Lydia Meiying
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Admiring Lydia Meiying

Lydia Meiying is a Manchester based illustrator and surface pattern designer. Lydia’s bright, tropical wallpaper and creative wallpaper are sure to  leave a lasting impression.

Boasting a blend of deftly created illustrations, sweet subject matter and a consummate approach to pattern and layout.  Since graduating from the Leeds College of Art and Design with an Honours in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Lydia gained industry experience at a few different London design studios before venturing out on her own. She now works as a freelance designer, designing illustrations and patterns for interiors, fashion and stationary.

Lydia Meiying | Milton & King

Aesthetically speaking, Lydia’s designs are bold, colourful and forward thinking. As a member of Wallpaper Republic, her style epitomises the ethos of the brand. It feels like summer and spring are the only seasons looking at her patterns. You can almost smell the sunscreen and hear the ocean. Wonderfully bold and airy colour palettes are complimented by all kinds of flora and fauna. Her patterns are beautifully weighted, always balanced to be on a wall. Be it in a commercial or residential install these bright tropical wallpapers are going to enliven the soul of space.

Lydia Meiying | Milton & King

I would describe my work as a colourful and contemporary interpretation of traditional decorative design, playful and at times whimsical with a visual focus on the natural world.“ Lydia draws inspiration from a variety of sources. She enjoys reading poetry and literature, especially children’s stories. She is also an avid collector vintage natural history books and botanical illustration (which is apparent in patterns such as Watercolour Birds, Camoflage and Tigers & Zebras and Woodland)

Lydia Meiying | Milton & King

Meiying’s work is a combination of both handmade and digital art.“I enjoy working across a range of mediums and would be lost without my computer but I always start a design by hand, sketching out all the individual elements in pen and pencil and working over the top with watercolour and ink. Although my designs are arranged and finished in Photoshop I still have to draw and colour the work by hand allowing the natural imperfections to become part of the design.”

Lydia Meiying | Milton & King

With her own distinct visual brand the future looks great. You can currently find her work adorning greeting cards, notebooks, coffee cups, tote bags and scarves. Looking into the future, Meiying hopes to be busy as ever still designing for interiors and fashion with her own range of products on the market.
Go well, Lydia!

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