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Interior Tips

Interior Design 101: ‘Converted Warehouse’ Living

What is it about ‘converted warehouses’ that appeal to the design-savvy and creatively astute? After all, their history is commonplace with roots in factories and warehouses.

Despite their mundane heritage, they serve as a reminder of truly great workmanship, still standing after many years and ultimately offering an authenticity which cannot be recreated.

Converted Warehouses offer character filled interiors by preserving their much-loved exposed individuality which tells a story, often far beyond our time. What’s more; they are found in the bustle of any major metropolis, offering vast amounts of space; a highly unusual trait not found in its neighboring buildings.

So we know that these luxury pad’s offer big spaces with lots of character, but the question is: How do you create a homely vibe with key features such as; large windows, high ceiling, exposes beams, ducts and pipes, loft spaces, wood and metal surfaces and bare bones flooring?

You use them to your advantage! Here is a 5 step guide, allowing the combination of industrial style and cozy chic interiors to reign supreme.

  1. Repurposed furniture

Recycling or upcycling pieces to use as furniture in industrial spaces adds patina and quirkiness! The use of repurposed wood to create custom creations will fit the space you need. Why not try recycled materials to create funky beanbags and extravagant lighting.

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  1. Let there be light!

There is a stigma that old industrial buildings are dark and gloomy but they don’t have to be! Use the light to your advantage and paint vast areas in white. You will be pleasantly surprised with how light and airy the end result will be!

  1. Space is your friend

Space is your friend, not foe! When you begin your design journey it may feel like you will never fill the space. It won’t be long until you eat your words! Embrace the space and before long you will have filled it with just the right number of items. Remember not to clutter the space as this will hinder the open plan living and dining areas which are supposed to flow seamlessly.

  1. Be Bold!

Modern design against historic architecture can work wonders! Try Milton & King’s studio ‘East Coast Surfboards’ mural. Available in large, perfect for the space offered in a converted warehouse! This ultra-chilled wall mural is perfect for a bedroom or living area and its vintage industrial look will work wonderfully into the natural character- filled interiors.



  1. Avoid rugs

Polished concrete, aged wooden boards- even rubber! – look amazing in industrial spaces. Avoid rugs as they will break up the look!

We love filling industrial spaces! What are your tips in homely yet industrial inspired home decor? Let us know in the comments!


Interior Tips

Quick Tips For A Bedroom Refresh

For many (us included!) our bedroom is our favorite space in our homes! However, sometimes our bedrooms don’t get the love and attention they deserve and usually they tend to look more drab than fab. Keep your bedroom fresh and modern with some of these quick tips that will leave you with a brand new bedroom in the space of a weekend with a quick bedroom refresh!


New Bedding

An obvious choice, but new bedding can make the world of difference. Store away your old quilt sets and sheets and invest in some new, trendy ones that can breathe some new life into the room. Without much effort (apart from choosing the perfect pattern), you can completely overhaul your bedroom!


Change Up Your Side Tables

Side tables are there to compliment your bed and to help tie the whole room together. Choose a side table that beautifully complements your bed frame and other furniture pieces of your bedroom. If you have a metal bed frame, go for something metal or industrial, if you have timber bed opt with a timber side table.


Get Rid Of Clutter

The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful place, so try and keep it that way by avoiding build up of clutter or hoarding. Keep your bedroom tidy and opt for a minimal decor to keep stress levels low every time you enter and put your head down to sleep. Aim to make your bedroom a serene spot away from daily hassles and problems.

Bedroom Refresh | Milton & King

Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall has become an ever popular interior design trend over recent years. By choosing one wall to act as a statement piece in the room is a great way to bring some interest to the space. If you are worried about having an entire wall a specific pattern, think about placing the wallpaper behind your bed so there is only a subtle peek of the pattern. We love full designs like Monstera, Feathered Nest and Byronian Hills that leave little blank space and really capture the eye when you walk into the room.


Choose A New Color Theme

While you may always stick with blues or green, choose something different for your color scheme like yellow or orange. A simple change in your styling color choices will make a huge impact on the way your bedroom looks and feels and helps to avoid you falling into a styling rut.


Add A Scent

Keep a diffuser in your bedroom or add some scented candles with their lids off to add a scent to your bedroom. Not only will your space smell incredible, but if you choose a relaxing and calming scent like lavender you’ll be in for a relaxing night when you tuck yourself into bed.


We know you love your bedroom, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our styling in it, so spruce it up this weekend with these 6 ways! With minimal effort, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab and enjoy a cosy night sleep in your new space!

Girl Nursery | Milton & King
Interior Tips

It’s A Girl! 6 Wallpapers For A Baby Girl’s Nursery

Congratulations! It’s a girl! Welcoming a little girl into your life is an incredible time, however, creating the perfect girl nursery is a hard task! The nursery is your little girl’s first bedroom and will be a place they spend a large majority of their early years when they are learning the fundamentals of life. You should choose a wallpaper that not only matches your personal style and preferences but also soothes your little one. We’ve chosen 6 of our favorite wallpapers for a gorgeous little girls nursery.

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Baby Bloom – This bright and fresh floral pattern is the perfect choice for a growing baby girl. Whilst this pattern is soft enough to fit beautifully into a delicate nursery, it is also fun enough and not age restricted so it can work well as your little one grows.

Elephant & Mice – A softer design, Elephant & Mice has a subtle vintage feel to it with the off-white base color. We love this circus-inspired design for both little boys and girls nurseries as it is such a super cute design that would fit a variety of styles and decor choices.

Flamingos – A bright and fun design, Flamingos is one for the brave parents out there. This all pink, cute as anything design is definitely a statement nursery wallpaper pattern. Pair this with some cute white furniture pieces to tone it down or throw in some more pink for a super girly nursery!

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Owl Moon – Another subtle wallpaper design is Owl Moon. A beautiful pattern of sleeping owls is surely going to soothe your newborn to sleep! Using neutral colors, you can pair this design with a variety of decor options and colors to suit your theme or preference.

Polkadot Dreams – Who doesn’t love a super cute polka dot design like Polkadot Dreams? A mixture of pink, purple and floral dots make up this pattern to give a really fun, youthful and girly touch! Keep things simple in the room with simple colored furniture and decor items to really let the polka dots pop!

Rabbit Hearts  – Grey and pink are perfect colors for a little girls nursery. This adorable wallpaper pattern shows two rabbits and their pink hearts joined. You’ll love this cute design in your nursery for a little interest whilst still keeping the overall look simple and easy.


Don’t fret about your wallpaper choice for your little girls’ nursery, we’ve got you covered with our top 6 favorite nursery wallpaper for girls. Let us know which one you’ll be picking up!

Interior Tips

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers

We love timber walls as much as the next person, however, they can be a nightmare to install and take care of over the years. With so many things that could possibly go wrong including rotting, termites and mould, why not opt for one of our incredibly realistic timber wallpapers? Our wallpapers are extremely high quality, made on hard wearing 150gsm, double layered non-woven paper, meaning maintenance is extremely simple and it is super easy to complete a refresh in your room and install a new wallpaper design whenever you desire. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 5 timber wallpapers to give you some inspiration for your next home project.

Black Wooden Boards

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

One of our most popular designs, “Black Wooden Boards” is a gorgeous, realistic black timber wallpaper. This design would suit a neutral, lighter color palette to help balance the space out. This chic design was originally inspired by New York apartments and lofts and will add that stylish touch to your home.

Whitewashed Timber

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Whitewashed Timber” is a wide panel, light wash timber design. This design is very much inspired by the Scandinavian and Nordic home interior trend and is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of decors. Pair with neutral colors for that chic, monochrome look or pair with bright pops of color for a fun, youthful home. There are an endless number of ways to style this lovely design.

Rustic Wood Panels

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Are you after a vintage timber look? “Rustic Wood Panels” is the perfect choice for you. With a weathered look, this design looks extremely 3-dimensional and realistic and will have you second-guessing that it is a wallpaper and not real timber. Pair with some white furniture to give the illusion of more space and throw in some accents of metal to bring the room together.

The Lake House

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Not your typical timber look, “The Lake House” offers a lovely wooden board design but with a sheer wash of color over the entire pattern. With 3 different colorways, you will be able to choose one that fits with your home and style. Add a leather sofa and some vintage inspired pieces for an aged but chic decor.

Doll House Wood

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Want a little fun in your room? “Doll House Wood” offers a combination of weathered timber boards with weathered pink colored boards to create a shabby chic space. This design is fantastic paired with white and pastel pink details throughout and would look incredible in a home or commercial setting.

These 5 timber wallpapers are some of our favorites from our entire collection and offer something different for everyone. We hope this list has made your choice a little easier or simply helped to give you inspiration on what you wish to achieve in your home with a timber wallpaper design.

Interior Tips

How To Refresh Your Kitchen In A Weekend

When you think of a kitchen renovation you don’t think “weekend job”. Generally speaking, a renovation of a kitchen could take weeks and even months to complete, however, there are some ways to turn your kitchen from drab to fab in just a weekend without completely demolishing your current space. Here are 7 easy-to-do ideas that will breathe new life into your kitchen in the space of a weekend!

Invest In New Whitegoods

This isn’t a cheap thing, however, purchasing new whitegoods can completely change your kitchen. Gone are the days of the basic white refrigerators and dishwashers with many whitegoods now available in silver, black and even fun, bright colors. As some of the biggest and most important items in your kitchen, simply changing these over will alter the entire look for your kitchen for yourself and anyone else who visits.

Change Your Hardware

Doing a quick change from some boring cabinet hardware to some luxurious, fancy handles can really give a kitchen a facelift. It’s the small details that can make all the difference in a room so choose some hardware that will perfectly suit your kitchen decor theme. Opt for rustic, vintage handles to achieve a homestyle kitchen and some crystal clear knobs to achieve a polished, chic kitchen.

Display Your Pots

Add a rod above your island or with your window and display your pots and pans for practicality and also for a cool, industrial look. This is super easy to complete but will add a lot of character to the space. If you feel like your kitchen is super small or cramped, you should consider this very carefully before committing as the hanging pots will take away from any extra space you have.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

Lighting is an important factor in any room but the lighting in a kitchen can easily set the vibe. Want a luxurious feel? Add a chandelier as your key lighting in your kitchen. Want an industrial, loft-style kitchen? Choose a wired creation to light up the space. Depending on what you choose to do, your lighting choice can actually end up being the focal point of your entire kitchen.

Refresh Your Kitchen In A Weekend | Milton & King

Change Your Splashback

The splashback is a critical factor when deciding what theme or style you want your kitchen to follow. Did you know our wallpapers can be used in your kitchen? We love “Snowdrop” for a country inspired kitchen, “Herringbone” for a chic, polished kitchen and “Watercolour Birds” for a fun, fresh kitchen. What is your favorite?

Add A Rug

Rugs aren’t just for a family room or bedroom, they are making their name in kitchens as well. A new trend, rugs look incredible in a relatively basic kitchen as it adds a new texture as well as an injection of must-needed color.

Switch Out Your Stools

If you have an island in your space try changing out the seating you are using. Choose a stool style that will complement the vibe you want in your kitchen, whether that be wooden for a country feel, metal for an industrial mood or cushioned for a Hampton’s vibe.

Not enjoying your kitchen lately? Want to jazz it up but don’t want to spend a fortune or dedicate months to the renovation process? We hope these 7 quick and simple ways will help to transform your kitchen in as short of a time as a weekend!

Interior Tips

5 Ways To Style Marble Wallpaper

No doubt one of our personal favorites from our entire wallpaper collection is the gorgeous “Marble” wallpaper by Kemra. This unique wallpaper makes the most of the popular trend of marble everything (there is no such thing as too much marble, right?!). We’ve come up with 5 ways to style marble wallpaper, from color techniques to decor choices, these ways will ensure you ace the marble trend effortlessly in your home without going OTT.

Gold Detailing

Nothing goes better with marble than luxe gold detailing. Whether it be with subtle trims of gold around the room, gold homewares or bold gold furniture, gold and marble are a match made in interior design heaven. These two materials work well together as the warmth of the gold metal helps to counteract the coldness that comes from a stone such as marble and helps to create a much more cozy feeling in the room. If gold isn’t to your taste you can always opt for a different warm metal like brass, copper or rose gold, and if you want to avoid metals altogether, timber works well in its place.

White Furniture

If you love the look of the white-on-white-on-white interior trend that is everything on Pinterest right now, then you will love pairing our  stunning Marble wallpaper with some classic white furniture. To avoid a completely stark and clinical feel, accessorize your white and marble features with subtle accents of color or with a contrasting pattern or texture to create contrast and interest. White and marble with a splash of leather, fur and industrial textures are the perfect way to style your marble wallpaper.

A Pop Of Color

On the other end of the spectrum, colorful furniture works really well with marble wallpaper. As the marble wallpaper is only incorporating the colors of white and gray, it is a very neutral wall choice that can easily be styled and changed over time to cater for changing trends and tastes.  So, if you are a lover of bright pops of color, this wallpaper is perfect for you. Some of our favorite combinations that make the marble pop are pinks, teal and yellow for a fun and super fresh interior style that gives you an energy boost every time you walk through the room.

Bring In A Touch Of Glamour

Anything marble has a feel of being luxurious and high-end. Complement this by adding some plush decor items within the area. To achieve this look, a soft, fluffy rug works wonders and singular chairs in a room always ooze sophistication and style.


If you don’t want to jump headfirst into the bold colors we mentioned above, pastels are a wonderful option. Not only do you get the fresh, fun look, but pastels work very similarly to neutral tones as they are soft, delicate and often blend in nicely with a simple, chic decor. Opt for a pastel rug or lamp for a soft touch or a pastel sofa or table for more of a statement.

What would our ultimate marble wallpaper look like in a lounge room? Here is soem inspiration for our dream styling:

5 Ways To Style Marble Wallpaper | Milton & King

If you’ve been struggling to think of ways to style your a Marble wallpaper, we hope these 5 tips and tricks will help you achieve the room you’ve always wanted. For more inspiration, check out how Yvette from The Stylish Splash accessorizes her marble wallpaper on a weekly basis in her master bedroom here.

Interior Tips

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers You Will Love

Before we go any further, get the thought of your Grandmother’s house out of your head when we talk about vintage interiors. Vintage is much more than just “old” and “outdated!” Vintage inspired wallpapers ooze elegance and sophistication and involve intricate and detailed patterns, and can be the perfect finishing piece that pulls your room together. We’ve chosen 15 of our favorite vintage inspired wallpapers that will definitely help give your home a makeover and make the old seem oh-so-new. You can also check our full range of vintage inspired wallpapers here!

Florals Galore

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Ornithology – It’s not your typical floral pattern, but this gorgeous and colorful design includes hand-sketched birds amongst leaves and plants. This wonderfully detailed and intricate design will surely be a talking point in whichever location it is placed in.

Aux Fleurs – Using pastel shades of cream, yellow and green, Aux Fleurs is reminiscent of a traditional floral pattern. Containing blooming flowers and detailed leaves, this design is a cheerful design that will brighten up any room, particularly a kitchen.

Serendipity – Featuring various colors, Serendipity is a damask pattern made up of striking flowers in bloom and fruit. Whilst this can be used in any room, it would completely revamp an outdated kitchen when paired with white benchtops with light streaming in through French windows.

Eccentric Charm

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Library Card – This quirky wallpaper pattern is sure to get people talking. Inspired by the classic drawers at libraries, who would have thought it would make such a fantastic wall feature? Plus, we bet somebody will try and open a drawer at some stage because they look real until you touch them!

Chalbury – This faux leather wallpaper design is a fantastic throwback whilst still being vibrant and stylish in 2016. This bright red pattern isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, when styled correctly, will look chic and retro in a modern home.

Bookshelf – Something completely different, this bookshelf pattern will make you want to curl up and read a good book. The realistic feel of this wallpaper has been done using a real bookshelf photograph which was then designed and printed as wallpaper. This one is perfect for commercial projects such as cafes, hotel lobbies and even book stores!

Pattern Love

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Jump – Using a kaleidoscope method, Jump is a mixture of florals, however, this pattern is the perfect choice for various rooms in your home due to its neutral color palette. You won’t find it hard to style and it will compliment any room interior, whether you combine it with strong neutrals or pops of color in the decor.

Heritage Tile – These blue and white mock China tiles are a great way to bring a touch of luxe to any room, particularly the kitchen or bathroom. This design makes you feel as though you should be relaxing somewhere on the European coastline and is a great choice to make a statement in your space.

Mediterranean – Using blue and gold, this intricate pattern is a great way to add the vintage touch to your room. The blue tones in the paper aim at reviving a room, where the gold adds a touch of royalty and glamor. Additionally, the repetitive tile design is a great way to ensure a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.

Flashback Comics

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Caribbean Water – Featuring various vintage advertisements from the breathtaking Caribbean islands, this interesting wallpaper design is perfect to jazz up a room in your home or even for commercial use at a cafe or retail store. This fun design definitely works as a captivating and interesting feature wall.

Circuit de Monaco – With bright colors, this design immortalizes the Monaco Grand Prix with exciting and fun advertisements featuring the cars of the race. This wallpaper is a great choice for commercial use as well as in your home in spaces like man cave or home office.

Implausible Adventures – The ultimate wallpaper for a comic enthusiast, this design is a compilation of various comic covers about aliens, invasions and beyond! This is a great chance to showcase your love in a child or teen’s bedroom or even in a home office or living area.

Around The World

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Gosport St Milk Bar – An assortment of soda crates, this design is fun, bright and quirky and will have you dreaming of sipping some icy drinks at a beach shack during sunset. The design is so realistic, you’ll be trying to reach in and grab out a bottle on a hot day.

Wanderlust – Transport yourself across the globe with this gorgeous, vintage wallpaper design. A collage of advertisements and posters for some of the most loved places to visit in the world, this wallpaper will have you dreaming about planning your next getaway.

Vintage French Maps – This stunning wallpaper design which is meant to mimic maps lining the walls of a classroom, incorporates a variety of vintage maps, originally produced in France, of destinations around the world. With a neutral color scheme of beiges, blues and yellows, this wallpaper will suit a variety of locations around your home or business and be a breeze to style.

So if you love the vintage look but think that a vintage inspired wallpaper will look outdated or be difficult to look, here are 15 designs to change your mind. Milton & King have you covered with an extensive range of gorgeous vintage inspired wallpapers to suit every taste and styling preference.

Interior Tips

How To: Boho Interior Trend

Boho interior is known (and loved) for its bright tones, clashing textures, various textiles and mix-and-match patterns. While bohemian styling can seem overwhelming, balancing the perfect pieces together in a room creates a fun and fresh bohemian style that is not too over the top. If you need some boho interior inspiration, here are some of the key features of a luxe bohemian space that everyone will love.

Boho Interior | Milton & King

Statement Rug

By far the easiest and most effective way to change up a room is by adding a rug. Look at choosing a rug with a variety of bright colors or a geometric styled pattern. These types of rugs will really translate the boho theme to your room and will surely be an eye-catching piece to any guests in your home. Think Turkish rugs and fabrics found while wandering through the souks of Morroco.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a no-brainer in a natural boho themed space, so look at getting various potted plants to add some color and life to your room. Opt for different shapes, sizes and colors and of course, take care when choosing the perfect spot for your new plant. If you want some ideas on what plants are perfect for indoor spaces, you can check out our recent blog post on 7 Of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home to give you some ideas.

Artworks Large and small

There is a range of options when it comes to artworks for your boho interior space, and you can definitely go multiple pieces rather than one statement artwork. It could be a painting, a collage of personal photographs or perhaps even a hanging rug as a statement wall feature. Bunting is also fun if you are really getting into the boho theme. When choosing a piece of art, make sure it complements other features in your room, whether that be material, colors, patterns or textures.

Pillows Galore

In some boho styled homes, pillows are used for both lounging and decoration. Consider gorgeous, unique patterns when purchasing pillows and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns and colors as the more random they appear, the more natural the boho vibe will look in your space. Think with your bohemian spirit and say goodbye to structure and matchy-matchy tendencies.

Timber Finishes

Add some timber accent pieces into your room to create an organic, natural feel. Consider using some distressed wooden furniture pieces for your chairs and tables to add to the natural vibe to the space, or perhaps create a DIY project with recycled timber pallets (you can make a bed, coffee table or seat by upcycling timber pallets). One of our timber wallpapers, such as Black Wooden Boards, Newport and Pally Post Office would also look great in a boho interior space. Other raw materials like metal, stone and brick will give the same effect.

Bring It All Together With Neutrals

Keep the foundations of the home neutral to bring all of the other crazy elements together. For the boho interior trend, we often see walls and key furniture pieces in neutral shades and textures to really make the boho elements pop. It also makes it easy to bring everything together and change pieces up over time when the foundations are neutral. Like any good outfit, let the accessories do the talking!

Give your home the quickest and easiest bohemian makeover by implementing these 6 key features of boho interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix textiles and colors to achieve a space that you will love and enjoy.

Interior Tips

Monochrome Love: 7 Black and White Wallpapers For Your Home

Are you after a show-stopping wallpaper for your home? Look no further than an amazing, clean-lined wallpaper in crisp black and white. Always the definition of style and understated glamour, black and white wallpapers are a timeless addition to your home, allowing for relatively easy styling and decor options. Black and white wallpapers are fantastic to hang on all walls of a room, however, many may opt to just use it on an accent wall to create some interest and refresh a look. You can make your choice from our large collection of monochrome wallpaper designs here although if making a selection from our fantastic range is too difficult, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite 7 black and white patterns and included some styling tips too!

Contact Grid 55

This simple and minimal wallpaper pattern is perfect for creating a gorgeous Scandinavian style in your home with an easy geometric pattern. The crisp black lines with a white background in this grid design are perfect for a study, bedroom or living area space, and can be styled with pops of color and clashing textures.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Lodge Lattice

Available in a variety of colors, the black and white colorway in Lodge Lattice is the perfect option for any room in the home or a commercial space (hello luxe hotel bedroom!). This gender-neutral wallpaper has a geometric and repetitive pattern that is not only classic but also modern and fresh, perfect for a sprucing up an interior space. Lodge Lattice in grey looks great with small pops of colour around the room, and works best with black, white and neutral furniture and decor to ensure the room is not too overwhelming.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


Are you looking for a delicate and intricate black and white wallpaper pattern that will subtly create interest and texture in your home without going overboard? Twigs, with its calming illustration, is a great choice for a gender-neutral nursery or child’s bedroom, or as a feature in your entryway as Ashley from Ashley’s Decor Space has used the gorgeous wallpaper (you can see her room reveal here). This light wallpaper helps to create a modern, yet quirky, style in a room because of its cute and unique design. Twigs works really well with a block color palette with shades from the same color family.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Lubeck Bricks

Lubeck Bricks is the best way to mimic the industrial trend but all the while, still keeping that monochrome aesthetic strong. This wallpaper gives the illusion of crisp black bricks fixed with white plaster and is great if you don’t have exposed bricks available to create this look in real life.  A combination of black and white styling looks great with this wallpaper, with pops of neutral hues and mix-and-match textures to create a room inspired by the industrial trend.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


A beautiful wallpaper pattern that is classy and chic for a modern monochrome theme. The clean and lines and geometrical design of Nixon is perfect when paired with pops of color (just like Contact Grid 55) and is ideal if you are keen to bring a Scandinavian-inspired look into your home. Check out how Naomi from Design Manifest used this wallpaper in her one room challenge here!

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King


If black and white geometric designs aren’t your thing, perhaps Gadara in charcoal is the perfect fit with its floral-inspired monochrome design that is calming and free-flowing rather than crisp and sharp. Gadara is inspired by a 1920s wallpaper frieze and combines black charcoal and white forms to create a design that is neither masculine or feminine, so it is the perfect black and white wallpaper to suit everyone in your home.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

Floss Delight

Floss Delight is one of our best sellers, with its unique print and eye-catching nature. Floss Delight is available in three colorways, with the black option being the most intense and stark, yet it is a popular favourite if you are confident enough to use it. Floss Delight in black looks best as a feature wall in a living room, hallway or entry and is great when paired with white furniture and soft neutral colors.

Black and White Wallpapers | Milton & King

If you love black and white interior combinations, then you will LOVE choosing a monochrome wallpaper from our collection. These are just 7 of our favorite black and white wallpapers… you can find more here.

Interior Tips

Hamptons Style: Luxe On A Budget

Who doesn’t love the light and bright homes of the Hamptons and the classic Hamptons style? The fresh, country-meets-coastal theme is a popular choice in many homes, however, the luxe nature of Hamptons-inspired design tends to come with a big price tag. If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune on decor and furniture for, here are 6 ways that you can achieve the highly desired Hamptons luxe on a budget in your home.

Hamptons Luxe On A Budget | Milton & King


Candles of different sizes, shapes and fragrances are a super easy way to achieve that light Hamptons feel. Even using some basic white pillar candles and doing a little crafty D.I.Y on them with some rope or shells is a perfect budget-friendly option in making some luxe-looking mood lighting without the expensive price tag. Pop these in the center of your coffee table in your lounge room or on a shelf in the living area or hallway.


Changing up your ceiling lights to a really clean and crisp modern chandelier can master the chic, coastal look. Whilst you may not think it would make a big difference, a key feature of Hamptons styled homes are their statement lighting choices, so spend a little extra time and cash from your budget to ensure you choose the best lighting to complement the theme.


This is a super easy and afforable way to create a relaxed vibe in your home. Adding in  patterned pillows that are blue and white help to bring the ocean to your home, whether you are near the beach or not. These can be thrown on your lounge, on your bed or simply on various chairs around the home to add a personal touch and bring a touch of color and texture into each room.


Now you don’t have to purchase an expensive piece of art, you could even D.I.Y your own piece of art to hang on the walls. Think of things like anchors, shells, water and boats for your statement artwork. These are relatively easy to create if you are doing it yourself, and if you have cash to splash, a great piece of art can make or break a room, so choose wisely and always go with something you love.


Flowers always give a summery, beachside touch to your home, and for a Hamptons style, go with white blooms specifically. Simply adding in a vase of gorgeous, fresh white flowers is a great way to breathe life into your room all year round, it’s affordable too and you can change it up every week!


If you want to achieve the Hamptons look of big open rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows, add some white framed mirrors into one of the key rooms in your home to create the illusion of space and brighten up the room. You could even restore an old mirror with paint, spray paint or bedazzled jewels for the perfect Hamptons luxe look.