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Love blue and want to add more to your home? Here are our tips!

Incorporating color into a relatively monochrome room can not only be a difficult task but also daunting. You may be worried you will add too much and it will look absurd or add too little that it looks out of place and awkward. The key is to find the perfect pieces that speak to your inner interior design personality and allow your character to shine through in your space. This week we are covering different ways you may not have considered adding gorgeous blue hues to your space.

Styling Blue In Your Home | Milton & KingChairs

Whether this is a solo chair, a sofa, dining chairs or even an office chair. A chair is the perfect starting place in adding this gorgeous gem-toned hue to your room. It is a big enough piece of furniture that it won’t get lost in the rest of the room but small enough to not look random and uncomfortable. You don’t need to pick a solid color chair if you find that a bit scary, and instead, opt for a pattern that will help to break up the color and allow it to blend better into the space without being obnoxious.


You don’t even need to add flowers, sculptured vases are a gorgeous three-dimensional art piece to include in your home as a decor item on their own, or with flowers if you love to have some fresh blooms in your space. Choose a large vase and sit it in eyesight as people enter to act as a complimenting colored piece for your other blue choices. If you want to add it alone, look at popping it into the entry hallway or dining room to add a splash of color – it can even be used practically for storing umbrellas in the doorway if it is big enough!


This is a super easy and affordable way to add blue to different rooms in your home, from your lounge room to bedroom and also the home office. Go for a variety of pillows with different tones of blue, contrasting patterns and different textures to add further interest and dimension to your room of choice.

Wall Decor

Think things like clocks, artworks and lighting fixtures. These can all be color customized to suit whatever theme you want. Wall decor items are a great way to brighten upย and breathe fresh air onto blank walls whilst still holding a practical purpose. We love this type of inclusion as the blue isn’t overwhelming and can be as subtle or as bold as you like.


Choose a rug with a pattern throughout to break up the color and to soften the intensity of the blue in the room if you are worried of a solid colored rug gaining too much attention in the space. These are a perfect option if you also want to add some texture and dimension to the room. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and prints with each other as well as these often will work beautifully together.


Don’t want to go all out on a piece of furniture that screams blue incase it dates or you get sick of the colour? How about a furniture item with blue stitching or blue detailing? Choosing items that slightly incorporate blue is perfect for those of you who want the softest touch of blue in the room and don’t want to feel like you live in a blue house! No matter the item, you will be able to find an option that contains a splash of blue.

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