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Decorating For Halloween

If you’ve walked into any grocery or department store, you’ve no doubt seen the splashes of black and orange and caught the aroma of latex in the air.  Decorating for Halloween can be a fun activity and there are so many directions a person can go.  From scary and horrifying to playful and cartoonish, you’ll find everyone has a unique take on the spooky holiday.  We’ll take you through some of the most common ways people bring Halloween to their homes and also some of the ways people create a more year ’round permanent solution to satisfy their inner ghoul.


There probably isn’t a more iconic symbol of Halloween than the pumpkin.  Native to North America, pumpkins are used in all sorts of recipes for Thanksgiving and typically represent bounty.  But for Halloween, they are carved out to make jack-o’-lanterns.  Make them devilishly frightening or go the more goofy route.  For the more talented and patient, entire works of art have been carved into pumpkins.  Nowadays, you can buy stencils from the store or even download templates online that can be traced right on to the pumpkin.  The PumpkinLady.Com is a great resource.  But don’t be put off by the effort.  You don’t necessarily need to do any carving to create the Halloween vibe.  After all, a carved pumpkin will start to rot after a couple of days.  You can always leave the pumpkin untouched and display them as they are.  An uncarved pumpkin can last anywhere from two to three months.  Check out these cool carved and uncarved displays for inspiration.

decorated pumpkins for halloween including carved, painted and uncarved


An easy way to put a little fright into your Halloween decor is to play on our sense of mortality.  Nothing does that more effectively than seeing a skeleton.  It only takes a skull or two to change the aesthetic from playful to a bit creepy.  If they are properly displayed on your lawn, you can make it appear as if the skeleton is busting it’s way out of the grave.  Some people can DIY these things with paper mache but you’d be better off getting some cheap stuff from the Halloween section of your local party shop.

spooky photo of bat wing potion and skull on a book


If we’re taking our mortality to the next logical step beyond our bones, then the spirit world would be next.  One of the easiest ways to dress up for Halloween is to toss a white sheet over yourself and you’re an instant ghost.  Similarly, it’s very easy to create some ghosts on your porch or in your home by simply hanging some small white linens.  Cheesecloth is a great options for that transparent effect.  There are a couple of very clever ways to go about this.  One easy method is to use a spherical object, preferably a styrofoam ball and toss some cheesecloth over top.  Then,attach a string to it, either by tape or pin and needle through the cheesecloth.  Then, pin the other end into the ceiling.  Give it a pair of eyes and a mouth but even that isn’t necessary.  Another very clever way to create a ghost is using a white balloon.  Some black permanent marker can be used to create the eyes and mouth.  Then tape some white tissue to the bottom and you’ve got a couple of friendly ghosts flying around.  The DIY Network has a great tutorial on making ghosts.

Ghost Halloween Decoration Hanging From a Tree


When you think of creatures that tend to give you the creeps there are probably a few that would instantly come to mind.  Oddly enough, snakes are not a Halloween character but bats and spiders are.  Black cats have also had a reputation of being a bad omen.  However, they are much more revered than feared nowadays.  Bats’ association with Halloween may have something to do with migration habits in the Fall in North America.  But a bat is also associated with one of the forms which popular vampire icon, Dracula can take.  The easiest way to add some bats to your doorway is cutting them out of black construction paper and hanging by a string.  Not much else is needed.  There is no shortage of fake spider webs that you can purchase from any grocery store’s Halloween section.  Grab as much of this and spread it out to heart’s desire.  Spread it over the bushes outside, across windows or span it at the top of your doorways.  It’s always an easy and very effective decoration.  Check out this example of someone using creepy creatures when decorating for Halloween.

Spider Halloween Web Decoration with webs spread across outside brick wall and across bushes


What do you do if you’re so into the Halloween aesthetic that just having a day or even a month doesn’t satiate your craving for the macabre.  There are solutions that can turn a room into something that expresses your ongoing gothic tendencies.  Wallpaper has a history that harkens back to the Victorian age which is a popular aesthetic for creating a haunting vibe in the home.  The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is popular template. But there are modern options too that can create an amazing backdrop when you’re decorating for Halloween all year ’round.  A few of our favourite wallpapers are pictured below.  From the sexy, sophisticated gothic look of Huntington Lace, the dark creepy farmhouse effect of Black Wood Boards or the dramatic impact of Amityvillve, any room can have strong dark overtones and create a canvas for all your furniture and accessories.  If black cats are your thing and you want to be a bit more playful with your decor, Meow would be right up your alley.

Huntington Lace Wallpaper.  White floors and black lace wallpaper with a short black dresser Huntington Lace

Black Wooden Boards Wallpaper.  Wallpaper with black faux timber look with black lamp shade, black lamp stand, black wall clock and black chair and yellow blanketBlack Wooden BoardsAmityville Wallpaper. white Skull wallpaper with a smokey skull in a mirror with a brown chairAmityville

White Wallpaper with Black Cats called Meow from Milton & King.  In front of the wallpaper is a striped tent, letter blocks on the ground a black crochet stool and a black cat. Meow

For more eerie wallpaper designs, check out everything that Milton & King has to offer.

Halloween has it’s history rooted in the meeting of religious and pagan traditions.  Today, it’s largely bereft of any serious connotations.  Now it’s all about the fun.  What will we dress up as?  How will we decorate?  There are no rules when it comes to transforming your porch or your home.  There are definitely some easy options if you’re stuck.  Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, and skeletons are all easily identified with the holiday when you’re decorating for Halloween.  If you desire to dress up your lair for more than an annual occasion, wallpaper is a great way create a haunting backdrop that any soul would find to suitable to dwell in.

Designer Spotlight

Ayana House: A Project by The Designory.

Ayana House is an immaculately designed family home.  It is finished down to the finest detail. This is just the latest project by The Designory, a Sydney-based design studio with a team of talented designers, draftsmen, decorators and consultants who specialize in end to end transformations of residences, small-scale commercial and hospitality projects.

Ayana House was designed for the Director of The Designory, Melissa Bonney and her family. It was a complete renovation from the front exterior to the backyard pool and everything in between. Walls had to be removed, redefining living spaces both downstairs and upstairs to create a haven that was filled with light and custom-made with signature natural materials and finishes.

The team at The Designory used high end appliances, bespoke joinery, solid walnut, luxe wool carpet, natural stone, sheer linens, plantation shutters and so much more throughout the home. These features helped to create the relaxed tropical vibe that the family was seeking. Upon entering the home, one would find a new stacked stone and timber clad facade. Then there is a custom designed outdoor shower and seating area. The design team did a beautiful job creating a secluded relaxation space.

A second living area was created and crucial for the family of five.  Their teens needed different zones than the toddlers.  But there also needed to be a space for everyone to be together. Separating the front of the house from the rear is a cavity slider. When opened, it reveals a massive open space where the kitchen becomes the main hub. The living areas have skylights and bi-fold and sliding doors allowing for maximum natural light. The backyard has a tropical inspired pool and leafy garden with a built in BBQ.

However, when retreating upstairs where the bedrooms are, it’s all about serenity. The bedrooms are finished with beautiful bespoke joinery, luxurious wool carpets, built-in desks and mini walk-in wardrobes. There is a stunning curved wall featured in the master suite as well as a walk-in wardrobe and a balcony surrounded by palms.

The toddler’s room continues the sense of calm with cool blue colours coming off the Shibori Stripe wallpaper from Milton & King.  The Designory cleverly hung the wallpaper with the stripes vertical rather than horizontal. This creates the illusion of a room with higher ceilings. See a few of the photos from Ayana House below and for more details and photos of this beautiful project by The Designory visit

Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically with a basket of stuffed animals and a bookshelf full of childrens' books.
Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically shelving
Personal Stories

Making A Nursery For Baby Remi

We always get excited when we read stories about personal projects people undergo in their homes. It can be such a process to first even know when you want. Second, do you have the budget to implement what’s in your head? Third, do you have the time?  When it finally comes time to put hand to hammer, hopefully you have a good idea about where the process will lead. It can be daunting looking at it from the beginning but it’s oh-so inspiring to see someone work towards a goal. In the end, it’s always worth it. Sometimes, it can turn out even better than imagined.  That was certainly the case with this nursery.

The Project

Robyn Meacham posted about her desire to make a nursery for her 4 month old baby girl, Remi.  Robyn is a young wife and mother of two who is a Los Angeles transplant living in Utah. She frequently posts about her home-life and various projects on her blog  Her older daughter never had a nursery growing up in their previous apartment. But now being a homeowner, she wanted to give little Remi a proper space.

Robyn’s describes her direction as wanting something girly and classic.  She also wanted to use items that she could use outside of the nursery down the road when a nursery was no longer needed.  She used other items not pictured here like a basket, pouf and mirror from Target and a Let Love Grow sign from August and April. The crib is from Wayfair.

We particularly love her choice in wallpaper.  Robyn chose the Baby Bloom from the Love Mae Collection at Milton & King.  All it took was one accent wall to bring some beautiful, soft and bright colour to the room.  The design consists of soft, blooming flowers surrounded by delicate leaves.  It’s the perfect colour and design, not only for a nursery, but for any child, particularly a young girl.  This will accomplish Robyn’s goal of being able to use this for baby Remi and eventually for toddler Remi or maybe her older sister, Saylor.

Nursery by The Simple Sweet Life with pink wallpaper called Baby Bloom from Milton & King with a gold painted crib and mother and daughter watching the baby

We think Robyn did a beautiful job creating a happy space to raise a happy baby.  We are sure that so many beautiful moments and memories will be created in this nursery, little girl’s room or whatever it becomes as this beautiful family continues on life’s journey.

Kingdom Home

The Wild Side with Kingdom Home Wallpaper

Kingdom Home Wallpaper is a brand that inspires the imagination with beautifully exotic patterns and an other worldly take on florals, creatures and places. Designer Kenneth King, who founded Kingdom Home in 2014, has seen great success with designs like Jungle Palm, Garden Bloom and Tulipa being sold all over the world. Now a new chapter begins with the release of a new collection of Kingdom Home Wallpaper called Art Deco.  Most people are familiar with Art Deco as the architectural style of many early 20th century buildings in New York and Los Angeles.  The style also exploded in Western Europe in the 1930’s.  Since then it has been associated with a time gone by.  Now Kenneth has revived the “style moderne” and applied it to a new line of wallpaper.

When asked about the inspiration for this new collection, Ken stated, “I’ve always loved Art Deco for it’s grandeur. I love what it represents in life and how it refects time. The designs can transport one to world of fantasy and allow them live within a time of unabashed beauty and indulge in luxury.” All of Kingdom Home’s Wallpaper designs are hand-drawn. They are then digitally coloured and manipulated to make the final pattern. This collection is a bit of a different artistic take on Kingdom Home’s exotic aesthetic with 4 new Art Deco inspired designs: 5 Monkeys, Cavalry, La Fontaine and Leopard.  For good measure, he has also released a new print outside of this new collection and in keeping with the more traditional Kingdom Home style with Viva Tropicana.  We will walk you through each design and discuss the best features of each one.


Our first design blends fun and elegance. 5 Monkeys was inspired by the culture of the Orient which views the monkey as a sign of good fortune. It was the most challenging of the new designs for Kenneth King. He stated, “There was a lot of trial and error in getting all monkeys to look right and be in balance and harmony with the entire piece.” Each of the five monkeys has a unique character and they are captured doing a different action among the beautiful palms and delicious fruit. This design is available in Terracotta, Soft Blue and Hawaii colours.  Soft Blue is the most neutral colour of this design. There isn’t as much contrast and it seems to be the most versatile as well. 5 Monkeys will bring a playful charm to any interior.

5 Monkeys by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing monkeys hanging from leafy vines


If you want a design that strikes the perfect balance between beauty and form, Cavalry is the Art Deco pattern for you. It features a majestic horse with the look of a sculpted knight chess piece that is ready to engage and conquer any interior. Cavalry is available in two colours:  Chess and Serenity. Chess has a bolder look with the black horse contrasting beautifully with the paler horse.  Serenity, rather,  has a more subtle presentation with a difference in shade rather than colour.  However, both colour options offer an equally strong aesthetic and a stunning backdrop to any interior.

Cavalry by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing horse chess pieces


Of all the new Kingdom Home Wallpaper designs, La Fontaine is traditionally what one would expect when thinking about Art Deco. It features an opulent fountain shooting streams of water creating an endless symphony of visual movement. This piece is clearly inspired by the famous Madison Belmont building in New York City designed by Edgar Brandt. It is available in colours Paris and Greenery. La Fontaine is perfect for those seeking to create a luxurious haven of high society.

Fontaine by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing ornate fountains


If you’re bold enough make a real impression with the wardrobe of your walls, then Leopard is the undeniable choice. It’s a bold Art Deco design inspired by vintage Valentino. The pair of big cats are immediately recognizable and their presence is instantly felt.  They circle each other with intent and purpose. This wallpaper will create a dynamic impact full of opulent elegance for anyone looking for a memorable encounter. Leopard is available in Cobalt, Jungle and Osaka.

Leopard by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing circling leopards among giant leaves


Finally, the last new design outside of this Art Deco collection is Viva Tropicana. The colours just explode off this design.  Lush florals and exotic animals are featured living in perfect harmony. Lions, antelopes, baboons, birds and butterflies live in this Eden-like tropical paradise surrounded by giant leafed botanicals. There is so much going on in this design that it requires 2 rolls (A & B) before the pattern repeats. The center space of the piece is the portion that changes with two colour options: Canvas and Duck Egg.

Viva Tropicana by Kingdom Home Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King showing a crowded jungle of birds and beasts and butterflies among lush tropical foliage

Art Deco is the common theme, yet there is so much diversity in this new range of Kingdom Home wallpaper.  They range from light and elegant like Fontaine in the colour Paris to strong and dark like Cavalry in the Chess colour. You can make a bold statement with the likes of Leopard or bring in the fun with 5 Monkeys.  If you’d rather go with something along the lines of what you’ve come to know and love from Kingdom Home, Viva Tropicana will satiate your taste.  The colour options within each design also make it more likely that you’ll find the perfect wallpaper for your home.  All these designs are rich with eye-catching creativity and are in keeping with the exotic style we’ve come to know and love from Kingdom Home.

Interior Tips

Quick Tips For A Bedroom Refresh

For many (us included!) our bedroom is our favorite space in our homes! However, sometimes our bedrooms don’t get the love and attention they deserve and usually they tend to look more drab than fab. Keep your bedroom fresh and modern with some of these quick tips that will leave you with a brand new bedroom in the space of a weekend with a quick bedroom refresh!


New Bedding

An obvious choice, but new bedding can make the world of difference. Store away your old quilt sets and sheets and invest in some new, trendy ones that can breathe some new life into the room. Without much effort (apart from choosing the perfect pattern), you can completely overhaul your bedroom!


Change Up Your Side Tables

Side tables are there to compliment your bed and to help tie the whole room together. Choose a side table that beautifully complements your bed frame and other furniture pieces of your bedroom. If you have a metal bed frame, go for something metal or industrial, if you have timber bed opt with a timber side table.


Get Rid Of Clutter

The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful place, so try and keep it that way by avoiding build up of clutter or hoarding. Keep your bedroom tidy and opt for a minimal decor to keep stress levels low every time you enter and put your head down to sleep. Aim to make your bedroom a serene spot away from daily hassles and problems.

Bedroom Refresh | Milton & King

Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall has become an ever popular interior design trend over recent years. By choosing one wall to act as a statement piece in the room is a great way to bring some interest to the space. If you are worried about having an entire wall a specific pattern, think about placing the wallpaper behind your bed so there is only a subtle peek of the pattern. We love full designs like Monstera, Feathered Nest and Byronian Hills that leave little blank space and really capture the eye when you walk into the room.


Choose A New Color Theme

While you may always stick with blues or green, choose something different for your color scheme like yellow or orange. A simple change in your styling color choices will make a huge impact on the way your bedroom looks and feels and helps to avoid you falling into a styling rut.


Add A Scent

Keep a diffuser in your bedroom or add some scented candles with their lids off to add a scent to your bedroom. Not only will your space smell incredible, but if you choose a relaxing and calming scent like lavender you’ll be in for a relaxing night when you tuck yourself into bed.


We know you love your bedroom, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our styling in it, so spruce it up this weekend with these 6 ways! With minimal effort, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab and enjoy a cosy night sleep in your new space!

Girl Nursery | Milton & King
Interior Tips

It’s A Girl! 6 Wallpapers For A Baby Girl’s Nursery

Congratulations! It’s a girl! Welcoming a little girl into your life is an incredible time, however, creating the perfect girl nursery is a hard task! The nursery is your little girl’s first bedroom and will be a place they spend a large majority of their early years when they are learning the fundamentals of life. You should choose a wallpaper that not only matches your personal style and preferences but also soothes your little one. We’ve chosen 6 of our favorite wallpapers for a gorgeous little girls nursery.

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Baby Bloom – This bright and fresh floral pattern is the perfect choice for a growing baby girl. Whilst this pattern is soft enough to fit beautifully into a delicate nursery, it is also fun enough and not age restricted so it can work well as your little one grows.

Elephant & Mice – A softer design, Elephant & Mice has a subtle vintage feel to it with the off-white base color. We love this circus-inspired design for both little boys and girls nurseries as it is such a super cute design that would fit a variety of styles and decor choices.

Flamingos – A bright and fun design, Flamingos is one for the brave parents out there. This all pink, cute as anything design is definitely a statement nursery wallpaper pattern. Pair this with some cute white furniture pieces to tone it down or throw in some more pink for a super girly nursery!

Girl Nursery | Milton & King

Owl Moon – Another subtle wallpaper design is Owl Moon. A beautiful pattern of sleeping owls is surely going to soothe your newborn to sleep! Using neutral colors, you can pair this design with a variety of decor options and colors to suit your theme or preference.

Polkadot Dreams – Who doesn’t love a super cute polka dot design like Polkadot Dreams? A mixture of pink, purple and floral dots make up this pattern to give a really fun, youthful and girly touch! Keep things simple in the room with simple colored furniture and decor items to really let the polka dots pop!

Rabbit Hearts  – Grey and pink are perfect colors for a little girls nursery. This adorable wallpaper pattern shows two rabbits and their pink hearts joined. You’ll love this cute design in your nursery for a little interest whilst still keeping the overall look simple and easy.


Don’t fret about your wallpaper choice for your little girls’ nursery, we’ve got you covered with our top 6 favorite nursery wallpaper for girls. Let us know which one you’ll be picking up!

Bathroom | Milton & King
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The Best Wallpapers For Your Bathroom

Did you know that Milton & King wallpapers can be used in your bathroom? Ensure you have good ventilation and avoid using wallpaper in areas that are constantly damp and you can have chic and patterned walls in your bathrooms. Choosing a decor theme in your bathroom is a big choice – do you want to go light and bright or rich and luxurious? We’ve chosen our top 15 wallpaper picks for a show stopping bathroom that you can achieve!


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Botanical – With a base of white, Botanical features different and distinguished watercolor flowers. If you are after a subtle vintage edge in your bathroom, you will love this 18th Century inspired wallpaper.

Flower Garden (Blues) – Who doesn’t love a touch of blue in your bathroom? This gorgeous floral pattern is soft and simple enough to add some interest without overpowering a smaller space.

Governors Rose (Prestige) – For a touch of darkness and mystery, we love our Governors Rose design in the Prestige colorway. If you are in love with this rose design but want something a little lighter and brighter, Governors Rose comes in another 3 colorways to make sure you get your perfect bathroom.



Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Marble – One of our favorite wallpapers in our entire collection, Marble is so versatile it can work in any room. We mentioned our Marble wallpaper in our blog post on how to create a luxurious bathroom and we know you will love the sophisticated feel it brings to your space.

Rustic Wood Panels – If you want something a little more worn in, something a little more industrial we recommend our Rustic Wood Panels design. This realistic wood wallpaper will give your bathroom a gorgeous warmth and feel that can only be achieved with timber.

Whitewashed Timber – Similar to Rustic Wood Panels, Whitewashed Timber gets the same feel but adds a Scandinavian and Nordic twist to your bathroom without being stark white. Pair with some light colored bathroom features for a full look.


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Shibori Stripe – So simple yet so stunning. This gorgeous design adds a handmade feel to your bathroom and the blue tones compliment a bathroom perfectly.

Sarah Annie – This art deco inspired wallpaper looks gorgeous in a bathroom because of its white and light blue design. The soft pattern in Sarah Annie allows for more statement bathroom features like sinks and bathtub to make a statement.

Fans (Eden) – Coming in 3 colorways, we love the design Fans in Eden to get a light and fresh pop of color in a bathroom. The combination of seafoam green and white together make for the most perfect coastal inspired bathroom.


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Indigo – Another handmade design by the Shibori team, Indigo is a statement geometric wallpaper with gorgeous blue colors running through. Opt for white bathroom features to really compliment and allow the wallpaper to be the statement piece.

Monument Tiles – Whilst this isn’t a crazy design, it sure is a unique one. This blue and white (again, perfect bathroom colors!) wallpaper has a tile feel made up of USA monuments with multiple layers to create depth and a realistic feel.

Watercolour Birds – This bright and eccentric design will work well in an exciting and youthful home. We love the splashes of yellow and pink for something different in a bathroom!


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Rainy Days – This cute design can be used in so many rooms of the home, but the bathroom is definitely one of our favorites! The soft seafoam green and grey raindrops make for a very interesting yet subtle design that can match a variety of styles.

Chestnut Branch (Pinafore Blue) – We love how this wallpaper is majority blue with only small pops of white to break it up! This is a gorgeous design for the bathroom as it isn’t so intricate to be too much for a small space but it does have a fun pattern to stop it from being too heavy and dark.

Feather Palm (Sea Breeze) – Go for a tropical twist with this gorgeous palm leaf design. The Sea Breeze colorway is our pick for a bathroom renovation and the soft blues and greens are key bathroom colors that you can’t go past!


If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, we hope you get some inspiration from our top 15 choices for bathrooms! Let us know which one you’ll be installing in your bathroom in the comments.

Interior Tips

6 Pastel Wallpaper Designs For Your Home

Pastel hues are the easiest way to add a hint of color to your space without going overboard with a strong and rich shade. Not only are they softer in nature, but pastel shades utilized in wallpaper often act as an optical illusion making the space appear larger and more spacious. Like we’ve previously mentioned here, pastel wallpaper can be a beautiful addition to your home all year round as they add a fresh touch and ooze calming and relaxation vibes. We have a huge range of pastel options for you to choose from, so the hardest thing will be deciding which one to hang next!



Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King


This super cute wallpaper features a gorgeous repetition of a pair of flamingos nuzzling. This quirky and simple design would be perfect for a nursery or child’s room, and it would be equally amazing as a feature wall in another room of your home. This pastel pink shade adds the perfect amount fo color to a space and is the epitome of feminity.

Camoufleur Turquoise

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

Using an abstract pattern and various shades of blue, teal and green, Camoufleur Turquoise is a gorgeous wallpaper for either your home or commercial use. The use of various blue and green hues in this pattern adds interest whilst still keeping the design minimal and easy to style in a room. This is a great way to add a hint of cool blue to your space.


Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

We adore the lovely lilac tones in this wallpaper! With subtle lilac flowers paired with neutral grey and white, this wallpaper will look fantastic and fresh in any room, from your master bedroom to the living room and even a nursery. The soft shades of color and large shapes mean this wallpaper is the perfect choice for a gender-neutral room with impeccable style.

Floating Feathers

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

Coming in two colors, teal and pink, Floating Feathers is a hot favorite pastel choice with its combination of soft colors and a cute pattern. This relaxing pattern is the perfect choice for a bedroom or playroom without being obnoxious and attention-grabbing.


Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

With soft yellows, peaches and greens, this cute birdcage printed wallpaper is a great option if you want to add a variety of pastel shades to your space. This cute design features open birdcages with adorable chirping birds flying amongst them, a perfect choice to celebrate the warmer months and keep that spring feeling all year around.

Flower Garden (Blues)

Pastel Wallpapers | Milton & King

You can’t go wrong with a pastel toned floral wallpaper design like Flower Gardens in the blue colorway. With soft creams and blues, Flower Gardens has a gorgeous intricate pattern that will create a feature wall in your space. This is a great option if you want a floral design without the typical pinks and peaches, and looks great when paired with white furniture.

Still haven’t found the pastel wallpaper for your space? You can browse our complete collection of wallpapers and wall murals here