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Modern wallpaper is a whole new breed and designed to create bold, dynamic spaces. Styles and choices have improved dramatically in recent years and the quality exists on a whole new level. Technology has elevated wallpaper products to new levels of realism and style. This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper!

Designs are astonishingly real. If you want all the drama of wood, tile, or brick, among other materials, wallpaper is a great option! You can get these trendy looks without the cost, hassle or commitment of installing wood panels, tiles or actual bricks. Wallpaper provides a realistic and stunning alternative to the real thing.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Jodie and I always appreciate you shopping with us, which helps our blog exist.


Check out these before and after photos of the kitchen accent wall:


Kitchen area before wallpaper with bare white walls and light maple wood dining tableAFTER

Image showing after wallpapering using Heritage Tiles wallpaper from Milton & King

This beautiful wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom is called Heritage Tiles, and looks like real vintage mediterranean tiles complete with detailed imperfections and three-dimensional grout. This amazing paper is from Milton & King. This is just one of their many fantastic options you can shop from their site MiltonandKing.comClose up photo of Heritage Tile wallpaper from Milton & King with blue tile design and light wood accents



  • Immediate style
  • High drama
  • Less long-term commitment
  • Removable
  • Less expensive than the remodeling required for installing real tiles or real timber
  • No heavy machinery or power tools required ?


  • More commitment and expensive than paint
  • Not easy to hang alone
  • Might require a professional wallpaper hanger
  • Professionals, especially good ones, can be fairly expensive and hard to find
  • Always style risk involved

But the Drama makes it all worth it! ?

Beautiful blue tile wallpaper decor in bathroom


  • A high quality roll can cost around $100-140
  • Depending on where you reside, pros charge roughly $25-50/hr and
  • Priming the wall and hanging the paper takes longer than you might think, especially if done well.
  • Depending on pattern repeat match up requirements and the size of your wall, you could need 2-4 rolls per wall on average
  • Most wallpaper sites have calculators and even online chat to help assist with accurate estimating


I spent nearly a month looking for a local professional who could do my wall papering projects, someone with a lot of experience and someone who was worth the money! I found Bob of Bell Wallcoverings. He has owned his business for over 35 years, and his skills demonstrate it. He is a perfectionist.  His services include hanging all kinds of wallpaper and interior painting as well. Now that I have Bob’s phone number, I’ll be giving him more work ?

close up photo of Heritage Tile wallpaper in the bathroom


This bathroom remodel was made complete with the installation of these fantastic pipe shelves. You can shop them and variations in sizing and style. The color is called Early American. The shopping items listed below are all from the same company who made my pipe shelves pictured above.  They have outstanding quality products


If you are interested in creating your own pipe shelves,  check out one of our most popular blog posts,

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves: Build Your Own!


  1. The size of the print: small prints are more subtle and therefore less “risky.” Small prints are frequently more feminine and more delicate. Larger prints usually bolder and make more of a statement.
  2. Some papers can be as subtle paint, offering more in the realm of texture rather than very noticeable patterns. If you want safe option, those should be considered.


A new trend is removable wallpaper. This is basically a large decal. Less preparation and fairly easier removal make this an option worth considering.  This type of wallpaper can be slightly tricky to apply and definitely a two-person job as it’s not easy to adjust once applied to the wall. Quality varies in this new genre with lots of cheaply made options,  so look for a quality-made product like the one I used in my kitchen from Shop B Darling.

The wallpaper material from Shop B Darling is environmentally safe and bio-degradable.  There are no PVC’s  and it’s nontoxic to the environment. There is no Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde in the adhesive either.

I used their Large Subway throughout my kitchen and applied the vinyl on top of my existing back-splash of dark granite. I am thrilled with the end result. You can shop their selections at ShopBDarling.Com

Wallpaper decor

Wallpaper on trend


Since wallpaper is a matter of personal taste, you must choose the design based on what you like, and this can be difficult. The problem for many people is determining the best choice before it covers your walls.

  • Do your design homework
  • Consult interior decorating sites like Houzz, etc.
  • Browse Instagram, Pinterest and magazines for inspiration
  • Create an online décor file, mood board or maybe a board on Pinterest  and keep them in a photo file on your phone
  • Take into consideration all the items that will remain long-term in the room (sofas, tables, family photos)
  • Consider the direction of the room

Bedroom with faux timber wallpaper called Rustic Wood Panels from Milton & King

  • Ask yourself: What activities will happen in this room? What mood do you want to inspire? Creativity? Fun? Serenity? Masculinity?
  • Narrow your search and choose your top 3.
  • Most companies offer samples for free or for a low price (it’s worth it to ensure confidence in your choice)
  • Pin the samples and allow yourself time. If wallpapering an entire room, view the sample on the different walls, in various lights, and place behind various pieces of furniture and accessories like end-tables and wall art
  • If you’re still uncertain, consult a design or decorating professional
  • Wallpaper is an investment in your home and life-style. Doing your homework will help make sure your money is wisely of bedroom with Rustic Wood Panels wallpaper from Milton & King

This amazing wallpaper looks like actual rustic wood even up close! Visitors always go up and touch the walls! I used this wallpaper called Rustic Wood Panels from the awesome company, Milton & King. You can browse their HUGE collection of high quality choices on their site HERE.

wide shot of Rustic Wood Panels wallpaper from Milton & King with a white sofa chairs in the foreground


Wallpaper sets a stage. It creates a mood for a room, and does so dramatically. Because of this power, making the right choice is essential. The pressure can be intimidating. But with preparation, you can confidently embrace this exciting design trend.  Jodie and I believe that where nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. With risk comes the potential for reward. For an instant and dramatic style transformation, nothing beats wallpaper!

We LOVE it when you repin our photos! Please follow us on Pinterest and when you see the projects and photos that inspire you, pin away! We appreciate it ?


Happy Decorating, Friends!

With Love,

Julie & Jodie

The Design Twins

decorating for halloween
Interior Tips

Decorating For Halloween

If you’ve walked into any grocery or department store, you’ve no doubt seen the splashes of black and orange and caught the aroma of latex in the air.  Decorating for Halloween can be a fun activity and there are so many directions a person can go.  From scary and horrifying to playful and cartoonish, you’ll find everyone has a unique take on the spooky holiday.  We’ll take you through some of the most common ways people bring Halloween to their homes and also some of the ways people create a more year ’round permanent solution to satisfy their inner ghoul.


There probably isn’t a more iconic symbol of Halloween than the pumpkin.  Native to North America, pumpkins are used in all sorts of recipes for Thanksgiving and typically represent bounty.  But for Halloween, they are carved out to make jack-o’-lanterns.  Make them devilishly frightening or go the more goofy route.  For the more talented and patient, entire works of art have been carved into pumpkins.  Nowadays, you can buy stencils from the store or even download templates online that can be traced right on to the pumpkin.  The PumpkinLady.Com is a great resource.  But don’t be put off by the effort.  You don’t necessarily need to do any carving to create the Halloween vibe.  After all, a carved pumpkin will start to rot after a couple of days.  You can always leave the pumpkin untouched and display them as they are.  An uncarved pumpkin can last anywhere from two to three months.  Check out these cool carved and uncarved displays for inspiration.

decorated pumpkins for halloween including carved, painted and uncarved


An easy way to put a little fright into your Halloween decor is to play on our sense of mortality.  Nothing does that more effectively than seeing a skeleton.  It only takes a skull or two to change the aesthetic from playful to a bit creepy.  If they are properly displayed on your lawn, you can make it appear as if the skeleton is busting it’s way out of the grave.  Some people can DIY these things with paper mache but you’d be better off getting some cheap stuff from the Halloween section of your local party shop.

spooky photo of bat wing potion and skull on a book


If we’re taking our mortality to the next logical step beyond our bones, then the spirit world would be next.  One of the easiest ways to dress up for Halloween is to toss a white sheet over yourself and you’re an instant ghost.  Similarly, it’s very easy to create some ghosts on your porch or in your home by simply hanging some small white linens.  Cheesecloth is a great options for that transparent effect.  There are a couple of very clever ways to go about this.  One easy method is to use a spherical object, preferably a styrofoam ball and toss some cheesecloth over top.  Then,attach a string to it, either by tape or pin and needle through the cheesecloth.  Then, pin the other end into the ceiling.  Give it a pair of eyes and a mouth but even that isn’t necessary.  Another very clever way to create a ghost is using a white balloon.  Some black permanent marker can be used to create the eyes and mouth.  Then tape some white tissue to the bottom and you’ve got a couple of friendly ghosts flying around.  The DIY Network has a great tutorial on making ghosts.

Ghost Halloween Decoration Hanging From a Tree


When you think of creatures that tend to give you the creeps there are probably a few that would instantly come to mind.  Oddly enough, snakes are not a Halloween character but bats and spiders are.  Black cats have also had a reputation of being a bad omen.  However, they are much more revered than feared nowadays.  Bats’ association with Halloween may have something to do with migration habits in the Fall in North America.  But a bat is also associated with one of the forms which popular vampire icon, Dracula can take.  The easiest way to add some bats to your doorway is cutting them out of black construction paper and hanging by a string.  Not much else is needed.  There is no shortage of fake spider webs that you can purchase from any grocery store’s Halloween section.  Grab as much of this and spread it out to heart’s desire.  Spread it over the bushes outside, across windows or span it at the top of your doorways.  It’s always an easy and very effective decoration.  Check out this example of someone using creepy creatures when decorating for Halloween.

Spider Halloween Web Decoration with webs spread across outside brick wall and across bushes


What do you do if you’re so into the Halloween aesthetic that just having a day or even a month doesn’t satiate your craving for the macabre.  There are solutions that can turn a room into something that expresses your ongoing gothic tendencies.  Wallpaper has a history that harkens back to the Victorian age which is a popular aesthetic for creating a haunting vibe in the home.  The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is popular template. But there are modern options too that can create an amazing backdrop when you’re decorating for Halloween all year ’round.  A few of our favourite wallpapers are pictured below.  From the sexy, sophisticated gothic look of Huntington Lace, the dark creepy farmhouse effect of Black Wood Boards or the dramatic impact of Amityvillve, any room can have strong dark overtones and create a canvas for all your furniture and accessories.  If black cats are your thing and you want to be a bit more playful with your decor, Meow would be right up your alley.

Huntington Lace Wallpaper.  White floors and black lace wallpaper with a short black dresser Huntington Lace

Black Wooden Boards Wallpaper.  Wallpaper with black faux timber look with black lamp shade, black lamp stand, black wall clock and black chair and yellow blanketBlack Wooden BoardsAmityville Wallpaper. white Skull wallpaper with a smokey skull in a mirror with a brown chairAmityville

White Wallpaper with Black Cats called Meow from Milton & King.  In front of the wallpaper is a striped tent, letter blocks on the ground a black crochet stool and a black cat. Meow

For more eerie wallpaper designs, check out everything that Milton & King has to offer.

Halloween has it’s history rooted in the meeting of religious and pagan traditions.  Today, it’s largely bereft of any serious connotations.  Now it’s all about the fun.  What will we dress up as?  How will we decorate?  There are no rules when it comes to transforming your porch or your home.  There are definitely some easy options if you’re stuck.  Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, and skeletons are all easily identified with the holiday when you’re decorating for Halloween.  If you desire to dress up your lair for more than an annual occasion, wallpaper is a great way create a haunting backdrop that any soul would find to suitable to dwell in.

How to: style your coast house for the summer
Interior Tips

Beach House Getaway Decor

A beach house is a place we go to escape to a lifestyle of ultimate relaxation. Whether it is our permanent abode or somewhere we run to on the holidays, it’s important that this space has the perfect interior décor for the beach getaway of your dreams. Contemporary beach shack styling is all about the effortless and minimalist touches that compliment natural light and shade. Think: a breath of fresh air, a clean yet natural state, calming and re-energising. We’ve put together some of our top tips for styling your beach house for the summer!

Colour palettes and prints

When we walk into a room, the colour palette immediately sets the tone and vibe. Whether it’s conscious for the keen eye, or sub-conscious for the usual, everybody will notice. It’s safe to say that bright white rooms paired with modern furnishes is luxe and timeless, but we think it’s best to break it apart with some pops of colours and prints. At the end of the day we want it to feel loved and lived in, not sterile and ignored. Try using white as your base colour and building up different tones and textures around it. White walls with hues of pastel blues and greens in your cushions or linen throws is a playful way to bring some life and personality into the space. For those wanting something more neutral, tones such as beige and brown always look great among the mix of white, so why not pick up an oversized rug with a bold geometric pattern as a quirky statement in the living space.

Raw materials

It’s important to remember the roots of beach shack décor, and think about how we can incorporate it into a modern day space. We don’t want our beach getaways to be too cut and polished, so to add in a little rugged touch, raw exposed materials such as timber and brick are a soft way to tone down the room. Rustic timber floorboards with natural marks and imperfections are a timeless trend that is suitable for mixing and matching trends and styles. For a more refined interior look, the popular interior trend of indoor timber cladding, otherwise known as Shiplap is always a treat (you can read more about Shiplap here). This look can also be easily achieved with our Whitewashed Timber wallpaper as seen below.

faux timber wallpaper called Whitewashed Timber by Milton & King perfect for a beach or coastal design

Image Courtesy of Ozdesign Furniture

Natural light

Possibly the most important and key thing to consider when styling or designing your perfect beach house getaway, is lighting. Wherever feasible, let as much natural sunlight into your space through windows and open spaces as you can! Larger, more dramatic windows are acceptable, if not encouraged at your beach house dreamland. To keep with privacy but not totally disregard lighting, linen curtains are the perfect solution. Lightweight in structure and aesthetically pleasing, linen drapes are also great for keeping your seaside abode cool in the summertime.

Feature item

Now it’s time to have some fun with your beach home design and add in a final quirk for something extra special. A feature item that you would not typically (but maybe should think about) include in your usual suburban or city home, that is a match made in heaven for your coastal home: A hammock. Hammocks can be hung in your favourite sunroom reading spot or out on your balcony so you can absorb the sea breeze drifting by. A cosy woven hammock is the ultimate bohemian luxe…why not treat yourself?

Hotel trends 2017
Interior Tips

How To: Hotel Interior Trends

With the increase of travel in occupations and the all round travel itch that we can’t seem to shake, the tourism industry will never outdate. If anything, we are spending more time in paid accommodation, forcing hotels to keep up to date with patron expectations. Just like homes, fashion and hair, hotels need to stay on their aesthetic game and keep up with the trends. Gone are the days of generic interior in hotels, 2017 is stepping it up a notch with some seriously cool design feats and we can’t wait to share! Read on for some top tips in how you can make your hotel stand out among the rest…


Why does every room have to mirror the next? Well, it doesn’t! Hotels have been mixing up the room variations with a range of different styles and themes, to add a little spice in their guest’s lives. This is a great way to appeal to different people of ages and demographics, never leaving anyone out! One way of going about this is theming rooms or floors with different eras, from the glitz and glam of the 1920’s to the retro fresh 1970’s.


Usually a big no, no in the fashion world, we want to embrace hotel’s mixing their metals for a bold and trendy statement. Taking a risk by pairing unlikely warm and cool tones together creates a more interesting vibe that will set it apart from a predictable colour palette. Although we encourage it, execution is key to this. Try meshing copper or rose gold hues with a cooler one such as silver. Alternating furnishes with different metal coloured finishes is subtle yet noticeable in a room or restaurant area.


Taking it back to when technology was newly evolving and fashion was luxurious glamour, Steampunk is a trend that exudes rich, classy & timeless detail. It has been strut down the most prestigious catwalks around the world and incorporated into elegant and bold fashion designs – but how does this work for hotel interior? Well, elements of Steampunk include; warm leather and metals, aged and exposed brick or concrete open technology such as clocks or lights, and exposed fittings and fixtures such as nuts, bolts and wires. Any and all of these elements can be spruced throughout your hotel. Exposed light bulbs and fittings are an extremely popular trend at the moment, as well as an exposed brick feature wall. Pair this with a chestnut leather couch in the lobby or as a bedhead in your rooms, you’re full steam ahead on the Steampunk interior trend!


It’s all about a confident clash in hotels at the moment. We are admiring the contrast that bold patterned rugs can create when in a space with structured and edged furniture. This can be executed by rich colour palettes and dramatic sized asymmetrical shapes paired together on a textured rug or carpet.  Another unexpected interior statement is incorporating text into the design aspect of a room. This is a great way to capture someone’s attention in a room and have their minds tick away for a minute. A great example of a quirky typographic design is our East Coast Surfboards. Something like this would be great in a rustic beach, chilled out coastal vibe, not to mention – it looks great in photo backdrops! Wall murals such as this have an easy DIY installation to make the process that much simpler!

wall mural with white and orange painted faux timber with the words East Coast Surfboards since 1959 Different Strokes For Different Folks

Jungle Fever Blog
Interior Tips

Trend alert: Jungle fever

For those who are seeking something stylish with a cheeky twist, I think I can safely say this one is for you! Wave goodbye to the same old trends we’ve spotted at every corner shop or humble abode, and welcome your new favourite trend: Jungle Fever. Not to be intimidated by the bold nature of intense patterns and prints, Jungle theme can be played as strong or subtle as you wish. Check out our favourite ways of bringing the jungle into your home!

A colorful wallpaper called Caterpillar which displays a lively botanical trail of linear leaves, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies created in collaboration with Llewellyn MejiaANIMAL ECLECTIC

At first thought, Jungle used in interior décor is understood as indoor plants and a splash of green, however we want to delve deep into the jungle and incorporate exotic tastes of animals for an eccentric twist. This can be done through artwork, coffee table books, ceramics…the list goes on! Outlandish prints of mischievous monkeys and sly reptiles can add the zest of another world. Bring to life the mystery of the jungle by simple quirks in your accessories for an element of surprise to your guests.


A way of modernising such a theme is by adding an element of abstract to the art. Turning away from traditional jungle imagery and adding a contemporary flavour provides the flexibility to add jungle to a more current interior design trend. The Milton & King wallpaper in Byronian Hills is an abstract print, originating from intriguing natural objects. This textured looking wallpaper is available in two colour palettes, which can suit both quirky and contemporary spaces, in any kind of room.


Bamboo is a strong, natural material that can be used both for practicality and aesthetic. Furniture with bamboo used as a feature will immediately set it apart from the ever so popular steel or polished white finishes. Try selecting a feature item in your space made out of bamboo that is a focal point of the room, such as a coffee table or chair. This can be a conversation starter, and somewhere guests will want to spend their time. Bamboo being an organic material with a natural colouring is easily adaptable to whatever interior theme you choose and worthy of a furnishing investment.

Wallpaper called Jungle Palm with giant leaves and yellow bananas good for creating a tropical vibe


The jungle is a bold place where nothing is off limits – certainly not colour clashing! We admire a daring colour choice in home décor, and clashing colours and patterns is sadly not executed enough. You may be pleasantly surprised by bold geometric prints paired alongside solid primary colours, whether it is in your cushions, rug or walls! Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary when dipping your toes into the jungle waters.


Staying true to the jungle roots, incorporating the element of water into your space is comforting. We suggest something as simple as a coffee table stone piece filled with pebbles and water, or a statement portable water feature in a communal space. Alternatively, a large glacier wall mirror with an intricate design can mimic the reflectiveness of water and elude the same ambiance. Jungle theme incorporates all elements of what would be in the raw nature of the jungle, and using a mirror is an artistic way of recreating such a strong component.

Cafe Design and Decor
Interior Tips

4 Interior Tips for Cafe Decor

With an increasing rise of hospitality competition and quirky trends, it’s important to ensure your café is has a creative design flair that patrons will remember. Cafes are a place where locals stay loyal, and we want customers to come back not just for the exquisite coffee, but a relaxing environment where they can spend their down time. Think: A perfect combination of quirky and unique, but simple and not intimidating. We’ve put together some ideas that might help you get the ball rolling on your quest for the perfect interior fit out for your cafe!


There is no better way to set the overall ambience in your space than with a carefully thought out selection of lighting. This is all depending on the kind of route you want your cafe to take, but nonetheless is of utmost importance. For a more intimate experience, candle lit tables and industrial down lighting can create the illusion of privacy in a public place. Try opting for an exposed bulb with an artwork of cords as a feature to set the tone. For a more open and fresh feeling cafe, try to use the natural light in your advantage, while mimicking it where necessary. Simple white down-lights embedded into the ceiling are timeless, and keep the area feeling open and spacious.


Most places like to stick with a neutral or monochrome colour palette – which is fine – but let’s try to incorporate some colour into our life! This may seem like an easy feat, but this needs to be executed with consistency and simplicity. If you select a chair with blue detailing, select napkins in the same colour, and maybe a glass with blue trimming detail. See the theme here? As simple as it may seem, it is important to not overdo it. You will want your guests to acknowledge and appreciate the effort, without feeling overwhelmed by colour.

Coffee Shop WallpaperTREND CONTRAST

As everything come full circle throughout the decades, it’s easy to see that trends are recyclable and made into only a new and improved version in the present day. We expect to see more modern glam as we move forward with our interior decor. A unique combination of vintage glam with a modern edge seems to create a homey yet stylish and ambiance. Not to mention when executed correctly, is a extremely photogenic! If this tickles your fancy, try upholstering an old lounge with a statement colour, pattern or texture, and station it against the wall for an inviting and statement set of seating. Perhaps the easiest choice for your funky caƒé, would be to install ‘Yo Coffee’ onto one of your walls. This wallpaper simply screams coffee shop.


We may like to switch up our home décor as our style changes over the years, however café’s are an establishment in which we should remain as timeless as possible. We can never say this enough; minimal is always in! When finding your feet designing your cafés interior, take your time and try a more minimalistic approach. Think of it as a blank canvas with basic and reliable features that you can dress up or down and add to rather than take away. Neutral tones are a never fail, so start there and grow to where feels comfortable for your new adventure!

Shiplap Wallpaper
Interior Tips

Crazy for Shiplap

Shiplap is the building material everyone’s talking about, thanks HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gainesuse use it on pretty much everything. But what is it? Well, shiplap is a trend that is turning heads around the globe, while turning interior concepts inside and out. This trend has been around for quite some time is making a strong comeback. A simple design feat, Shiplap consists of a specific wooden board material, traditionally used for barnyards and outdoor sheds like structures. This traditional shiplap has a rabbet (or groove) cut into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal. This also gives shiplap its distinctive appearance, with subtle horizontal reveals between each piece. Lately, the trend has evolved to using any kind of wood-like panelling that can be positioned to create the same effect. The finished look boasts rustic and effortless vibes but can be up styled to be polished and precise. Here are four ways you can up the Shiplap in your home.

Shiplap the whole house!

The concept of turning your house inside and out may seem baffling, but Shiplap is the real deal. It’s the perfect way to make your home feel more relaxed and welcoming. Shiplap can be used inside your entire home for a raw and rustic mood. Panelling every wall in your home with timber cladding is a great way to bring the space back down to earth. Simple never fails, and one consistent feature throughout the house is a guaranteed never fail. It’s an effortless way to give your house a point of difference.

Shiplap the entire roomImage Credit: House by Hoff

Feature wall

If you prefer to mix your space up a bit, feature walls are a great way to stay on trend. However, remain flexible with your style. Try opting for a common area to implement Shiplap on a feature wall, as it leaves a warm and welcoming impression in a room. Milton & King carries a Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper that is a Shiplap Wallpaper and a flawless way to recreate the Shiplap trend inside, featuring realistic timber panelling and a smooth yet durable finish. It can be placed vertically to enhance room height, or horizontally for a crisp, modern appearance. 

feature wall in a nursery featuring Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper from Milton & KingImage Credit: Miss Kyree Loves


Ceilings featuring Shiplap exude a contemporary and unique interior style. It is definitely a step above the average painted ceiling. Extremely effective in bathrooms and high-ceiling houses, Shiplap is an unexpected way of creating a subtle yet impressionable feature throughout your home.  For a contemporary bathroom with a rustic hint, run white wooden panelling from the walls and across the ceiling. This crafts a fresh and tidy finish. If your space has high ceilings, try panelling some timber tightly on an angle to compliment the height and design of the space.

Shiplap the CeilingImage Credit: Nesting with Grace

But how do I style it?

The most popular Shiplap trends are with neutral tone timbers – warm and cool toned timber and polished whites. To honour the rustic, barnyard Shiplap origin, these opposing colours work well to create a washed and effortless look. If your Shiplap is crisp and white, pair raw timbers in the space to balance and warm the area up a bit. This makes for a more homey and comfy environment. If your Shiplap is a natural timber finish, add a flicker of white or colour to the room. It will make the space feel more alive. This is an interior concept that can be manipulated to match your own personal style, whether it is vintage versus contemporary, Shiplap is a timeless notion that will evolve rather than expire.

2017 Colour Trends
Interior Tips

2017 Colour Trends

A new year brings fresh interior concepts, meaning an array of new colours to be splashed into your home or office. Implementing colours to your décor is not just aesthetically pleasing, but can also assist in lifestyle and mood based on your surroundings. The 2017 colour forecast is proving to be bigger and bolder than ever, suitably a shade of choice for every kind of person. Here is a guide to the colours that are stealing the show for 2017.

Dusky Greens

Landing on the softer end of the scale, dusky forest greens with a muted undertone is the most popular trend across the board. Paired with natural timbers and industrial styled lighting, your space will be transformed into a serene utopia. For a more upscale take on this shade trend, keep it clean and crisp with cooler materials such as steel and white glossy finishes. A flush of green in your home has also been proven to be calming and peaceful with its representation of nature and all things good.


Powder Blues

Bringing those Hampton vibes to the city (or anywhere!), fresh blue hues are a timeless favourite. 2017 interior predictions pointed the finger at the effortless and undone look of powder blues paired with washed white timber and homey throws. Typically styled in a beachside manner, powdery blues can also be warmed up with deep burgundy timbers and rustic gold accessories, if a deeper palette is preferred. Like green, blue can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere when used in décor– the perfect colour we want to see when we get home, am I right?


Yellows and Oranges

To add some spunk into your home, bursts of yellows and oranges are the real deal. An ode to the retro years, this trend is coming full circle back into our lives, with no plan to slow down. Decorating your space around these colours can be playful and eccentric, with artistic pieces and simple accessories. A great way to play on this trend is also pairing pastels with vibrancy in the same shade to create dimension and an element of surprise. Contrasting modest with over the top fixtures and furniture is the key to paying tribute to this colour palette.


Noir is for the sophisticated; for the modern romantics; for the classics; and for the bold. Embodying plum purples, deep blues and rich greens, noir plays on classical trends blended with contemporary characteristics. Pairing sophisticated hues with less obvious décor of choice gives an unexpected take on your interior while still remaining elegant and understated. Noir shades tricked up with contrasting lighter tones of the same variance and some mahogany floorboards make for an cosy interior with a timeless sense of richness.

Musky Pinks

Not to be mistaken for the “girly-girl” colour, pastel pinks can be manipulated with top-notch style and accessorising to create a neutral living space. Extenuated to more of a modern nude, pastel pinks can be used for a subtle pop of colour on the wall or in simple room accessories throughout the space. Perfectly paired with copper accents and marble finishes, this interior trend has proven a force to be reckoned with. To really play up the femininity of the colour, create a space with a flawless finish. It is all about keeping the area fresh and open and adding depth with indoor plants and eclectic lighting.

Musky Pinks

Inddor Plants
Interior Tips

All about indoor plants

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or not, we can all agree that adding a dash of nature indoors is always a good choice. A great way to open up those four walls and bring some life back into the space, indoor plants are a timeless interior favourite and can be as simple or extravagant as you wish. Here are some simple ideas for your indoor amazon…

Choose the right plant for your space

This might seem obvious, but it’s always good to start of with some research before investing in a new plant. Try and secure a plant that is right for the space, climate and level of responsibility you can offer. For plants that are less maintenance, try clustering some succulents or cacti – just make sure they are exposed to some sun for the vast majority of the time.

PLants-3-BlogDare to be different

If your standard pot plant isn’t doing it for you, take it a step further by opting for an indoor vertical herb garden. Vertical herb gardens can consist of anything you wish, and can be conveniently placed inside the kitchen to add a flare of colour in a communal area. Particularly great for the avid chef, vertical gardens can be mounted on exposed timber slabs for a rustic vibe or secured on muted hooks so the plants are the star of the show.

Fake it till you make it

If you love the look but can’t take on the responsibility of the real deal, we have a solution for you! Faux plants can replicate a similar ambience in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens or bedside tables, without the hassle of watering them. If faux is the way you go, just make sure your plant selection is good enough to fool the eyes!

Vines, vines, vines!

Believe it or not, if your interior décor has an undone and imperfect vibe, there are a variety of plants that compliment this aesthetic to a tee. Dribbling naturally over the side of its abode, vines such as Hoya, English Ivy, and Ferns along with many others, have a relaxing artistic appeal when styled loosely indoors. Plants such as these can be fixed to hang from a ceiling or simply sat on a shelf for an effortless zest of nature indoors.

PLants-2-BlogLiven up the living room

Areas such as the living room are the soul of the house, so it’s important to keep spaces like these clean and fresh. A simple way of creating a comfortable area is incorporating a variety of plants to ensure fresh air is being produced in such a populated space. Plants literally create oxygen and look 10/10 – winning! Clustering a range of different plants together are also a great space filler, and the contrast of plants makes for a stylish final product.

Interior Tips

6 Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

Marble has been used for interiors and architectural purposes for years, however in recent times, has made a fierce comeback as one of the most highly demanded styling devices available. Why use marble in your home or office you ask? Well, marble adds an instant level of luxury and class to any space, and there is an array of marble colour palettes available to suit your own personal style. Here are a few ways to add some luxury marble touches into your home with ease.

Marble Wallpaper Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper is a subtle statement that exudes opulence, without the hefty price tag! Our Milton & King Marble Faux Wallpaper is the perfect way to indulge your interiors with a minimalistic yet calculated design. The smooth high quality finish features realistic veins across a vivid white canvass, tricking the eye for the real deal.

Marble BenchtopsBench tops

Possibly the area we spend most of our social time, whether it be entertaining, eating, cooking or simply where we end up, the kitchen is the soul of the house. A statement bench top with marble accents is both chic and sophisticated. Creating a refreshing vibe, perfect for a communal area.


Marble furniture can be used for both practicality and decoration. The perfect material for a statement table, marble is durable, strong and will last a lifetime. To add a modern point of difference into your home, try opting for a coloured marble coffee table as opposed to a traditional white and grey, this will add a refreshing pop of colour into your home.


To ease into the marble interior process, have a play with adding in marble accessories to your home. Lamp bases and flower vases are a simple way of adding that subtle touch of marble to a space. Graduating slowly to more accessories such as cutting boards, coasters and photo frames, then eventually sprucing the theme throughout the décor entirely! Decorating with marble accessories is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your home if you are testing the waters with interior design, as they can be styled to suit any interior theme.


There is no better way to incorporate some opulence into your life than to add it to the bedroom. Waking up between the sheets of a luxurious bedspread or having your head well rested on a marble splashed pillow will immediately make one feel great!  This is also a great option to liven up a small space by providing vibrancy and freshness across the room centrepiece.


A trend that will never fault, marble tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are timeless. Easily accomplished and always dependable, large floor tiles draped in marble veins immediately creates an open and crisp space. This is a simple way of effortlessly producing an eye-catching room that remains an interior favourite. To really accentuate the marble pattern, try adding a more intricate marble designed feature wall in the bathroom to step it up a notch!