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Top 5 Timber Wallpapers

We love timber walls as much as the next person, however, they can be a nightmare to install and take care of over the years. With so many things that could possibly go wrong including rotting, termites and mould, why not opt for one of our incredibly realistic timber wallpapers? Our wallpapers are extremely high quality, made on hard wearing 150gsm, double layered non-woven paper, meaning maintenance is extremely simple and it is super easy to complete a refresh in your room and install a new wallpaper design whenever you desire. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 5 timber wallpapers to give you some inspiration for your next home project.

Black Wooden Boards

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

One of our most popular designs, “Black Wooden Boards” is a gorgeous, realistic black timber wallpaper. This design would suit a neutral, lighter color palette to help balance the space out. This chic design was originally inspired by New York apartments and lofts and will add that stylish touch to your home.

Whitewashed Timber

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Whitewashed Timber” is a wide panel, light wash timber design. This design is very much inspired by the Scandinavian and Nordic home interior trend and is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of decors. Pair with neutral colors for that chic, monochrome look or pair with bright pops of color for a fun, youthful home. There are an endless number of ways to style this lovely design.

Rustic Wood Panels

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Are you after a vintage timber look? “Rustic Wood Panels” is the perfect choice for you. With a weathered look, this design looks extremely 3-dimensional and realistic and will have you second-guessing that it is a wallpaper and not real timber. Pair with some white furniture to give the illusion of more space and throw in some accents of metal to bring the room together.

The Lake House

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Not your typical timber look, “The Lake House” offers a lovely wooden board design but with a sheer wash of color over the entire pattern. With 3 different colorways, you will be able to choose one that fits with your home and style. Add a leather sofa and some vintage inspired pieces for an aged but chic decor.

Doll House Wood

Top 5 Timber Wallpapers | Milton & King

Want a little fun in your room? “Doll House Wood” offers a combination of weathered timber boards with weathered pink colored boards to create a shabby chic space. This design is fantastic paired with white and pastel pink details throughout and would look incredible in a home or commercial setting.

These 5 timber wallpapers are some of our favorites from our entire collection and offer something different for everyone. We hope this list has made your choice a little easier or simply helped to give you inspiration on what you wish to achieve in your home with a timber wallpaper design.

Interior Tips

Vintage Inspired Wallpapers You Will Love

Before we go any further, get the thought of your Grandmother’s house out of your head when we talk about vintage interiors. Vintage is much more than just “old” and “outdated!” Vintage inspired wallpapers ooze elegance and sophistication and involve intricate and detailed patterns, and can be the perfect finishing piece that pulls your room together. We’ve chosen 15 of our favorite vintage inspired wallpapers that will definitely help give your home a makeover and make the old seem oh-so-new. You can also check our full range of vintage inspired wallpapers here!

Florals Galore

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Ornithology – It’s not your typical floral pattern, but this gorgeous and colorful design includes hand-sketched birds amongst leaves and plants. This wonderfully detailed and intricate design will surely be a talking point in whichever location it is placed in.

Aux Fleurs – Using pastel shades of cream, yellow and green, Aux Fleurs is reminiscent of a traditional floral pattern. Containing blooming flowers and detailed leaves, this design is a cheerful design that will brighten up any room, particularly a kitchen.

Serendipity – Featuring various colors, Serendipity is a damask pattern made up of striking flowers in bloom and fruit. Whilst this can be used in any room, it would completely revamp an outdated kitchen when paired with white benchtops with light streaming in through French windows.

Eccentric Charm

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Library Card – This quirky wallpaper pattern is sure to get people talking. Inspired by the classic drawers at libraries, who would have thought it would make such a fantastic wall feature? Plus, we bet somebody will try and open a drawer at some stage because they look real until you touch them!

Chalbury – This faux leather wallpaper design is a fantastic throwback whilst still being vibrant and stylish in 2016. This bright red pattern isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, when styled correctly, will look chic and retro in a modern home.

Bookshelf – Something completely different, this bookshelf pattern will make you want to curl up and read a good book. The realistic feel of this wallpaper has been done using a real bookshelf photograph which was then designed and printed as wallpaper. This one is perfect for commercial projects such as cafes, hotel lobbies and even book stores!

Pattern Love

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Jump – Using a kaleidoscope method, Jump is a mixture of florals, however, this pattern is the perfect choice for various rooms in your home due to its neutral color palette. You won’t find it hard to style and it will compliment any room interior, whether you combine it with strong neutrals or pops of color in the decor.

Heritage Tile – These blue and white mock China tiles are a great way to bring a touch of luxe to any room, particularly the kitchen or bathroom. This design makes you feel as though you should be relaxing somewhere on the European coastline and is a great choice to make a statement in your space.

Mediterranean – Using blue and gold, this intricate pattern is a great way to add the vintage touch to your room. The blue tones in the paper aim at reviving a room, where the gold adds a touch of royalty and glamor. Additionally, the repetitive tile design is a great way to ensure a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.

Flashback Comics

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Caribbean Water – Featuring various vintage advertisements from the breathtaking Caribbean islands, this interesting wallpaper design is perfect to jazz up a room in your home or even for commercial use at a cafe or retail store. This fun design definitely works as a captivating and interesting feature wall.

Circuit de Monaco – With bright colors, this design immortalizes the Monaco Grand Prix with exciting and fun advertisements featuring the cars of the race. This wallpaper is a great choice for commercial use as well as in your home in spaces like man cave or home office.

Implausible Adventures – The ultimate wallpaper for a comic enthusiast, this design is a compilation of various comic covers about aliens, invasions and beyond! This is a great chance to showcase your love in a child or teen’s bedroom or even in a home office or living area.

Around The World

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Gosport St Milk Bar – An assortment of soda crates, this design is fun, bright and quirky and will have you dreaming of sipping some icy drinks at a beach shack during sunset. The design is so realistic, you’ll be trying to reach in and grab out a bottle on a hot day.

Wanderlust – Transport yourself across the globe with this gorgeous, vintage wallpaper design. A collage of advertisements and posters for some of the most loved places to visit in the world, this wallpaper will have you dreaming about planning your next getaway.

Vintage French Maps – This stunning wallpaper design which is meant to mimic maps lining the walls of a classroom, incorporates a variety of vintage maps, originally produced in France, of destinations around the world. With a neutral color scheme of beiges, blues and yellows, this wallpaper will suit a variety of locations around your home or business and be a breeze to style.

So if you love the vintage look but think that a vintage inspired wallpaper will look outdated or be difficult to look, here are 15 designs to change your mind. Milton & King have you covered with an extensive range of gorgeous vintage inspired wallpapers to suit every taste and styling preference.

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