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Making A Nursery For Baby Remi

We always get excited when we read stories about personal projects people undergo in their homes. It can be such a process to first even know when you want. Second, do you have the budget to implement what’s in your head? Third, do you have the time?  When it finally comes time to put hand to hammer, hopefully you have a good idea about where the process will lead. It can be daunting looking at it from the beginning but it’s oh-so inspiring to see someone work towards a goal. In the end, it’s always worth it. Sometimes, it can turn out even better than imagined.  That was certainly the case with this nursery.

The Project

Robyn Meacham posted about her desire to make a nursery for her 4 month old baby girl, Remi.  Robyn is a young wife and mother of two who is a Los Angeles transplant living in Utah. She frequently posts about her home-life and various projects on her blog  Her older daughter never had a nursery growing up in their previous apartment. But now being a homeowner, she wanted to give little Remi a proper space.

Robyn’s describes her direction as wanting something girly and classic.  She also wanted to use items that she could use outside of the nursery down the road when a nursery was no longer needed.  She used other items not pictured here like a basket, pouf and mirror from Target and a Let Love Grow sign from August and April. The crib is from Wayfair.

We particularly love her choice in wallpaper.  Robyn chose the Baby Bloom from the Love Mae Collection at Milton & King.  All it took was one accent wall to bring some beautiful, soft and bright colour to the room.  The design consists of soft, blooming flowers surrounded by delicate leaves.  It’s the perfect colour and design, not only for a nursery, but for any child, particularly a young girl.  This will accomplish Robyn’s goal of being able to use this for baby Remi and eventually for toddler Remi or maybe her older sister, Saylor.

Nursery by The Simple Sweet Life with pink wallpaper called Baby Bloom from Milton & King with a gold painted crib and mother and daughter watching the baby

We think Robyn did a beautiful job creating a happy space to raise a happy baby.  We are sure that so many beautiful moments and memories will be created in this nursery, little girl’s room or whatever it becomes as this beautiful family continues on life’s journey.

Girl Nursery | Milton & King
Interior Tips

It’s A Girl! 6 Wallpapers For A Baby Girl’s Nursery

Congratulations! It’s a girl! Welcoming a little girl into your life is an incredible time, however, creating the perfect girl nursery is a hard task! The nursery is your little girl’s first bedroom and will be a place they spend a large majority of their early years when they are learning the fundamentals of life. You should choose a wallpaper that not only matches your personal style and preferences but also soothes your little one. We’ve chosen 6 of our favorite wallpapers for a gorgeous little girls nursery.

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Baby Bloom – This bright and fresh floral pattern is the perfect choice for a growing baby girl. Whilst this pattern is soft enough to fit beautifully into a delicate nursery, it is also fun enough and not age restricted so it can work well as your little one grows.

Elephant & Mice – A softer design, Elephant & Mice has a subtle vintage feel to it with the off-white base color. We love this circus-inspired design for both little boys and girls nurseries as it is such a super cute design that would fit a variety of styles and decor choices.

Flamingos – A bright and fun design, Flamingos is one for the brave parents out there. This all pink, cute as anything design is definitely a statement nursery wallpaper pattern. Pair this with some cute white furniture pieces to tone it down or throw in some more pink for a super girly nursery!

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Owl Moon – Another subtle wallpaper design is Owl Moon. A beautiful pattern of sleeping owls is surely going to soothe your newborn to sleep! Using neutral colors, you can pair this design with a variety of decor options and colors to suit your theme or preference.

Polkadot Dreams – Who doesn’t love a super cute polka dot design like Polkadot Dreams? A mixture of pink, purple and floral dots make up this pattern to give a really fun, youthful and girly touch! Keep things simple in the room with simple colored furniture and decor items to really let the polka dots pop!

Rabbit Hearts  – Grey and pink are perfect colors for a little girls nursery. This adorable wallpaper pattern shows two rabbits and their pink hearts joined. You’ll love this cute design in your nursery for a little interest whilst still keeping the overall look simple and easy.


Don’t fret about your wallpaper choice for your little girls’ nursery, we’ve got you covered with our top 6 favorite nursery wallpaper for girls. Let us know which one you’ll be picking up!

Interior Tips

10 of the Best Kids Wallpapers

Choosing a wallpaper for your child’s room is a difficult task, especially when there are so many designs, patterns and color palettes to choose from! Here at Milton & King, we have a large selection of fun and exciting kids wallpapers for your child’s room or family playroom regardless of age, gender or interests.

Wallpapers for your little one’s bedroom is a great choice over paint as it is super easy to clean and can be changed whenever you or your child desire, which is great as they get older and you want to transform the room from a nursery to a kids room, and then a teen bedroom. If you are interested in choosing a particular theme for your child’s bedroom and styling it to match, you can take a read of our recent blog post on 6 of our favorite kids bedroom themes here for a dose of inspiration.

Here are our favorite kids wallpapers:

Bow Ties and Moustaches

We love this super cute and simple wallpaper pattern that is an adorable collage of bow ties and moustaches. This wallpaper can not only be used in a child’s bedroom but also in other rooms around the house, so there are lots of options when it comes to installing and styling this design. This wallpaper is a popular hit with various ages as it is inspired by the hipster trend and isn’t an overwhelming statement with its monochromatic colors.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Floating Feathers

Float away with this gorgeous feather pattern wallpaper. Coming in two colorways – pink or teal – this wallpaper is great for a nursery and won’t age as your child grows up. This soft pattern is a beautiful choice to help calm, soothe and relax a child of any age. This is a great option if you’re in the market for a cute feature wall that is not overbearing.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Tonka Tough

Have a little builder in your family? Then they will love this tonka truck inspired design! A mix of various trucks and excavators, this design is great for the little bulldozer in your life who loves to move the sand around the sandpit and play with building blocks. This design is best for a nursery through to the younger schooling years, and even makes a great feature in the playroom if you have a house full of boys. The bright colors are perfect for a fresh and energetic feel.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Pink Elephants

Who doesn’t love pink elephants? This super girly and adorable design is perfect for a newborn babies bedroom. The soft colors and cutesy pattern are a great feature in any little girls bedroom, and would be gorgeous when styled with pink accessories and some fluffy pillows. This design is one of our hottest wallpapers at the moment, so get on board and make your kids room pretty in pink.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


This robot design is a one of our favorite kids wallpapers simply because of the inclusion of so many fun colors and different types of robots! We love the fun colors and the awesome robots that are featured on this wallpaper and we know your little one will too. This design is super fresh and funky and it will keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Planes & Helicopters

This white and blue wallpaper is a great choice for any aspiring pilots bedroom. Let your child soar high into dreamland with the cute plane and helicopter illustrations. The simple pattern means that it will be perfect for your growing child and be suitable for various ages, so you won’t need to update the wallpaper for years.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Monkey Wall

What is better for your cheeky monkey than a complimenting cute and fun monkey wallpaper? Available in two colors, your little monkey will love this pattern and the bright hues will bring life and energy into their room. This is another of our popular kids wallpapers, and with such a cute pattern it is no wonder why!

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Hello Berries

We think this ‘Hello Berries’ design is absolutely precious! Perfect for a nursery or a little one’s bedroom, these soft colours and cute animals are pleasing to the eye and work at sparking imagination in young minds. The stunning and intricate design has been beautifully created and is sure to be the perfect choice for many bedrooms.


Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King

Run Away & Join The Circus

Roll up! Roll up! This wallpaper features all your old favourites from the circus including lions, clowns and elephants. If your child is a lover of visiting the circus when it comes to town, this will be perfect for their bedroom. The bright colors and cute cartoons will captivate them and keep their play time inspired for hours on end.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


While this isn’t specifically a kid’s bedroom wallpaper, ‘Sentiments’ is bright, fun and quirky and would be perfect for the bedroom of a growing little boy or girl. It’s colourful, bright and super funky, so it’s perfect for the middle years right through to teens and can be styled a number of different ways.

Best Kid Wallpapers | Milton & King


Do you have a favorite from the kids wallpapers above? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & KingThe Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & King
Interior Tips

The Perfect Nursery in 6 Simple Steps

Creating the perfect nursery is a task that most parents-to-be either dread or tackle with overwhelming excitement.  It is the first place your child will call their room and it is the place where a majority of their time will be spent in the early years. If you’ve recently become parents-to-be, or perhaps bubs arrival has swiftly crept up on you, follow these 6 simple steps to help you build and style the perfect nursery for your newborn. 

Choose A Colour Scheme

This is the first step in the decision process – deciding what to include within the nursery and what the colour scheme is. Do you want to opt for the typical baby blue for a boy and pastel pinks for a girl? Or, do you want something unisex and unique like sunshine yellow or moss green? This is the most important choice and it will impact every other decision you have to make for the room – the walls, the ceiling, furniture and even the decor. If you’re still unsure, opt for a shade that brings light into the room and represents the new journey to come.

Decorate The Ceiling

Babies spend a large portion of their time lying on their backs, so why not give them something to look at. Here at Milton and King, we recommend using our high-quality wallpaper to decorate the ceiling with ease. Have a look at our nursery selection and choose something soft and simplistic like Polkadot Dreams to give character to an area that is usually forgotten.

Make The Walls Unique 

You could always go with a singular colour block shade, however, to bring a playful vibe into the room, consider a single wallpaper feature wall, or go all out and decorate the entire room with your favourite prints. Children grow up fast and they will no doubt get tired of the original design, so wallpaper is the easiest option because you can change it quite easily and reinvent the room as they grow. Take a peek at Milton and King’s Nursery Collection and choose something cute like Bear and Butterfly or Pink Elephants to really brighten your newborns room. 

The Perfect Nursery For Your Newborn | Milton & King

Select Your Furniture 

Ensure you purchase everything the room needs before you need it. That includes the cot, change table, drawers, toy storage and feeding chair. Choose pieces that will compliment your nursery theme and accessorise them with coordinating linen and decor items. Don’t forget the finishing touches – books, a mobile and of course, cuddly teddy bears.

 Invest In Good Curtains 

Nothing is worse than a tired baby fighting sleep because the daytime light keeps creeping into the room. Make sure the curtains and/or blinds you have are relatively thick and dark to keep sunlight out during the day so your baby can sleep uninterrupted. If you don’t, you’ll quickly understand why it’s important when you have a restless newborn in the first couple of months (and you need your sleep too!).

 Make Safety The Number One Priority

Keep power cords neat and tidy, and hidden as much as possible. Likewise, ensure blind cords and other hanging objects are out of reach, cover electrical sockets and install “bumpers” on sharp, pointy corners. You want to create a nursery that will not only be a place of relaxation for your and your bub, but you also want peace of mind you can all sleep safe and sound. 

Make sure you get to work early on your nursery so you have plenty of time to create a magical place for your newborn to rest, play and grow. Do you have a tip for all of the parents-to-be when it comes to decorating their first nursery? 

Home Checklist: What To Do Before The Baby Arrives
Interior Tips

Home Checklist: What to do before the baby arrives

Having a baby is not only one of the best moments of your life, it is also one of the most hectic. Before you rush off to the hospital and deliver a beautiful bundle of joy, there are some things you should tend to around the home in the lead up to bubs arrival! Make sure you check each of these things off the to-do list in the weeks before the baby arrives to ensure you are fully prepared for your new journey. 

Pack Your Bag

Babies come at the most unexpected of times, so be sure to have a bag full of your hospital necessities packed and ready to go when the time comes. Ideally, you should have a bag packed for yourself, one for the baby and another for your partner too in case you have to stay at the hospital longer than expected. Don’t forget to include a toothbrush and deodorant, a change of clothes and your phone charger so you can share the good news with your loved ones. 

Don’t Forget The Car Seat 

Make sure you install your baby’s car seat and ensure you know how to actually use it. Nothing is more important than the safety of your bub, so read the instruction manual and have a couple of practices.

Decorate The Nursery

Obviously an important item to tick off, your newborn’s first room! The nursery represents your new family and a whole lot of love, so spend some time in there making it perfect. Instead of painting the room in the cliche pastel palette, opt for one of our gorgeous wallpapers and wall murals from the Muffin & Mani collection. The hardest part is choosing between baby animals, robots, cute creatures, educational designs and dreamy florals.

Home Checklist: What To Do Before The Baby Arrives | Milton & King

Keep The House Clean (as much as possible!)

When your arms become heavy, you’ll no doubt start to spend a fair bit of time on the floor with your bub. The last thing you’ll want to be doing in those first few weeks is cleaning, so start off with a tidy home and you’ll be able to keep it clean very easily as you juggle life with a newborn. It’s also a good idea to get rid of dust, bacteria and germs and any other lingering nasties so it is a safe and healthy environment for your little family. 

Freeze Some Meals

Prepare yourself in the weeks before your due date by batch cooking some meals to pop into the freezer. This will make it easier when you come home from the hospital and are too busy to prepare full meals for your family. Meals such as soup, casserole and spaghetti are perfect to cook, freeze and reheat. 

Baby-Proof Your Home

Last but definitely not least, baby-proof your home to ensure sharp corners on coffee tables, desks and other pieces of furniture are covered with child-friendly fixtures. It’s also a good idea to put all unnecessary clutter into storage if it could get broken or become a choking hazard and make sure there is nothing within their reach that could come toppling down.  

Before you welcome your new baby into your home, make sure you are organised and have done these 6 things to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you have a tip to share for parents-to-be when it comes to preparing their home for a newborn, leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!