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6 Pastel Wallpaper Designs For Your Home

Pastel hues are the easiest way to add a hint of color to your space without going overboard with a strong and rich shade. Not only are they softer in nature, but pastel shades utilized in wallpaper often act as an optical illusion making the space appear larger and more spacious. Like we’ve previously mentioned here, pastel wallpaper can be a beautiful addition to your home all year round as they add a fresh touch and ooze calming and relaxation vibes. We have a huge range of pastel options for you to choose from, so the hardest thing will be deciding which one to hang next!



Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King


This super cute wallpaper features a gorgeous repetition of a pair of flamingos nuzzling. This quirky and simple design would be perfect for a nursery or child’s room, and it would be equally amazing as a feature wall in another room of your home. This pastel pink shade adds the perfect amount fo color to a space and is the epitome of feminity.

Camoufleur Turquoise

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

Using an abstract pattern and various shades of blue, teal and green, Camoufleur Turquoise is a gorgeous wallpaper for either your home or commercial use. The use of various blue and green hues in this pattern adds interest whilst still keeping the design minimal and easy to style in a room. This is a great way to add a hint of cool blue to your space.


Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

We adore the lovely lilac tones in this wallpaper! With subtle lilac flowers paired with neutral grey and white, this wallpaper will look fantastic and fresh in any room, from your master bedroom to the living room and even a nursery. The soft shades of color and large shapes mean this wallpaper is the perfect choice for a gender-neutral room with impeccable style.

Floating Feathers

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

Coming in two colors, teal and pink, Floating Feathers is a hot favorite pastel choice with its combination of soft colors and a cute pattern. This relaxing pattern is the perfect choice for a bedroom or playroom without being obnoxious and attention-grabbing.


Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

With soft yellows, peaches and greens, this cute birdcage printed wallpaper is a great option if you want to add a variety of pastel shades to your space. This cute design features open birdcages with adorable chirping birds flying amongst them, a perfect choice to celebrate the warmer months and keep that spring feeling all year around.

Flower Garden (Blues)

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

You can’t go wrong with a pastel toned floral wallpaper design like Flower Gardens in the blue colorway. With soft creams and blues, Flower Gardens has a gorgeous intricate pattern that will create a feature wall in your space. This is a great option if you want a floral design without the typical pinks and peaches, and looks great when paired with white furniture.

Still haven’t found the pastel wallpaper for your space? You can browse our complete collection of wallpapers and wall murals here

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5 Ways To Use Floral Wallpaper

With the hotter months upon us (well, if you’re in America, Europe or the UK!), it’s time for a change in home styling! As we mentioned previously in this blog post, floral wallpaper designs are one of the most popular ways to add that fresh and welcoming feeling to the home during the spring and summer months. Including bold colors and intricate patterns (just like the new Modern Classics collection), floral prints trigger memories of warm summer days with clear blue skies and fresh flowers blooming. However, sometimes covering the walls isn’t a possibility, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate with our extensive range of floral prints! Here are 5 ways to discover and use floral wallpaper in your home:


If you want something a little less permanent than a full application of wallpaper but love the beautiful designs and still want to incorporate it into your home somehow, how do you feel about a framed artwork of your favorite floral wallpaper printed on canvas?  This is the perfect option if you are renting and not allowed to cover your walls with anything that is semi-permanent. This is the easiest way  to add a touch of personality and fun into a rather blank space. With so many floral wallpaper designs to choose from, there will be one for every room no matter your personal preference or style.


Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is a beautiful way to incorporate some color into a room, onto a space that often gets overlooked. It adds the gorgeous texture and style that you would experience when hanging a print on the wall, just without being seen as overwhelming and obnoxious. Choosing a lighter colored wallpaper like the ‘Bloom‘ design may even help to act as an illusion to the human eye and trick the brain into thinking the room is larger and more spacious than it actually is. This is particularly great for smaller apartments and homes where rooms can constantly appear cramped and cluttered.


Although you could completely cover your bedside table with some gorgeous floral wallpaper, this could potentially be a bit too much for some. For a more subtle approach, we recommend wallpapering the sides of the drawers so that when you pull them out, there is a touch of color hidden inside. Also, pasting some wallpaper down to the top of a table is a great way to refresh the look and add some personality. Consider doing these subtle touches to your bedside tables, coffee tables and any other small pieces of furniture for a hint of floral that adds the finishing touch.

5 Ways To Use Floral Wallpaper | Milton & King


Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated door? This is perfect for a hesitant wallpaper first-timer or someone who loves the boldness of a particular floral print such as ‘Garden Bloom‘ but is a bit apprehensive when it comes to installing the pattern on a larger space, such as their walls. You can choose to cover the front and/or back depending on your personal preference, interior style and how busy your space already is.


Having a headboard on the back of your bed is an added touch of luxury in your master bedroom, but consider wallpapering it with a captivating floral design rather than leaving it bare. A bright and fun floral headboard will draw attention to it and really add a fresh and youthful appeal, whereas a more muted, classic floral headboard will add a feel of glamour and vintage styling to your bedroom.
If you need more inspiration on how else you can add some floral wallpaper designs to your home decor without actually having to use them on your walls, have a read through these 16 Wallpaper Projects you can try out yourself!

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13 Wallpapers To Get You In The Mood For Summer

Summer is a great time to renovate and revive your home and wallpaper is a fantastic way to start! With Summer just around the corner for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, here are thirteen wallpapers that will get you in the mood for summer (or make you wish it was still summer if you’re heading into the winter months in your part of the world).

Deep Summer

Summer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & King













Wallpapers that portray the deep sea will get you thinking about summer in no time! ‘Flamingo‘ and ‘Camoufleur Midnight‘ are wallpapers that comprise of beautiful blue tones, giving any room a cool, summery touch. Both wallpapers embrace the deep blue sea with visual representations of water in their designs. The variety of blue tones present in these wallpapers will compliment your walls and create a grand interior that will make you dream of an everlasting summer.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King

Geometric wallpapers are a funky way to modernise walls this season, especially if you have a summer DIY project in mind. ‘Empire Weave and ‘Terminal‘ are bold patterns that give off a modern feel, and they’re perfect for summer! Both wallpapers contain graphic geometric designs, defining a sense of depth and creating bold statements in your home.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & KingSummer Wallpapers | Milton & King










If you want a fresh feeling for the summer months, pastel shades are making a popular return. Soft colours including lovely lilacs, pale greens, pretty pinks and baby blues are a trend to keep your eyes out for this season. ‘Flamingos, ‘Flower Garden (Peachy)‘ andFlower Garden (Blues)‘ are recommended wallpapers to refresh and redesign your living space this summer if you want to create a calm, inviting space with character.


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King










Tropical wallpapers inspired by the tropics are a strong favourite for the upcoming warm season, especially if you’relocated by the beach. ‘Tropical, ‘Pineapple Harvest‘ and ‘Feather Palm are visually appealing and sophisticated designs that will evoke memories of your summer holidays all year round. These mind-blowing colours and vibrant patterns will create an abstract feature and enhance the depth to your walls, transforming your home into a tropical paradise. Now all you need is a cocktail!


Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King Summer Wallpapers | Milton & King










Floral wallpapers or wall murals featuring flowers are elegant designs are so welcoming for the warmer months to come. ‘Flower Bomb, ‘Flora and ‘Sture‘ are floral designs that display these techniques and also comprise of multiple artistic elements including bold lines, vibrant hues, composition and texture. These patterns will instantly trigger memories of a warm summers day, reminiscing the clear blue skies and freshly scented flowers. Whether you’re interested in approaching a modern take on floral themes or something more classic, these designs will give your space an instant update this summer.

Whether you want to redecorate your whole home or just a feature wall, these vivid and decorative designs will add style to your space, and fill your walls with inspiration for the summer months.