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Old Wallpaper vs. New Wallpaper

Wallpaper has a reputation. Some of it is esteemed in it’s history and it’s influence by and in culture. Some of it’s reputation is marred, particularly in the last 60 years as a living generation of people were stuck with having to remove the very dated and very stubborn paper. Yet lately it’s making a real comeback. What’s different? What has changed? Has everyone simply forgotten those wallpaper horrors? Or is there something different about today’s wallpaper. Has the industry remedied it’s collective black-eye? In this article we’ll compare old wallpaper vs. new wallpaper and discuss the differences, the advances and what, if anything, is still holding it back.

When I mention the word “wallpaper” to my mother, I get a look. The cringed distorted twisting of her face reveals to me that her experience was less than pleasant. But I remember growing up through the 80’s and seeing wallpaper on the wall. And if memory serves me correctly, it was there until about the early 90’s. I vaguely remember the experience of removing the wallpaper and it was a bit like removing a price-sticker where the the sticky paper backing actually rips and stays stuck while only the glossy top layer is removed. Then you’re having to find a way to scrape off the rest. Since the mid-90’s, I don’t ever remember seeing wallpaper in the house again.

The last five years has brought a sea change. You won’t see young interior designers having the same revulsion to wallpaper. In fact, everything I see is hailing wallpaper like a hot new trend. And oddly enough, I’m not seeing complaints about the removal from anyone that has installed paper in the last few years either. So let’s see where wallpaper has changed when it comes to design, purpose, application and removal.


When you think of old wallpaper, you probably have a distinct idea of what that looks like. Now we can go way back centuries ago, but this isn’t a history lesson. If you want to learn a brief history of wallpaper, read this post called a A Short History Of Wallpaper. No, I’m talking about wallpaper from the 50’s through the 80’s. What does it looks like? It’s largely floral and sometimes features lots of pastel colours.

vintage bathroom with floral wallpaper around the top of the room.

New wallpaper, however, because of taste or technology is limitless.  Whether your tastes are floral, geometric or industrial, you’ll be able to pretty much find anything you’re looking for.  In the age of the internet, your personal taste is a few clicks away. Many places will even create custom murals that will fit your wall’s exact dimensions. However, another difference between Old Wallpaper vs. New Wallpaper is you can now find wallpaper that mimics other popular decor trends. Whether it’s the timber tones in shiplap, the bathroom tile look of herringbone or the appearance of a brick wall, new wallpapers offer such realistic looking designs that the appearance is identical to the actual thing.

Laundry room with faux brick wallpaper called Soft White Bricks from Milton & King

photo courtesy of @beesnburlap on Instagram


The purpose of Old Wallpaper was largely aesthetic.  Function wasn’t really a consideration a generation ago.  The last time function may have been considered was over a century ago when wallpaper served to help insulate a home.  Throughout the 20th century, wallpaper was about style.  The decorative purpose isn’t lost on new wallpaper, however.  It remains probably the number one reason people choose wallpaper.  However, there are other reasons people are choosing wallpaper now.

Because such great strides have been made in modern interior decor and wallpaper has been created to meet the needs of interior designers, wallpaper has been purposed to make narrow rooms feel wide, short rooms feel taller and shallow rooms feel deeper.  Focusing on accent walls, where one wall has wallpaper setting it apart from the rest of the room or cleverly using horizontal and vertical lines can change the feel of a room’s dimensions.  And now that new wallpaper boasts designs that give the impression of other materials like marble, metal, brick or timber, the purpose of wallpaper can change the entire aesthetic of a home.

Sitting room with grey loveseat and horizontal black and white striped wallpaper


Old wallpaper required the installer to soak the paper to activate the adhesive on the paper. This made wallpaper hanging a long, tedious process. There are a few different options available in new wallpaper that make it a much more pleasant experience to hang nowadays. The two most common methods of application for modern wallpapers is paste-the-wall and peel-and-stick. Peel-and-stick is commonly the method for applying a vinyl wallpaper. It is literally like putting up a giant sticker. Paste-the-wall is usually the application of choice for higher quality wallpapers with a non-woven backing.  This method requires the installer to apply the paste to the wall and then hang the dry wallpaper. This allows someone to hang and adjust the wallpaper, smoothing out any bumps and getting rid of any imperfections before the paste dries and the wallpaper sets. Both methods are much easier on the installer and save more time.

woman applying paste to the wall to hang Earth Grey Brick Wallpaper by Milton & King

photo courtesy of @thestagedlife on Instagram


Removal has probably been the biggest black eye to the wallpaper industry. It’s the memory of the tedious task and the aftermath of walls stuck with left over ripped pieces of paper that turned off nearly an entire generation. But those days are no more. If you get yourself a decent quality modern wallpaper, chances are removal is now a cinch.  Some wallpapers are even reusable. Wallpaper with a non-woven backing can be peeled off dry and the only clean up it leaves behind is perhaps some paste that can be cleaned with warm soapy water. The real key to removing modern wallpaper is in the application process. As long as any paint is dry and walls are cleaned and smoothed at the application stage, wallpaper removal won’t leave you with the headache it left your grandmother.

A before and after photo of a foyer showing a bare wall on the left and a wallpapered wall on the right with Abu Dhabi wallpaper in Babylon colourway by Milton & King

photo courtesy of @krissaleahdubois on Instagram

When discussing Old Wallpaper vs. New Wallpaper, the industry has made great advances in design and technology that will make for a better experience in the application and removal of the wallpaper. This has allowed consumers greater freedom to play and experiment with their interiors and allow them to change things up more frequently. Advances will continue to be made that make wallpaper an enjoyable product that provides people with satisfaction and a sense of individuality when decorating their homes and offices. As long as the industry progresses, it’s only obstacle will be proving to generations now and into the future that the dark ages of 20th century wallpaper will stay a thing of the past.

November Sale Word Art
Shameless Self Promotion

November Sale Conundrum

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday presents a November sale conundrum for companies like Milton & King. Which category do we fall in?  Can we take part in all 3 sale days? How do we differentiate each day’s specials from the next? Or perhaps we should just conduct one large sale all weekend. With most companies having an online presence as well as a physical shop, nearly everyone is taking advantage of Cyber Monday. And with the internet, there are more small businesses than ever before it seems.  All 3 sale days apply to Milton & King. And we’re excited to tell you about what we have in store for our Black Friday Sales Weekend.


Since 1932, Black Friday has been the most important retail sales day of the year for nearly every business, and every consumer for that matter.  The name comes from the terms accountants used to describe debt and profits.  A business is out of the red and into the black when they’re no longer running at a loss.  Prior to the internet, there wasn’t a November sale conundrum.  The 4th Friday of November or the day after the American Holiday of Thanksgiving was called Black Friday.  Businesses would slash prices to get people in the door with the hopes that they would purchase other things as well as it’s officially the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season.  However, after big companies like Walmart and Target seemed to be monopolizing the market, small business owners found themselves overwhelmed and undercut.  They needed a day of their own.

Image: very crowded shopping mall on Black Fridan.karim/Flickr


Small Business Saturday was launched in 2010 with the help of American Express Corporation. As a bit of a oxymoron that may seem, the American economy as a whole is dependent on small businesses.  66% of new jobs and 54% of all sales revenue comes from the small business.  In 2011, President Obama endorsed Small Business Saturday and it has grown every year since. In 2015, 95 million people across America shopped at small businesses spending $16.2 billion, a 14% increase over 2014. The idea was to  help small businesses that may be overlooked by the advertising power of bigger corporations and support your local community by helping the “mom and pop” type shops in your neighborhood. According to American Express and the National Federation of Independent Business, 55% of Americans are aware of Small Business Saturday.


Cyber Monday initially launched in 2005. With many brick and mortar stores just starting websites and many brand new companies having their sole presence online, this was a day to highlight shopping on the world wide web. Even more than Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday is an international shopping day. The internet, not having to worry about borders and having a global reach, allows people from anywhere in the world to participate in online shopping deals. Cyber Monday is the highest online spending day of the year.

A lot of companies solve the November sale conundrum by having promotions all 3 days. Milton & King is a small boutique business that is mostly an online retailer. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and Austin, Texas.  Our unique digital designs and modern production technologies allow us to manufacture the highest quality wallpaper with a very fast turnaround compared to other wallpaper companies at competitive prices. We also include free shipping with every online order worldwide. As we gear up for the holiday season, we are looking forward to participating in all the fun sales days that get us in the spirit of the season. We will be announcing what we are doing for each of these sale days soon. So sign up for the newsletter and watch this space if you’re looking to purchase a unique, fantastic quality product for your next project in the coming months.  [UPDATE:  Click here to see the sales]


IBM: Black Friday Report HDTV Deals

NFIB: SBS Growth

American Express

decorating for halloween
Interior Tips

Decorating For Halloween

If you’ve walked into any grocery or department store, you’ve no doubt seen the splashes of black and orange and caught the aroma of latex in the air.  Decorating for Halloween can be a fun activity and there are so many directions a person can go.  From scary and horrifying to playful and cartoonish, you’ll find everyone has a unique take on the spooky holiday.  We’ll take you through some of the most common ways people bring Halloween to their homes and also some of the ways people create a more year ’round permanent solution to satisfy their inner ghoul.


There probably isn’t a more iconic symbol of Halloween than the pumpkin.  Native to North America, pumpkins are used in all sorts of recipes for Thanksgiving and typically represent bounty.  But for Halloween, they are carved out to make jack-o’-lanterns.  Make them devilishly frightening or go the more goofy route.  For the more talented and patient, entire works of art have been carved into pumpkins.  Nowadays, you can buy stencils from the store or even download templates online that can be traced right on to the pumpkin.  The PumpkinLady.Com is a great resource.  But don’t be put off by the effort.  You don’t necessarily need to do any carving to create the Halloween vibe.  After all, a carved pumpkin will start to rot after a couple of days.  You can always leave the pumpkin untouched and display them as they are.  An uncarved pumpkin can last anywhere from two to three months.  Check out these cool carved and uncarved displays for inspiration.

decorated pumpkins for halloween including carved, painted and uncarved


An easy way to put a little fright into your Halloween decor is to play on our sense of mortality.  Nothing does that more effectively than seeing a skeleton.  It only takes a skull or two to change the aesthetic from playful to a bit creepy.  If they are properly displayed on your lawn, you can make it appear as if the skeleton is busting it’s way out of the grave.  Some people can DIY these things with paper mache but you’d be better off getting some cheap stuff from the Halloween section of your local party shop.

spooky photo of bat wing potion and skull on a book


If we’re taking our mortality to the next logical step beyond our bones, then the spirit world would be next.  One of the easiest ways to dress up for Halloween is to toss a white sheet over yourself and you’re an instant ghost.  Similarly, it’s very easy to create some ghosts on your porch or in your home by simply hanging some small white linens.  Cheesecloth is a great options for that transparent effect.  There are a couple of very clever ways to go about this.  One easy method is to use a spherical object, preferably a styrofoam ball and toss some cheesecloth over top.  Then,attach a string to it, either by tape or pin and needle through the cheesecloth.  Then, pin the other end into the ceiling.  Give it a pair of eyes and a mouth but even that isn’t necessary.  Another very clever way to create a ghost is using a white balloon.  Some black permanent marker can be used to create the eyes and mouth.  Then tape some white tissue to the bottom and you’ve got a couple of friendly ghosts flying around.  The DIY Network has a great tutorial on making ghosts.

Ghost Halloween Decoration Hanging From a Tree


When you think of creatures that tend to give you the creeps there are probably a few that would instantly come to mind.  Oddly enough, snakes are not a Halloween character but bats and spiders are.  Black cats have also had a reputation of being a bad omen.  However, they are much more revered than feared nowadays.  Bats’ association with Halloween may have something to do with migration habits in the Fall in North America.  But a bat is also associated with one of the forms which popular vampire icon, Dracula can take.  The easiest way to add some bats to your doorway is cutting them out of black construction paper and hanging by a string.  Not much else is needed.  There is no shortage of fake spider webs that you can purchase from any grocery store’s Halloween section.  Grab as much of this and spread it out to heart’s desire.  Spread it over the bushes outside, across windows or span it at the top of your doorways.  It’s always an easy and very effective decoration.  Check out this example of someone using creepy creatures when decorating for Halloween.

Spider Halloween Web Decoration with webs spread across outside brick wall and across bushes


What do you do if you’re so into the Halloween aesthetic that just having a day or even a month doesn’t satiate your craving for the macabre.  There are solutions that can turn a room into something that expresses your ongoing gothic tendencies.  Wallpaper has a history that harkens back to the Victorian age which is a popular aesthetic for creating a haunting vibe in the home.  The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is popular template. But there are modern options too that can create an amazing backdrop when you’re decorating for Halloween all year ’round.  A few of our favourite wallpapers are pictured below.  From the sexy, sophisticated gothic look of Huntington Lace, the dark creepy farmhouse effect of Black Wood Boards or the dramatic impact of Amityvillve, any room can have strong dark overtones and create a canvas for all your furniture and accessories.  If black cats are your thing and you want to be a bit more playful with your decor, Meow would be right up your alley.

Huntington Lace Wallpaper.  White floors and black lace wallpaper with a short black dresser Huntington Lace

Black Wooden Boards Wallpaper.  Wallpaper with black faux timber look with black lamp shade, black lamp stand, black wall clock and black chair and yellow blanketBlack Wooden BoardsAmityville Wallpaper. white Skull wallpaper with a smokey skull in a mirror with a brown chairAmityville

White Wallpaper with Black Cats called Meow from Milton & King.  In front of the wallpaper is a striped tent, letter blocks on the ground a black crochet stool and a black cat. Meow

For more eerie wallpaper designs, check out everything that Milton & King has to offer.

Halloween has it’s history rooted in the meeting of religious and pagan traditions.  Today, it’s largely bereft of any serious connotations.  Now it’s all about the fun.  What will we dress up as?  How will we decorate?  There are no rules when it comes to transforming your porch or your home.  There are definitely some easy options if you’re stuck.  Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, and skeletons are all easily identified with the holiday when you’re decorating for Halloween.  If you desire to dress up your lair for more than an annual occasion, wallpaper is a great way create a haunting backdrop that any soul would find to suitable to dwell in.

Designer Spotlight

Ayana House: A Project by The Designory.

Ayana House is an immaculately designed family home.  It is finished down to the finest detail. This is just the latest project by The Designory, a Sydney-based design studio with a team of talented designers, draftsmen, decorators and consultants who specialize in end to end transformations of residences, small-scale commercial and hospitality projects.

Ayana House was designed for the Director of The Designory, Melissa Bonney and her family. It was a complete renovation from the front exterior to the backyard pool and everything in between. Walls had to be removed, redefining living spaces both downstairs and upstairs to create a haven that was filled with light and custom-made with signature natural materials and finishes.

The team at The Designory used high end appliances, bespoke joinery, solid walnut, luxe wool carpet, natural stone, sheer linens, plantation shutters and so much more throughout the home. These features helped to create the relaxed tropical vibe that the family was seeking. Upon entering the home, one would find a new stacked stone and timber clad facade. Then there is a custom designed outdoor shower and seating area. The design team did a beautiful job creating a secluded relaxation space.

A second living area was created and crucial for the family of five.  Their teens needed different zones than the toddlers.  But there also needed to be a space for everyone to be together. Separating the front of the house from the rear is a cavity slider. When opened, it reveals a massive open space where the kitchen becomes the main hub. The living areas have skylights and bi-fold and sliding doors allowing for maximum natural light. The backyard has a tropical inspired pool and leafy garden with a built in BBQ.

However, when retreating upstairs where the bedrooms are, it’s all about serenity. The bedrooms are finished with beautiful bespoke joinery, luxurious wool carpets, built-in desks and mini walk-in wardrobes. There is a stunning curved wall featured in the master suite as well as a walk-in wardrobe and a balcony surrounded by palms.

The toddler’s room continues the sense of calm with cool blue colours coming off the Shibori Stripe wallpaper from Milton & King.  The Designory cleverly hung the wallpaper with the stripes vertical rather than horizontal. This creates the illusion of a room with higher ceilings. See a few of the photos from Ayana House below and for more details and photos of this beautiful project by The Designory visit

Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically with a basket of stuffed animals and a bookshelf full of childrens' books.
Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically shelving
Kingdom Home

The Wild Side with Kingdom Home Wallpaper

Kingdom Home Wallpaper is a brand that inspires the imagination with beautifully exotic patterns and an other worldly take on florals, creatures and places. Designer Kenneth King, who founded Kingdom Home in 2014, has seen great success with designs like Jungle Palm, Garden Bloom and Tulipa being sold all over the world. Now a new chapter begins with the release of a new collection of Kingdom Home Wallpaper called Art Deco.  Most people are familiar with Art Deco as the architectural style of many early 20th century buildings in New York and Los Angeles.  The style also exploded in Western Europe in the 1930’s.  Since then it has been associated with a time gone by.  Now Kenneth has revived the “style moderne” and applied it to a new line of wallpaper.

When asked about the inspiration for this new collection, Ken stated, “I’ve always loved Art Deco for it’s grandeur. I love what it represents in life and how it refects time. The designs can transport one to world of fantasy and allow them live within a time of unabashed beauty and indulge in luxury.” All of Kingdom Home’s Wallpaper designs are hand-drawn. They are then digitally coloured and manipulated to make the final pattern. This collection is a bit of a different artistic take on Kingdom Home’s exotic aesthetic with 4 new Art Deco inspired designs: 5 Monkeys, Cavalry, La Fontaine and Leopard.  For good measure, he has also released a new print outside of this new collection and in keeping with the more traditional Kingdom Home style with Viva Tropicana.  We will walk you through each design and discuss the best features of each one.


Our first design blends fun and elegance. 5 Monkeys was inspired by the culture of the Orient which views the monkey as a sign of good fortune. It was the most challenging of the new designs for Kenneth King. He stated, “There was a lot of trial and error in getting all monkeys to look right and be in balance and harmony with the entire piece.” Each of the five monkeys has a unique character and they are captured doing a different action among the beautiful palms and delicious fruit. This design is available in Terracotta, Soft Blue and Hawaii colours.  Soft Blue is the most neutral colour of this design. There isn’t as much contrast and it seems to be the most versatile as well. 5 Monkeys will bring a playful charm to any interior.

5 Monkeys by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing monkeys hanging from leafy vines


If you want a design that strikes the perfect balance between beauty and form, Cavalry is the Art Deco pattern for you. It features a majestic horse with the look of a sculpted knight chess piece that is ready to engage and conquer any interior. Cavalry is available in two colours:  Chess and Serenity. Chess has a bolder look with the black horse contrasting beautifully with the paler horse.  Serenity, rather,  has a more subtle presentation with a difference in shade rather than colour.  However, both colour options offer an equally strong aesthetic and a stunning backdrop to any interior.

Cavalry by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing horse chess pieces


Of all the new Kingdom Home Wallpaper designs, La Fontaine is traditionally what one would expect when thinking about Art Deco. It features an opulent fountain shooting streams of water creating an endless symphony of visual movement. This piece is clearly inspired by the famous Madison Belmont building in New York City designed by Edgar Brandt. It is available in colours Paris and Greenery. La Fontaine is perfect for those seeking to create a luxurious haven of high society.

Fontaine by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing ornate fountains


If you’re bold enough make a real impression with the wardrobe of your walls, then Leopard is the undeniable choice. It’s a bold Art Deco design inspired by vintage Valentino. The pair of big cats are immediately recognizable and their presence is instantly felt.  They circle each other with intent and purpose. This wallpaper will create a dynamic impact full of opulent elegance for anyone looking for a memorable encounter. Leopard is available in Cobalt, Jungle and Osaka.

Leopard by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing circling leopards among giant leaves


Finally, the last new design outside of this Art Deco collection is Viva Tropicana. The colours just explode off this design.  Lush florals and exotic animals are featured living in perfect harmony. Lions, antelopes, baboons, birds and butterflies live in this Eden-like tropical paradise surrounded by giant leafed botanicals. There is so much going on in this design that it requires 2 rolls (A & B) before the pattern repeats. The center space of the piece is the portion that changes with two colour options: Canvas and Duck Egg.

Viva Tropicana by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing a crowded jungle of birds and beasts and butterflies among lush tropical foliage

Art Deco is the common theme, yet there is so much diversity in this new range of Kingdom Home wallpaper.  They range from light and elegant like Fontaine in the colour Paris to strong and dark like Cavalry in the Chess colour. You can make a bold statement with the likes of Leopard or bring in the fun with 5 Monkeys.  If you’d rather go with something along the lines of what you’ve come to know and love from Kingdom Home, Viva Tropicana will satiate your taste.  The colour options within each design also make it more likely that you’ll find the perfect wallpaper for your home.  All these designs are rich with eye-catching creativity and are in keeping with the exotic style we’ve come to know and love from Kingdom Home.

Jillian Harris Wallpapers
The Tastemakers Collection

Jillian Harris for The Tastemakers Collection

The final designer as part of The Tastemakers Collection is the lovely Jillian Harris, TV host, blogging superstar and media personality who has captured America’s heart. we caught up with Jillian to chat about the launch of her designers as part of The Tastemakers Collection and what inspired her to create each piece in the capsule collection.

Milton & King: What inspired your designs for The Tastemakers Collection?

Jillian: I felt strongly about creating a timeless collection of versatile wall coverings.  Each design was carefully crafted with a specific space in mind, but I also tried to select colors & patterns that would work well in different spaces for different people.  For example, “Tropic Like It’s Hot” was created for a powder room or a little girls room and “Leo’s Spots” was created with Leo’s nursery in mind, but those wallpapers could also work well in a sun room or an office space.

MK: How did you find the design process, and did you always have a clear idea of what you wanted to create? 

J: Yes!!!! I knew I wanted to create classic BUT FUN  patterns for this collection of wall coverings. I worked closely with the design experts from Milton & King to help bring my vision to life!  It took several rounds of editing to create the perfect prints that worked well together, but the hard work was worth it and I am thrilled with the outcome!

MK: Do you have a favorite design from the collection, or which one are you most excited to see in people’s homes and why?

J: I LOVE how the wainscoting turned out!!  I have wainscoting in my home and I love the idea of being able to create the same effect through wallpaper!

MK: What are your top interior and design trends for 2017?

J: Right now, my focus is on adding more texture to rooms …incorporating bigger, timeless pieces … less trinkets and small decor items … and maybe a BIT more colour (think greys, oatmeals and other “color” neutrals)!!

Check out Jillian’s three designs for The Tastemakers Collection – The Parlour, Leo’s Spots and Tropic Like it’s Hot, all exclusively available now via Milton & King!

The Parlour by Jillian Harris for The Tastemakers Collection – Adding sophistication and depth to a room, this wall covering creates a sense of space even in small rooms.

Jillian Harris - Milton & King

Leo’s Spots by Jillian Harris for The Tastemakers Collection – Named after her newborn son Leo, Jillian has created this utterly delightful wallpaper. The versatile pattern complements a range of decorating styles and will serve as a consistent backdrop even as your decorating style changes and evolves.

 Jillian Harris - Milton & King

Tropic like It’s Hot by Jillian Harris for The Tastemakers Collection – You can’t help but feel excited about life when there’s a flamingo print involved. A delicate take on tropicana, the Tropic Like it’s Hot wallpaper will brighten any room. Designed with pastels and contrasting pink and green tones, this light, bright wall covering is all about spreading happy vibes.

Jillian Harris - Milton & King

You can read more about The Tastemakers Collection here, and shop the collection here.

Shameless Self Promotion

10 Things You Need To Know About Milton & King Wallpapers

While we know our wallpapers are amazing, high quality and unique, we know that you may not. So to help you make your wallpaper choice easier, here are a couple things you need to know about Milton & King wallpapers before you make your purchase.

Fire Rating

All Milton & King wallpapers have a Class A/Group 1 Fire Rating. This means our wallpapers are highly resistant to fires and they do not spread flames quickly. As a result, our wallpaper coverings are the perfect choice for not only homes, but also commercial precincts.

Double Rolls

Here at Milton & King, all of our rolls that you purchase are considered double rolls. This means that in comparison to regular single rolls which are 15 feet long, our rolls are 30 feet long. This ensures you get better value for money with each wallpaper purchase you make through us so all you have to do is focus on the job at hand.

Our Paper Can Be Cleaned

Unlike other wallpapers, ours can be easily cleaned. Protected with two coats of a specially formulated glaze, this makes the non-woven base and paper top layer extremely durable and easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth and soapy water. You are simply able to use the damp cloth to wipe then immediately following, use a dry cloth to wipe any excess solution off the paper.

Free Shipping

We know dealing with shipping is annoying and frustrating, so we’ve taken away the hassle and offer you free shipping on all orders, worldwide! Not only that but it’s super quick too, so you can be assured you wallpaper will arrive in no time, so you can start renovating!


Everyone has different tastes and styling preferences when it comes to their home or interior project, which is why we have a huge range of designs on offer at all times. Additionally, many of our designs offer various colorways, some even up to five different color alternatives, to ensure you get the exact wallpaper covering you need to trasnform a space from drab to fab.

Things You Need To Know | Milton & King

Unique Designs

You won’t find any of our patterns in another store as they are completely unique to us. Here at Milton & King, we have a small family of developers and designers who create stunning wallpaper patterns and designs for you, and we even print them in-house too.

High Quality

Our designs are printed on 150gsm non-woven paper and are double-coated with our specially formulated glaze to ensure durability and practicability. This ensures your wallpaper looks better for longer, with less damage, fading, and dirt build-up. We also print our designs on a “made to order” basis to ensure all your rolls for your room are within the same batch to avoid any discrepancies in color that occur during printing, ensuring your walls look perfect and polished after installing our wallpaper.

Trade Discount

We believe that with any great product you need equally great users. If you are a trade user such as an architect and interior design professional, we offer a fantastic trade program that is quick, collaborative and successful for both yourself and your clients. With our trade program, you can request free samples that will be sent out via express courier and receive discounts on our beautiful wallpapers for you to use in your work. If you want to find out more information, you can read more here.

Your Favorite Bloggers Use Our Designs

We’re not the only people who love our designs… so do many of your favorite bloggers and inteiror designers! Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co (read more on her master bedroom transformation using our  ‘Wildflower‘ pattern here), Naomi from Design Manifest (read more on her living room spruce up using the ‘Nixon‘ wallpaper here), and Yvette from The Stylist Splash (read about her master bedroom makeover using our ‘Marble‘ design here) are just a few of the bloggers that love our wallpapers and have used them in their own homes.

We Aim To Inspire

Not only do we think our designs are creative and unique, we believe they can help inspire your styling. Additionally, we also have a fantastic Pinterest page where we share gorgeous snaps and renovation ideas for you to gain inspiration from! If you have Pinterest, jump on over the join the pinning party… we’d love to pin with you!

5 Simple Tips To Update Your Living Room
Artist Bios

Artist Bio: Shibori Textiles

Sydney brand, Shibori was established by designers Pepa Martin and Karen Davis. The boutique textile company draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese craft of Shibori, a dyeing technique. Through their collaboration with Milton & King, they have incorporated their gorgeous fabric designs into popular and eye-catching wallpaper creations that our customers are loving.

Shibori Textiles | Milton & King

The Shibori technique has been used in Japan to decorate and embellish cloth for over 4000 years. It uses a dyeing method of folding, bundling and twisting different fabrics to create repetitive patterns and endless designs and then dying them with an indigo shade typically. Shibori and Milton & King’s collaboration brings this beautiful cloth dyeing technique to the walls of homes, with 13 different designs to incorporate into your space. Their wallpapers bring a hand-dyed authenticity feel to the space and the geometric designs add a taste of modern culture. The creativity of their designs ranges from stripes, stars, crosses and artistic shapes using not only indigo but also pink, green and grey.

Shibori Textiles | Milton & King
Have a look at their collection of wallpapers and see which of their stunning designs should be featured on the walls of your home. Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


16 Wallpaper Projects To Try In Your Home | Milton & King

16 Wallpaper Projects To Try In Your Home

Wallpaper can be used in many ways, in various areas of your home and it is certainly not restricted to the walls. Find out how to use wallpaper and go above and beyond with these 16 creative and fun wallpaper projects around your home!

  • Your door – If you’re a bit hesitant and haven’t used wallpaper before, try wallpapering your door (front and/or back). With many creative designs, decorating a small section or the whole surface area will provide a nice touch and make your door look much more interesting!
  • Along a single wall and extending to the floor – This method is a definite must if you are an adventurous wallpaper lover. Using wallpaper on a single wall and extending it across the floor is a great opportunity to create depth of field and elongate a room (especially if you use stripes!)
  • On the ceiling – It’s may seem like a strange place to put wallpaper….but why not?! If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, definitely hire a professional as it can be difficult to reach all the corners and gaps. Putting wallpaper on your ceiling is an appealing way to add style and texture. Also, depending on which design you go for, it can create a visual illusion and make the room to appear larger than it actually is.
  • The back of book shelves and kitchen dressers – Using wallpaper to cover the back of your kitchen dresser will add that extra creative touch and pop of pattern that your kitchen needs. Enhancing a simple pattern for the back your bookshelves will fill the open space and it will create a gorgeous feature in the room that is practical and stylish.
  • Staircase Risers – When it comes to wallpapering your home, staircases are usually overlooked and left bare. Who would’ve thought decorating your staircase risers can create a bold centrepiece! Using this technique with a stunning wallpaper designs is a fantastic concept to enrich your home interior. Also, try wallpapering underneath a staircase!
  • Decorating filing cabinets – Filing cabinets always seem to look dull and boring. Covering them up with a funky wallpaper is a great way to make your admin duties fun with a splash of colour in your work space or home office.
  • A Canvas / Frame – Simple yet effective, wallpapering a canvas is a fantastic way to add some interior decor to your home. A terrific approach is to mix different wallpapers together, to change the style of a room and to add detail to an otherwise blank space.
  • Clipboards – Want a quick and simple DIY project to make the most of your wallpaper cut offs? Why not wallpaper some wooden clipboards! A funky tactic to experiment with if you’ve got a couple of different patterns and colours is to coordinate your clipboards with certain tasks or people.
  • Drawers – You can use wallpaper to remodel the complete front of the drawers or for a more refined look, wallpaper the insides so it’s only visible once the drawers are pulled out.
  • Lamp Shades or Ceiling Fixtures – Wallpapering a lamp shade or a ceiling fixture is an exciting DIY project to commence around your home! A benefit is that with certain designs a soft glow can be emitted once the lamp is turned on or display certain patterns, creating lovely outlines on the walls.
  • Light Switch Plates – Add a splash of colour and personality to your light switches by using detailed wallpaper! Be warned though, this project can be quite a fiddly way to use wallpaper in your home.
  • Closets – No matter how big or small, use wallpaper to line the inside of your closet space to add a decorative touch. A beautiful view as you approach and open your closet (and a good reason to keep it clean and tidy too!).
  • Table Topper – This technique is so simple and easy! Just pick any wallpaper, cut it to size and place on the table and keep in place with a layer of glass. You can always change the design of the paper, refreshing and redesigning the living space whenever you feel a change of pace is required.
  • Storage Boxes – Storage boxes don’t have to be ugly and brown cardboard boxes! Use wallpaper to cover your storage boxes so you can place them anywhere around your home. You can coordinate patterns/colours according to the style within each room. Once they’re covered in vivid, unique designs, you wouldn’t want to store them away!
  • Serving Tray – Another way to add detail to your kitchen is to wallpaper the bottom of your serving tray. Bring out drinks and nibbles to your friends and guests in style with a wooden serving tray covered in a gorgeous marble design.
  • Headboard – Wallpapering a headboard is just like a normal wooden board, however it makes a much greater statement in your master bedroom! A wallpapered headboard creates a subtle and gorgeous effect to a bedroom.

Have you tried one of these wallpaper projects in your home? Leave a comment below to share your project with our community.