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Making A Nursery For Baby Remi

We always get excited when we read stories about personal projects people undergo in their homes. It can be such a process to first even know when you want. Second, do you have the budget to implement what’s in your head? Third, do you have the time?  When it finally comes time to put hand to hammer, hopefully you have a good idea about where the process will lead. It can be daunting looking at it from the beginning but it’s oh-so inspiring to see someone work towards a goal. In the end, it’s always worth it. Sometimes, it can turn out even better than imagined.  That was certainly the case with this nursery.

The Project

Robyn Meacham posted about her desire to make a nursery for her 4 month old baby girl, Remi.  Robyn is a young wife and mother of two who is a Los Angeles transplant living in Utah. She frequently posts about her home-life and various projects on her blog  Her older daughter never had a nursery growing up in their previous apartment. But now being a homeowner, she wanted to give little Remi a proper space.

Robyn’s describes her direction as wanting something girly and classic.  She also wanted to use items that she could use outside of the nursery down the road when a nursery was no longer needed.  She used other items not pictured here like a basket, pouf and mirror from Target and a Let Love Grow sign from August and April. The crib is from Wayfair.

We particularly love her choice in wallpaper.  Robyn chose the Baby Bloom from the Love Mae Collection at Milton & King.  All it took was one accent wall to bring some beautiful, soft and bright colour to the room.  The design consists of soft, blooming flowers surrounded by delicate leaves.  It’s the perfect colour and design, not only for a nursery, but for any child, particularly a young girl.  This will accomplish Robyn’s goal of being able to use this for baby Remi and eventually for toddler Remi or maybe her older sister, Saylor.

Nursery by The Simple Sweet Life with pink wallpaper called Baby Bloom from Milton & King with a gold painted crib and mother and daughter watching the baby

We think Robyn did a beautiful job creating a happy space to raise a happy baby.  We are sure that so many beautiful moments and memories will be created in this nursery, little girl’s room or whatever it becomes as this beautiful family continues on life’s journey.

Interior Tips

Inspired By The Industrial Interior Trend? Read Our Top Tips!

Loft styles and industrial decor trends have been gaining momentum as the interior trend to covet in the last couple of years. Elements such as exposed bricks, polished cement floors and exposed wooden and metal beams have become highly sought after features in homes, cafes and office spaces, as the industrial interior trend takes the design industry by storm. We aren’t all lucky enough to be living in a gorgeous refurbished loft, so we have to fake it until we can make it when it comes to home styling inspired by the industrial trend! Here are some handy tips and tricks on how you can achieve the rustic and cozy homes we adore on Pinterest in your own home…


A big feature in industrial styled homes are the lighting choices. Aim to get something warm and moody to complete the atmosphere of your space. Choose specific lights that don’t feel complete or polished, something like loose hanging lights and copper hues work really well for this particular trend. Particular lights are even styled to look like naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling and these are a perfect choice for over your bed or within your kitchen and dining space. Additionally, lofts tend to have a lot of large windows so mimic their effect and get as much natural light into the space.


Using metal accents throughout your home is a great way to mimic the industrial trend. Aim to have metal or wired chairs, furniture and decor knick knacks to add that rustic edge that is loved by industrial interior enthusiasts. Depending on your personal preferences, you can aim to have gold, silver, rose gold, copper or even wrought iron for an added vintage touch. Remember, they don’t always have to match to achieve your desired effect in the room, so get creative and mix and match furniture items and tones until you get the perfect industrial look.

Exposed Bricks

It’s hard to get the exposed brick look if your home doesn’t have any or if you don’t want to start renovating, so look into one of our popular brick wallpapers that look exactly like the real thing minus the hard work! We love ‘Old Brown Bricks‘ for a warmer atmosphere or ‘Clubhouse Bricks‘ for a more Nordic inspired vibe in the space. Using a wallpaper is the easiest and the quickest way to achieve that sought after industrial trend in your own home or business, and these wallpapers are some of our most popular!

Get The Industrial Trend | Milton & King


Wooden furniture pieces tend to add warmth and character to a home, so look to add some beautiful wooden pieces like tables, TV stands, and bedside tables to really complete the look. These will pair beautifully with the metal accents and the rustic exposed brick walls (or wallpapers) previously mentioned. The great thing about wood furniture is that they are completely unique and the wood grain isn’t replicated with any other piece of furniture, so you can often find something that is truely unique.


Give your home that personal touch with some beautiful, vintage frames for artworks or personal photographs. These will really complete the look in your room as it adds a personal and intimate touch, and additionally, a sense of depth and texture on your walls. Think about purchasing some lovely intricate wooden frames or a type of metal frame in different sizes to help tie all your styling efforts together. If you love a spot of DIY, why not make your own from recycled materials or hunt at your local thrift store.

Interior Tips

5 Ways To Use Floral Wallpaper

With the hotter months upon us (well, if you’re in America, Europe or the UK!), it’s time for a change in home styling! As we mentioned previously in this blog post, floral wallpaper designs are one of the most popular ways to add that fresh and welcoming feeling to the home during the spring and summer months. Including bold colors and intricate patterns (just like the new Modern Classics collection), floral prints trigger memories of warm summer days with clear blue skies and fresh flowers blooming. However, sometimes covering the walls isn’t a possibility, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate with our extensive range of floral prints! Here are 5 ways to discover and use floral wallpaper in your home:


If you want something a little less permanent than a full application of wallpaper but love the beautiful designs and still want to incorporate it into your home somehow, how do you feel about a framed artwork of your favorite floral wallpaper printed on canvas?  This is the perfect option if you are renting and not allowed to cover your walls with anything that is semi-permanent. This is the easiest way  to add a touch of personality and fun into a rather blank space. With so many floral wallpaper designs to choose from, there will be one for every room no matter your personal preference or style.


Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is a beautiful way to incorporate some color into a room, onto a space that often gets overlooked. It adds the gorgeous texture and style that you would experience when hanging a print on the wall, just without being seen as overwhelming and obnoxious. Choosing a lighter colored wallpaper like the ‘Bloom‘ design may even help to act as an illusion to the human eye and trick the brain into thinking the room is larger and more spacious than it actually is. This is particularly great for smaller apartments and homes where rooms can constantly appear cramped and cluttered.


Although you could completely cover your bedside table with some gorgeous floral wallpaper, this could potentially be a bit too much for some. For a more subtle approach, we recommend wallpapering the sides of the drawers so that when you pull them out, there is a touch of color hidden inside. Also, pasting some wallpaper down to the top of a table is a great way to refresh the look and add some personality. Consider doing these subtle touches to your bedside tables, coffee tables and any other small pieces of furniture for a hint of floral that adds the finishing touch.

5 Ways To Use Floral Wallpaper | Milton & King


Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated door? This is perfect for a hesitant wallpaper first-timer or someone who loves the boldness of a particular floral print such as ‘Garden Bloom‘ but is a bit apprehensive when it comes to installing the pattern on a larger space, such as their walls. You can choose to cover the front and/or back depending on your personal preference, interior style and how busy your space already is.


Having a headboard on the back of your bed is an added touch of luxury in your master bedroom, but consider wallpapering it with a captivating floral design rather than leaving it bare. A bright and fun floral headboard will draw attention to it and really add a fresh and youthful appeal, whereas a more muted, classic floral headboard will add a feel of glamour and vintage styling to your bedroom.
If you need more inspiration on how else you can add some floral wallpaper designs to your home decor without actually having to use them on your walls, have a read through these 16 Wallpaper Projects you can try out yourself!