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There are many different ways to find your favorite wall mural. Browse through our collections that are divided up into different styles and trends. Shop online now to transform your rooms with a magnificent wall mural.

As the leading authority on designer wall murals, creative and unique must haves. If your looking for home decor that is a serious design feature for high-end designers to DIYers, you have come to the right place. Here at Milton & King, we are firm believers that the things you fill your home with should be things that make YOU happy.

If your intention is to add visual interest and depth, warmth, a focal point, texture or feature wall to a room, you can’t go wrong with choosing from our range of wall murals! Browse through our dynamic collections, separated into trends, design styles and themes for your ease.

Manufactured on a hard wearing, paste the wall, non-woven wallpaper and finished as a butt join (butted seam). These murals are easy to install, perfect for the home handyman and even easier to clean and maintain. Remove dirt, oil and stains using soapy water and a sponge. Suitable for commercial projects too, fire rated with Class A / Group 1 certificate, making them available for any public space.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are only an instant chat or email away and are more than happy to help. We are human that love to interact.

Black Chalkboard Wall Mural Wallpapers


Black designer chalkboard wall murals - perfect for a kitchen or cafe feature wall.
Vintage Wall Murals


Glamorous or decayed. Reproduction or inspired these murals all share a vintage feel.
Industrial Wallpaper Murals


Wall murals for trendy loft's or warehouse interiors. Slightly more macho designs.
Exclusive eBoy Wall Murals


Exclusive Mural Collection from the Godfathers of Pixel Art. Pixoramas from New York to Berlin
Designer Typographic Wall Murals


Art in letters, large type inspired wall murals. Perfect for everything from nurseries to cafes
Kids Nursery Rhyme Wall Murals


Lull your sweet little pumpkin off to sleep with these delightful children's wall murals.
Manga Wall Decor


Exclusive and super impressive. Manga wall murals from the very talented Camilla d'Errico.
Manga Wall Decor


A playfully quaint and fanciful collection from the enchanted imagination of Terry Fan.
Exploration Wall Murals


World Map, the Solar System, the Pyramids of Egypt. Discover the wide world of wall mural.
Black & White Wall Murals


Nothing but monocrhome wall decor. Make a classic impact with black and white wall murals.
Cityscapes Wall Murals


From New York to Tokyo and back again. Exclusive wall decor from the big smoke.
Love & Romance Wall Murals


From sweet tender memories to passionate erotic flings, love is delightfully in the air.
Eclectic Wall Murals


Country or farmhouse, French or Australian provincial. Rustic, farmhouse meets French manor.
Japanese Wall Murals


Authentic Japanese wood block prints enlarged into stunningly large wall murals.
Digital Illustration Wall Murals


Digital designs from the talented and highly skilled. Illustration with a crisp digital edge
Kids Nurser Wallpaper Murals


Add fun, colour and intrigue to your child’s room by using one of delightful wall mural designs for Kids.
Funky Designer Wallpaper Murals


No token bamboo images here. Just super cool and funky designer wall murals. Boom!

How many rolls do I need?

For the walls, approx  =  10m (35ft) rolls of paper Rolls

Please note: This calculator estimates the amount of wallpaper you require. Milton & King will not be responsible for overage or shortage based on these calculations. Different designs will require varying quantities depending on the match type and the size of the repeat pattern.