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Revivified Wall Décor from Mary’s Vault

Erstwhile is the latest collection from the studio of Milton & King. In collaboration with Mary Evans Picture Library; wallpapers & murals were created utilising seminal images and prints from their extensive archive. Erstwhile’s final collection is the fruition of many hours of perusal, selection and culling of potential wall décor. After which, the chosen few images were implemented into M & K’s production techniques, resulting in this grande final product. Erstwhile is an aesthetically retrospective collection, exclusive to Milton & King. 

In terms of interior theme and range of applications, Erstwhile is a genuinely versatile collection. You have wallpaper patterns such as Halcyon, Aux Fleurs and Chevallier which are splendidly homely and can suit an array of décor styles. By the same token there are wall murals such as Mirrored Burlesque, Mt Tsukuba Mist and In Vogue which generate an atmosphere and are tailored to specific interiors. Whatever may be your dilemma, decoratively speaking, Erstwhile can serve as the solution.

Erstwhile is comprised of 13 wallpapers and 18 wall murals that celebrate an era of prestige and glamour. From classic painterly floral trails and luxurious original motifs. Comic book covers to historic photographs that feature as wall murals. Erstwhile combines the craftmanship of yesteryear with today’s state-of-the-art production techniques. Dry strippable wall décor which is easily installed or removed without previous wallpaper hanging experience. 

The new Erstwhile collection is made to order and available to buy online Printed on a very durable non-woven backed paper that is sourced from FSC certified paper mills.

  • 150 GSM
  • FSC certified paper
  • Non-woven backed wallpaper
  • Butt joined & paste the wall installation

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