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New To Our Range: Modern Classics By Maria Khersonets

Designed by Russian artist and illustrator Maria Khersonets, the ‘Modern Classics’ wallpaper collection has been deeply influenced by the warmth and romance of traditional wallcoverings and take inspiration from the work of English artist William Morris, Maria’s designs pay homage to the sophistication and subtle glamour of his artwork. This gorgeous new collection of wallpapers by Maria visually generates beautiful depth and texture using Gouache, a type of watercolour paint. Her designs are intricate and detailed, giving a sense of life and dimension with each individual brush stroke.

Combined, the unique collection of wallpapers are a curated album of stunning bold floral and foliage artworks that capture nature in Maria’s own style, focusing on rich hues such as inky blues, olive greens and berry reds.

Check out a snapshot of the entire collection by the fabulous Maria Khersonets below!


Maria Khersonets | Milton & King

The first of Maria’s collection is the gorgeous Dandelion design with gorgeous curves of the leaves combined with the soft tufts of dandelions and bright flowers. This design comes in three different colour-ways so you have a number of options when it comes to adding this gorgeous wallpaper to your home. Dandelion may be bold, however, it is still understated enough to work well with other interior elements without feeling like it is overpowering.


Maria Khersonets | Milton & King

Available in four different colour-ways, Winsome is a fresh design featuring birds nestling in large flowers with delicate leaves. Featured above is the “Corona Electra” print that is complete with blue hues alongside pops of  yellow and green. Winsome is also available in “Hot Berries,” “On Sunset” and “Riveria Eden,” and each is a completely different look and feel,  so check them all out here and select the one that is perfect for your space.

Governors Rose

Maria Khersonets | Milton & King

This wallpaper is a classic design that features a gorgeous bouquet of roses, evoking the feel of a traditional English cottage garden. This pattern is detailed and intricate with a sense of dimension and texture. This particular pattern also comes in four colour varieties, all in classic tones with a hint of eye-catching colour. This pattern would make for a stunning feature wall in your living room or a gorgeous vintage kitchen!


Maria Khersonets | Milton & King


A gorgeous design of intricate leaves and tiny berries, this wallpaper from the “Modern Classics” collection combines deep colours with pastel accents throughout. Mimosa is available in 5 colour-ways: Pink Musk, Pomegranate, Red Tango, Tranquil Crop and Wattle Green.

Clover Fields

Maria Khersonets | Milton & King

From afar, this wallpaper seems quite simple and understated, however upon closer inspection the small, intricate details of the piece give it a hint of elegant romance. Using delicate shapes in repetition, Clover Fields is perfect for adding a soft, feminine touch to your space.

Snow Drop

Maria Khersonets | Milton & KingThis botanical design of free flowing linear leaves and bell-shaped flowers was created to look textured and dimensional. With its brighter colours of green and blue combined with pastel shares, the “Spearmint Ice” color-way is perfect for spring and summer.

The ‘Modern Classics’ collection by Maria Khersonets is exclusive to Milton & King and is available to purchase now, in either a same or full roll.

What is your favourite wallpaper from the collection?

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Artist Bios

Artist Bio: Shibori Textiles

Sydney brand, Shibori was established by designers Pepa Martin and Karen Davis. The boutique textile company draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese craft of Shibori, a dyeing technique. Through their collaboration with Milton & King, they have incorporated their gorgeous fabric designs into popular and eye-catching wallpaper creations that our customers are loving.

Shibori Textiles | Milton & King

The Shibori technique has been used in Japan to decorate and embellish cloth for over 4000 years. It uses a dyeing method of folding, bundling and twisting different fabrics to create repetitive patterns and endless designs and then dying them with an indigo shade typically. Shibori and Milton & King’s collaboration brings this beautiful cloth dyeing technique to the walls of homes, with 13 different designs to incorporate into your space. Their wallpapers bring a hand-dyed authenticity feel to the space and the geometric designs add a taste of modern culture. The creativity of their designs ranges from stripes, stars, crosses and artistic shapes using not only indigo but also pink, green and grey.

Shibori Textiles | Milton & King
Have a look at their collection of wallpapers and see which of their stunning designs should be featured on the walls of your home. Do you have a favourite? Tell us in the comments below!


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Revivified Wall Décor from Mary’s Vault

Erstwhile is the latest collection from the studio of Milton & King. In collaboration with Mary Evans Picture Library; wallpapers & murals were created utilising seminal images and prints from their extensive archive. Erstwhile’s final collection is the fruition of many hours of perusal, selection and culling of potential wall décor. After which, the chosen few images were implemented into M & K’s production techniques, resulting in this grande final product. Erstwhile is an aesthetically retrospective collection, exclusive to Milton & King. 

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