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Ayana House: A Project by The Designory.

Ayana House is an immaculately designed family home.  It is finished down to the finest detail. This is just the latest project by The Designory, a Sydney-based design studio with a team of talented designers, draftsmen, decorators and consultants who specialize in end to end transformations of residences, small-scale commercial and hospitality projects.

Ayana House was designed for the Director of The Designory, Melissa Bonney and her family. It was a complete renovation from the front exterior to the backyard pool and everything in between. Walls had to be removed, redefining living spaces both downstairs and upstairs to create a haven that was filled with light and custom-made with signature natural materials and finishes.

The team at The Designory used high end appliances, bespoke joinery, solid walnut, luxe wool carpet, natural stone, sheer linens, plantation shutters and so much more throughout the home. These features helped to create the relaxed tropical vibe that the family was seeking. Upon entering the home, one would find a new stacked stone and timber clad facade. Then there is a custom designed outdoor shower and seating area. The design team did a beautiful job creating a secluded relaxation space.

A second living area was created and crucial for the family of five.  Their teens needed different zones than the toddlers.  But there also needed to be a space for everyone to be together. Separating the front of the house from the rear is a cavity slider. When opened, it reveals a massive open space where the kitchen becomes the main hub. The living areas have skylights and bi-fold and sliding doors allowing for maximum natural light. The backyard has a tropical inspired pool and leafy garden with a built in BBQ.

However, when retreating upstairs where the bedrooms are, it’s all about serenity. The bedrooms are finished with beautiful bespoke joinery, luxurious wool carpets, built-in desks and mini walk-in wardrobes. There is a stunning curved wall featured in the master suite as well as a walk-in wardrobe and a balcony surrounded by palms.

The toddler’s room continues the sense of calm with cool blue colours coming off the Shibori Stripe wallpaper from Milton & King.  The Designory cleverly hung the wallpaper with the stripes vertical rather than horizontal. This creates the illusion of a room with higher ceilings. See a few of the photos from Ayana House below and for more details and photos of this beautiful project by The Designory visit

Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically with a basket of stuffed animals and a bookshelf full of childrens' books.
Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically shelving
Personal Stories

Making A Nursery For Baby Remi

We always get excited when we read stories about personal projects people undergo in their homes. It can be such a process to first even know when you want. Second, do you have the budget to implement what’s in your head? Third, do you have the time?  When it finally comes time to put hand to hammer, hopefully you have a good idea about where the process will lead. It can be daunting looking at it from the beginning but it’s oh-so inspiring to see someone work towards a goal. In the end, it’s always worth it. Sometimes, it can turn out even better than imagined.  That was certainly the case with this nursery.

The Project

Robyn Meacham posted about her desire to make a nursery for her 4 month old baby girl, Remi.  Robyn is a young wife and mother of two who is a Los Angeles transplant living in Utah. She frequently posts about her home-life and various projects on her blog  Her older daughter never had a nursery growing up in their previous apartment. But now being a homeowner, she wanted to give little Remi a proper space.

Robyn’s describes her direction as wanting something girly and classic.  She also wanted to use items that she could use outside of the nursery down the road when a nursery was no longer needed.  She used other items not pictured here like a basket, pouf and mirror from Target and a Let Love Grow sign from August and April. The crib is from Wayfair.

We particularly love her choice in wallpaper.  Robyn chose the Baby Bloom from the Love Mae Collection at Milton & King.  All it took was one accent wall to bring some beautiful, soft and bright colour to the room.  The design consists of soft, blooming flowers surrounded by delicate leaves.  It’s the perfect colour and design, not only for a nursery, but for any child, particularly a young girl.  This will accomplish Robyn’s goal of being able to use this for baby Remi and eventually for toddler Remi or maybe her older sister, Saylor.

Nursery by The Simple Sweet Life with pink wallpaper called Baby Bloom from Milton & King with a gold painted crib and mother and daughter watching the baby

We think Robyn did a beautiful job creating a happy space to raise a happy baby.  We are sure that so many beautiful moments and memories will be created in this nursery, little girl’s room or whatever it becomes as this beautiful family continues on life’s journey.

Interior Tips

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers You Will Love

Before we go any further, get the thought of your Grandmother’s house out of your head when we talk about vintage interiors. Vintage is much more than just “old” and “outdated!” Vintage inspired wallpapers ooze elegance and sophistication and involve intricate and detailed patterns, and can be the perfect finishing piece that pulls your room together. We’ve chosen 15 of our favorite vintage inspired wallpapers that will definitely help give your home a makeover and make the old seem oh-so-new. You can also check our full range of vintage inspired wallpapers here!

Florals Galore

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Ornithology – It’s not your typical floral pattern, but this gorgeous and colorful design includes hand-sketched birds amongst leaves and plants. This wonderfully detailed and intricate design will surely be a talking point in whichever location it is placed in.

Aux Fleurs – Using pastel shades of cream, yellow and green, Aux Fleurs is reminiscent of a traditional floral pattern. Containing blooming flowers and detailed leaves, this design is a cheerful design that will brighten up any room, particularly a kitchen.

Serendipity – Featuring various colors, Serendipity is a damask pattern made up of striking flowers in bloom and fruit. Whilst this can be used in any room, it would completely revamp an outdated kitchen when paired with white benchtops with light streaming in through French windows.

Eccentric Charm

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Library Card – This quirky wallpaper pattern is sure to get people talking. Inspired by the classic drawers at libraries, who would have thought it would make such a fantastic wall feature? Plus, we bet somebody will try and open a drawer at some stage because they look real until you touch them!

Chalbury – This faux leather wallpaper design is a fantastic throwback whilst still being vibrant and stylish in 2016. This bright red pattern isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, when styled correctly, will look chic and retro in a modern home.

Bookshelf – Something completely different, this bookshelf pattern will make you want to curl up and read a good book. The realistic feel of this wallpaper has been done using a real bookshelf photograph which was then designed and printed as wallpaper. This one is perfect for commercial projects such as cafes, hotel lobbies and even book stores!

Pattern Love

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Jump – Using a kaleidoscope method, Jump is a mixture of florals, however, this pattern is the perfect choice for various rooms in your home due to its neutral color palette. You won’t find it hard to style and it will compliment any room interior, whether you combine it with strong neutrals or pops of color in the decor.

Heritage Tile – These blue and white mock China tiles are a great way to bring a touch of luxe to any room, particularly the kitchen or bathroom. This design makes you feel as though you should be relaxing somewhere on the European coastline and is a great choice to make a statement in your space.

Mediterranean – Using blue and gold, this intricate pattern is a great way to add the vintage touch to your room. The blue tones in the paper aim at reviving a room, where the gold adds a touch of royalty and glamor. Additionally, the repetitive tile design is a great way to ensure a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.

Flashback Comics

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Caribbean Water – Featuring various vintage advertisements from the breathtaking Caribbean islands, this interesting wallpaper design is perfect to jazz up a room in your home or even for commercial use at a cafe or retail store. This fun design definitely works as a captivating and interesting feature wall.

Circuit de Monaco – With bright colors, this design immortalizes the Monaco Grand Prix with exciting and fun advertisements featuring the cars of the race. This wallpaper is a great choice for commercial use as well as in your home in spaces like man cave or home office.

Implausible Adventures – The ultimate wallpaper for a comic enthusiast, this design is a compilation of various comic covers about aliens, invasions and beyond! This is a great chance to showcase your love in a child or teen’s bedroom or even in a home office or living area.

Around The World

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Gosport St Milk Bar – An assortment of soda crates, this design is fun, bright and quirky and will have you dreaming of sipping some icy drinks at a beach shack during sunset. The design is so realistic, you’ll be trying to reach in and grab out a bottle on a hot day.

Wanderlust – Transport yourself across the globe with this gorgeous, vintage wallpaper design. A collage of advertisements and posters for some of the most loved places to visit in the world, this wallpaper will have you dreaming about planning your next getaway.

Vintage French Maps – This stunning wallpaper design which is meant to mimic maps lining the walls of a classroom, incorporates a variety of vintage maps, originally produced in France, of destinations around the world. With a neutral color scheme of beiges, blues and yellows, this wallpaper will suit a variety of locations around your home or business and be a breeze to style.

So if you love the vintage look but think that a vintage inspired wallpaper will look outdated or be difficult to look, here are 15 designs to change your mind. Milton & King have you covered with an extensive range of gorgeous vintage inspired wallpapers to suit every taste and styling preference.

The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & KingThe Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & King
Interior Tips

The Perfect Nursery in 6 Simple Steps

Creating the perfect nursery is a task that most parents-to-be either dread or tackle with overwhelming excitement.  It is the first place your child will call their room and it is the place where a majority of their time will be spent in the early years. If you’ve recently become parents-to-be, or perhaps bubs arrival has swiftly crept up on you, follow these 6 simple steps to help you build and style the perfect nursery for your newborn. 

Choose A Colour Scheme

This is the first step in the decision process – deciding what to include within the nursery and what the colour scheme is. Do you want to opt for the typical baby blue for a boy and pastel pinks for a girl? Or, do you want something unisex and unique like sunshine yellow or moss green? This is the most important choice and it will impact every other decision you have to make for the room – the walls, the ceiling, furniture and even the decor. If you’re still unsure, opt for a shade that brings light into the room and represents the new journey to come.

Decorate The Ceiling

Babies spend a large portion of their time lying on their backs, so why not give them something to look at. Here at Milton and King, we recommend using our high-quality wallpaper to decorate the ceiling with ease. Have a look at our nursery selection and choose something soft and simplistic like Polkadot Dreams to give character to an area that is usually forgotten.

Make The Walls Unique 

You could always go with a singular colour block shade, however, to bring a playful vibe into the room, consider a single wallpaper feature wall, or go all out and decorate the entire room with your favourite prints. Children grow up fast and they will no doubt get tired of the original design, so wallpaper is the easiest option because you can change it quite easily and reinvent the room as they grow. Take a peek at Milton and King’s Nursery Collection and choose something cute like Bear and Butterfly or Pink Elephants to really brighten your newborns room. 

The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & King

Select Your Furniture 

Ensure you purchase everything the room needs before you need it. That includes the cot, change table, drawers, toy storage and feeding chair. Choose pieces that will compliment your nursery theme and accessorise them with coordinating linen and decor items. Don’t forget the finishing touches – books, a mobile and of course, cuddly teddy bears.

 Invest In Good Curtains 

Nothing is worse than a tired baby fighting sleep because the daytime light keeps creeping into the room. Make sure the curtains and/or blinds you have are relatively thick and dark to keep sunlight out during the day so your baby can sleep uninterrupted. If you don’t, you’ll quickly understand why it’s important when you have a restless newborn in the first couple of months (and you need your sleep too!).

 Make Safety The Number One Priority

Keep power cords neat and tidy, and hidden as much as possible. Likewise, ensure blind cords and other hanging objects are out of reach, cover electrical sockets and install “bumpers” on sharp, pointy corners. You want to create a nursery that will not only be a place of relaxation for your and your bub, but you also want peace of mind you can all sleep safe and sound. 

Make sure you get to work early on your nursery so you have plenty of time to create a magical place for your newborn to rest, play and grow. Do you have a tip for all of the parents-to-be when it comes to decorating their first nursery? 

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King
Interior Tips

How To Makeover A Room In One Week

Is there a particular room in your home that you are feeling a bit “eh” about? Why not give it a makeover! Before you start adding up the hours, weeks and months it will take to transform your space, read our top tips to makeover a room in one week. It’s definitely possible, and it will save you a lot of money and effort too!  

Add A Colourful Rug

With only a week for the transformation, you don’t have time to completely overhaul the flooring, so instead, bring a new rug into the space. It could be a large rectangle in the middle of the room or something small to add texture, colour and interest. A soft rug will also add warmth to a tiled room and make a small space appear larger.

Bland Walls Be Gone

Changing the walls will add a huge difference to a room. Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, laundry or living space, painting a room can take a long time when you consider what’s involved to prep, coat, seal and dry the wall/s, especially if you are doing it yourself. Instead, add colour and contrast with a wallpapered feature wall and have it all done in a day with minimal mess and frustration. Milton and King offer a wide variety of wallpaper designs, from colourful florals and monochromatic geometrics to dots, stripes, faux brick and more, so your hardest decision is choosing the wallpaper, not installing it! Don’t believe us that it is that simple? Check out this video we made to help you install wallpaper for the first time. 

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King

Does Your Room Have A Theme?

To “complete” the room and help you add the finishing touches, select a theme and carry it out throughout. The theme could be monochromatic or a specific colour palette theme, or something fun inspired by a nautical, floral, industrial, vintage or luxe modern theme. 

A Feature Piece Of Furniture

You’ve got the perfect excuse, and you’ve no doubt saved a lot of money by transforming your room in just one week, so go out and invest in a feature piece of furniture. It could be a great lounge chair if you’re reworking the living room, an intricately detailed bed head for the master bedroom or new bar stools with copper accents for the kitchen. Bringing a new piece of furniture into the room can give it a whole new feel and complements the theme and other decor pieces. The new piece of furniture should make a huge impact on the room, so choose wisely but ensure it is something you absolutely love.

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King

Rearrange The Layout

Sometimes rearranging the layout of the room can make a world of difference (and it doesn’t cost you a thing either!). Whether it is the first thing you do or the last, move your furniture around to contemplate different layouts before making your final decision. This will also help you see problem areas that you didn’t notice before (scratches on the walls, carpet stains etc) and give you an idea of what you are missing too.  

Makeover a room in one week with these simple but effective tips and transform your room from drab to fab without breaking the bank. You’ll have more time to spend on the areas you really want to renovate, and more budget to turn your space into your dream home.

Have you done a room makeover in just one week? How did it go? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Interior Trends To Love Right Now
Interior Tips

Interior Trends To Love Right Now

A New Year means new trends to covet, so it’s the perfect time to switch out tired homewares and add new elements that have the potential to completely change the vibe and energy of a room, not to mention give your home a much-needed update. These five trends can be easily implemented into any space in your humble abode and will scream style, sophistication and elegance to everyone who walks through the threshold.

  • Marble Decor. Marble décor is all the rage in homewares right now, but have you considered a marble feature wall? If not, you simply must check out our gorgeous marble wallpaper that takes this interior trend to a whole new level. Give your home a touch of subtle luxury with our faux marble wallpaper that is made from hard-wearing 150 gsm, double layered non-woven paper and finished with a glaze. Check out how Yvette From The Stylist Splash used it in her master bedroom makeover here!
  • Mixed Metals. In all things big and small. Whether it is copper light fittings or brass hardware, a hint of metallic goodness is a must for any stylish home. Keeping a neutral colour palette will make your metallic pieces stand out and ooze understated cool.
  • Quartz Pink. As one of the two Pantone Colours of the Year for 2016, a hint of Rose Quartz will create an elegant, yet contemporary feel in any room. Rather than filling a room with dusty pink shades, use the hue in a large feature piece, such as a couch or rug.
  • Geometric Artworks. This is a great way to add additional colour and eclectic style to any room. A geometric artwork that combines hexagons, circles and triangles in bright colours could be overwhelming, so opt for something that pairs an abstract design with neutral tones so that one element is the focus point. These unique paintings follow a simple composition so they can be easily placed into various rooms and complement a range of colour palettes.
  • Indoor Plants. Whether they’re blooms in a beautiful vase, hanging potted plants, fresh herbs or a colourful terrarium, indoor plants instantly add life and texture to your home, and also brings a sense of calmness and serenity. If you don’t have much of a green-thumb, there are plenty of plant varieties that will allow you to mesh the outdoors and indoors together with limited effort and commitment. An indoor plant could be the missing piece to your décor puzzle.

 So tell us, what interior trends are you loving at the moment? 

16 Wallpaper Projects To Try In Your Home | Milton & King

16 Wallpaper Projects To Try In Your Home

Wallpaper can be used in many ways, in various areas of your home and it is certainly not restricted to the walls. Find out how to use wallpaper and go above and beyond with these 16 creative and fun wallpaper projects around your home!

  • Your door – If you’re a bit hesitant and haven’t used wallpaper before, try wallpapering your door (front and/or back). With many creative designs, decorating a small section or the whole surface area will provide a nice touch and make your door look much more interesting!
  • Along a single wall and extending to the floor – This method is a definite must if you are an adventurous wallpaper lover. Using wallpaper on a single wall and extending it across the floor is a great opportunity to create depth of field and elongate a room (especially if you use stripes!)
  • On the ceiling – It’s may seem like a strange place to put wallpaper….but why not?! If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, definitely hire a professional as it can be difficult to reach all the corners and gaps. Putting wallpaper on your ceiling is an appealing way to add style and texture. Also, depending on which design you go for, it can create a visual illusion and make the room to appear larger than it actually is.
  • The back of book shelves and kitchen dressers – Using wallpaper to cover the back of your kitchen dresser will add that extra creative touch and pop of pattern that your kitchen needs. Enhancing a simple pattern for the back your bookshelves will fill the open space and it will create a gorgeous feature in the room that is practical and stylish.
  • Staircase Risers – When it comes to wallpapering your home, staircases are usually overlooked and left bare. Who would’ve thought decorating your staircase risers can create a bold centrepiece! Using this technique with a stunning wallpaper designs is a fantastic concept to enrich your home interior. Also, try wallpapering underneath a staircase!
  • Decorating filing cabinets – Filing cabinets always seem to look dull and boring. Covering them up with a funky wallpaper is a great way to make your admin duties fun with a splash of colour in your work space or home office.
  • A Canvas / Frame – Simple yet effective, wallpapering a canvas is a fantastic way to add some interior decor to your home. A terrific approach is to mix different wallpapers together, to change the style of a room and to add detail to an otherwise blank space.
  • Clipboards – Want a quick and simple DIY project to make the most of your wallpaper cut offs? Why not wallpaper some wooden clipboards! A funky tactic to experiment with if you’ve got a couple of different patterns and colours is to coordinate your clipboards with certain tasks or people.
  • Drawers – You can use wallpaper to remodel the complete front of the drawers or for a more refined look, wallpaper the insides so it’s only visible once the drawers are pulled out.
  • Lamp Shades or Ceiling Fixtures – Wallpapering a lamp shade or a ceiling fixture is an exciting DIY project to commence around your home! A benefit is that with certain designs a soft glow can be emitted once the lamp is turned on or display certain patterns, creating lovely outlines on the walls.
  • Light Switch Plates – Add a splash of colour and personality to your light switches by using detailed wallpaper! Be warned though, this project can be quite a fiddly way to use wallpaper in your home.
  • Closets – No matter how big or small, use wallpaper to line the inside of your closet space to add a decorative touch. A beautiful view as you approach and open your closet (and a good reason to keep it clean and tidy too!).
  • Table Topper – This technique is so simple and easy! Just pick any wallpaper, cut it to size and place on the table and keep in place with a layer of glass. You can always change the design of the paper, refreshing and redesigning the living space whenever you feel a change of pace is required.
  • Storage Boxes – Storage boxes don’t have to be ugly and brown cardboard boxes! Use wallpaper to cover your storage boxes so you can place them anywhere around your home. You can coordinate patterns/colours according to the style within each room. Once they’re covered in vivid, unique designs, you wouldn’t want to store them away!
  • Serving Tray – Another way to add detail to your kitchen is to wallpaper the bottom of your serving tray. Bring out drinks and nibbles to your friends and guests in style with a wooden serving tray covered in a gorgeous marble design.
  • Headboard – Wallpapering a headboard is just like a normal wooden board, however it makes a much greater statement in your master bedroom! A wallpapered headboard creates a subtle and gorgeous effect to a bedroom.

Have you tried one of these wallpaper projects in your home? Leave a comment below to share your project with our community.

5 Simple Tips To Update Your Living Room
Interior Tips

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover

The living room is one of the first spaces in the home that start to feel dated and boring, which can quickly put you into a “living room rut,” especially if you spend a lot of time in there. The following five ideas are easy to implement, but will make a BIG impact when it comes to giving your living room a stylish makeover.

  • Create a feature wall with a unique wallpaper. Adding a statement wall can completely transform a room and make it feel new and fresh. With an extensive range of creative and fun designs to choose from, we’ve definitely got one that is perfect for you and your space – from bricks and floral to geometric designs and cute prints, there’s something for every living room no matter your personal style. Need more of an excuse to use wallpaper? Our wallpaper is printed on 150 gsm, double layered, non-woven paper which is then covered with two coats of glaze, so you can be assured the finished product is durable and can be cleaned with ease. Now all you have to do is choose your design!
  • Invest in a new couch. The main feature of a living room is the couch, so purchasing a new one can dramatically spruce up the space and turn the current layout upside down. Opt for a new colour, modern shape and experiment with different textures – the opportunities are endless!
  • Add a rug. Sometimes to breathe new life into a room, all you need to do is add a textured rug. A rug can soften the room, can be seen as a piece of art and it’s perfect for the cooler months ahead. It’s also a fantastic way to add a splash of personality to the room, without overwhelming your family and guests. Just be sure to choose the appropriate size and shape for the space you are working with to ensure the room is balanced.
  • Use pillows to add character. Pillows are perfect for adding layers and character to a room, just like accessories do when paired with an outfit. For example, a couple of coloured decorative pillows can give the room a vibrant touch, while a sequined pillow adds glamour and elegance. If you’re giving your living room a makeover on a budget, you definitely need some decorative pillows because they’re an affordable addition to your room and they’re perfect for renters and temporary living arrangements too. If you have time and the resources, you could even put your DIY hat on and create your own.
  • Use mirrors to your advantage. In the world of interior design, mirrors are a great way to make the most of a small space. They add additional light into the living room and trick the eye into believing the space is much larger than it actually is. They’re also functional and bring an element of design into the room, acting has a piece of art.

Have you used any of these tips to update your living room?