical comfort to any space. Choose some bright shades to make a bright impact or decorative designs to follow your theme. Try and stick with a material that can easily be cleaned as chances are they will get soiled quite easily with large numbers of guests regularly touching and holding them, especially if there is food or kids (or both!) involved.

Create A Theme With Wallpaper

You can change the entire feel and energy of a room with your choice of wallpaper. A bright, eccentric wallpaper like Monstera by Claire Leina gives an effortless, fun, casual vibe whereas a pattern like Newport by Kemra adds a touch of luxury and class. Take a look at our full range of wallpapers and choose what theme you want to embrace in your entertaining space.

Decorating Your Entertaining Space | Milton & KingDifferent Locations

Consider having a main area for conversation, but also various nooks where smaller groups can go to and mingle separately. Guests love being able to have more private conversations when they are surrounded by a lot of people, so cater for this by placing chairs or bar tables around your entertaining space.

Could You Add A Fireplace? 

Add a fireplace for some added warmth in the cooler months. This can also be a central point for your home where the whole group of guests can gather and mingle over casual conversation. This brings a cosy and homely vibe to your entertaining space, which people always want to see when spending time in your own home.

Keep It Spacious

Avoid unnecessary clutter in your entertainment area as it can make the room feel small and crowded, especially when you have more than a couple of people over. Keep your entertaining area spacious and free from “stuff” that is not essential.

Combine The Indoors With The Outdoors

Whether your entertaining space is inside or out, you can always add some have it both ways. For indoor entertaining spaces, include large glass doors overlooking the yard, or add some greenery in the decor or with a gorgeous indoor plant. If your entertaining space is outside, don’t forget to have a wet weather solution, whether that’s a tarp or undercover patio. An outdoor entertaining space is beautiful and can cater for a lot of people, but make sure you are prepared in the event of bad weather.