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Beautiful Gestures

How to Style the Perfect Girls Day

We appreciate those around us, near and dear. Every now and then it’s necessary to treat your best gal pals to a carefree “Girls Day In” to reconnect with each other and enjoy the company of those closest to us. A designated Girls Day can be anything from snacking on each other’s signature dishes with a glass of wine, or creating flower crowns to wear in some snazzy photos for your Instagram. If you are hosting the next Girls Day In at your place, we have a few ideas up our sleeve to help create the perfect atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Dreamy themes

Not quite fairies and princesses – unless that is what you want to do – the theme can be as subtle or loud as you wish. Try to keep the day consistent in theme; from the food on display to the napkins we have beneath the forks. This may seem like a tedious amount of detail, however such consistency can enhance the energy of the room by a mile. Whether it is a soft colour palette or a floral melody throughout the finer details, your guests will notice the effort.

Ex’s and Oh’s

Maybe we aren’t all experts in dinner party décor, but we do know what it takes to give a room some spunk. We want to ensure the main table where you will be seated is the centre of the show. The foundation of the table should have a complimenting table runner, paired with your accessories of choice. Our Hugs and Kisses wallpaper is a playful monochrome number, sprinkled with adorable ex’s and oh’s. Having a monochrome runner gives you that certain pop that would pair perfectly with metallic trimmings and pastel tones – not to mention makes for an easy photo!

All the smelly goods

No questions asked, we must always have a deliciously scented candle lit and bundles of the best florals to fill the room.  Trot down to your local markets and you will find some of the best-kept botanic secrets, usually draped in organic brown paper and string. Raw touches like these look great in a space where everything else is perfectly put together. Try displaying your new greenery in a variation of tin cans and unique vases to add dimension to your floral parade. To enhance – not overpower – your florals of choice, select a candle scent that has whispers of earthy tones and hints of sandalwood. A cluster of exposed candles sat atop a wooden plate is a unique way to have your candles placed as a small feature in the room.

Bring the love home

We want to commemorate the good times we have with our loved ones, so try and choose something special for guests to do that allows them to take home as a sentiment, even if it only lasts a little while. Binding some floral smudge sticks is a bespoke activity that allows you to create your own aroma and finished smudge stick bouquet. Let these little babies dry out for a few days and smudge the scent throughout your home and spread around the good vibes.