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Vintage Inspired Wallpapers You Will Love

Before we go any further, get the thought of your Grandmother’s house out of your head when we talk about vintage interiors. Vintage is much more than just “old” and “outdated!” Vintage inspired wallpapers ooze elegance and sophistication and involve intricate and detailed patterns, and can be the perfect finishing piece that pulls your room together. We’ve chosen 15 of our favorite vintage inspired wallpapers that will definitely help give your home a makeover and make the old seem oh-so-new. You can also check our full range of vintage inspired wallpapers here!

Florals Galore

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Ornithology – It’s not your typical floral pattern, but this gorgeous and colorful design includes hand-sketched birds amongst leaves and plants. This wonderfully detailed and intricate design will surely be a talking point in whichever location it is placed in.

Aux Fleurs – Using pastel shades of cream, yellow and green, Aux Fleurs is reminiscent of a traditional floral pattern. Containing blooming flowers and detailed leaves, this design is a cheerful design that will brighten up any room, particularly a kitchen.

Serendipity – Featuring various colors, Serendipity is a damask pattern made up of striking flowers in bloom and fruit. Whilst this can be used in any room, it would completely revamp an outdated kitchen when paired with white benchtops with light streaming in through French windows.

Eccentric Charm

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Library Card – This quirky wallpaper pattern is sure to get people talking. Inspired by the classic drawers at libraries, who would have thought it would make such a fantastic wall feature? Plus, we bet somebody will try and open a drawer at some stage because they look real until you touch them!

Chalbury – This faux leather wallpaper design is a fantastic throwback whilst still being vibrant and stylish in 2016. This bright red pattern isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, when styled correctly, will look chic and retro in a modern home.

Bookshelf – Something completely different, this bookshelf pattern will make you want to curl up and read a good book. The realistic feel of this wallpaper has been done using a real bookshelf photograph which was then designed and printed as wallpaper. This one is perfect for commercial projects such as cafes, hotel lobbies and even book stores!

Pattern Love

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Jump – Using a kaleidoscope method, Jump is a mixture of florals, however, this pattern is the perfect choice for various rooms in your home due to its neutral color palette. You won’t find it hard to style and it will compliment any room interior, whether you combine it with strong neutrals or pops of color in the decor.

Heritage Tile – These blue and white mock China tiles are a great way to bring a touch of luxe to any room, particularly the kitchen or bathroom. This design makes you feel as though you should be relaxing somewhere on the European coastline and is a great choice to make a statement in your space.

Mediterranean – Using blue and gold, this intricate pattern is a great way to add the vintage touch to your room. The blue tones in the paper aim at reviving a room, where the gold adds a touch of royalty and glamor. Additionally, the repetitive tile design is a great way to ensure a timeless look that doesn’t go out of style.

Flashback Comics

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Caribbean Water – Featuring various vintage advertisements from the breathtaking Caribbean islands, this interesting wallpaper design is perfect to jazz up a room in your home or even for commercial use at a cafe or retail store. This fun design definitely works as a captivating and interesting feature wall.

Circuit de Monaco – With bright colors, this design immortalizes the Monaco Grand Prix with exciting and fun advertisements featuring the cars of the race. This wallpaper is a great choice for commercial use as well as in your home in spaces like man cave or home office.

Implausible Adventures – The ultimate wallpaper for a comic enthusiast, this design is a compilation of various comic covers about aliens, invasions and beyond! This is a great chance to showcase your love in a child or teen’s bedroom or even in a home office or living area.

Around The World

Vintage Wallpapers | Milton & King

Gosport St Milk Bar – An assortment of soda crates, this design is fun, bright and quirky and will have you dreaming of sipping some icy drinks at a beach shack during sunset. The design is so realistic, you’ll be trying to reach in and grab out a bottle on a hot day.

Wanderlust – Transport yourself across the globe with this gorgeous, vintage wallpaper design. A collage of advertisements and posters for some of the most loved places to visit in the world, this wallpaper will have you dreaming about planning your next getaway.

Vintage French Maps – This stunning wallpaper design which is meant to mimic maps lining the walls of a classroom, incorporates a variety of vintage maps, originally produced in France, of destinations around the world. With a neutral color scheme of beiges, blues and yellows, this wallpaper will suit a variety of locations around your home or business and be a breeze to style.

So if you love the vintage look but think that a vintage inspired wallpaper will look outdated or be difficult to look, here are 15 designs to change your mind. Milton & King have you covered with an extensive range of gorgeous vintage inspired wallpapers to suit every taste and styling preference.

Interior Tips

How To: Boho Interior Trend

Boho interior is known (and loved) for its bright tones, clashing textures, various textiles and mix-and-match patterns. While bohemian styling can seem overwhelming, balancing the perfect pieces together in a room creates a fun and fresh bohemian style that is not too over the top. If you need some boho interior inspiration, here are some of the key features of a luxe bohemian space that everyone will love.

Boho Interior | Milton & King

Statement Rug

By far the easiest and most effective way to change up a room is by adding a rug. Look at choosing a rug with a variety of bright colors or a geometric styled pattern. These types of rugs will really translate the boho theme to your room and will surely be an eye-catching piece to any guests in your home. Think Turkish rugs and fabrics found while wandering through the souks of Morroco.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a no-brainer in a natural boho themed space, so look at getting various potted plants to add some color and life to your room. Opt for different shapes, sizes and colors and of course, take care when choosing the perfect spot for your new plant. If you want some ideas on what plants are perfect for indoor spaces, you can check out our recent blog post on 7 Of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home to give you some ideas.

Artworks Large and small

There is a range of options when it comes to artworks for your boho interior space, and you can definitely go multiple pieces rather than one statement artwork. It could be a painting, a collage of personal photographs or perhaps even a hanging rug as a statement wall feature. Bunting is also fun if you are really getting into the boho theme. When choosing a piece of art, make sure it complements other features in your room, whether that be material, colors, patterns or textures.

Pillows Galore

In some boho styled homes, pillows are used for both lounging and decoration. Consider gorgeous, unique patterns when purchasing pillows and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns and colors as the more random they appear, the more natural the boho vibe will look in your space. Think with your bohemian spirit and say goodbye to structure and matchy-matchy tendencies.

Timber Finishes

Add some timber accent pieces into your room to create an organic, natural feel. Consider using some distressed wooden furniture pieces for your chairs and tables to add to the natural vibe to the space, or perhaps create a DIY project with recycled timber pallets (you can make a bed, coffee table or seat by upcycling timber pallets). One of our timber wallpapers, such as Black Wooden Boards, Newport and Pally Post Office would also look great in a boho interior space. Other raw materials like metal, stone and brick will give the same effect.

Bring It All Together With Neutrals

Keep the foundations of the home neutral to bring all of the other crazy elements together. For the boho interior trend, we often see walls and key furniture pieces in neutral shades and textures to really make the boho elements pop. It also makes it easy to bring everything together and change pieces up over time when the foundations are neutral. Like any good outfit, let the accessories do the talking!

Give your home the quickest and easiest bohemian makeover by implementing these 6 key features of boho interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix textiles and colors to achieve a space that you will love and enjoy.

Interior Tips

Hamptons Style: Luxe On A Budget

Who doesn’t love the light and bright homes of the Hamptons and the classic Hamptons style? The fresh, country-meets-coastal theme is a popular choice in many homes, however, the luxe nature of Hamptons-inspired design tends to come with a big price tag. If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune on decor and furniture for, here are 6 ways that you can achieve the highly desired Hamptons luxe on a budget in your home.

Hamptons Luxe On A Budget | Milton & King


Candles of different sizes, shapes and fragrances are a super easy way to achieve that light Hamptons feel. Even using some basic white pillar candles and doing a little crafty D.I.Y on them with some rope or shells is a perfect budget-friendly option in making some luxe-looking mood lighting without the expensive price tag. Pop these in the center of your coffee table in your lounge room or on a shelf in the living area or hallway.


Changing up your ceiling lights to a really clean and crisp modern chandelier can master the chic, coastal look. Whilst you may not think it would make a big difference, a key feature of Hamptons styled homes are their statement lighting choices, so spend a little extra time and cash from your budget to ensure you choose the best lighting to complement the theme.


This is a super easy and afforable way to create a relaxed vibe in your home. Adding in  patterned pillows that are blue and white help to bring the ocean to your home, whether you are near the beach or not. These can be thrown on your lounge, on your bed or simply on various chairs around the home to add a personal touch and bring a touch of color and texture into each room.


Now you don’t have to purchase an expensive piece of art, you could even D.I.Y your own piece of art to hang on the walls. Think of things like anchors, shells, water and boats for your statement artwork. These are relatively easy to create if you are doing it yourself, and if you have cash to splash, a great piece of art can make or break a room, so choose wisely and always go with something you love.


Flowers always give a summery, beachside touch to your home, and for a Hamptons style, go with white blooms specifically. Simply adding in a vase of gorgeous, fresh white flowers is a great way to breathe life into your room all year round, it’s affordable too and you can change it up every week!


If you want to achieve the Hamptons look of big open rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows, add some white framed mirrors into one of the key rooms in your home to create the illusion of space and brighten up the room. You could even restore an old mirror with paint, spray paint or bedazzled jewels for the perfect Hamptons luxe look.

Interior Tips

Fake The Look With A Natural Wallpaper

The latest interior trend popping up on our Pinterest feeds are natural materials including timber, stone and marble and also bricks. Whilst we can’t all have the real deal in our homes, you can easily fake the look with one of our rad natural wallpaper designs (you won’t even be able to tell the difference, we promise!). Not only do they look amazing and realistic, our wallpapers will only cost a fraction of the price of a complete renovation and overhaul. Take a look at some of our favourites below and jump on board the faux look.


Exposed bricks have a become a hugely popular interior styling trend as it works at adding extra warmth and a sense of cosiness to a space. Exposed brick is also perfect if you are going for an industrial look in your space (you can read more industrial styling tips here). With Milton & King, you aren’t just confined to one type of brick look, we have a total of 9 different faux brick wallpaper options to ensure you choose the best one for your home, so browse them all here.

Natural Wallpapers | Milton & King

Pictured aboveCamden Factory Bricks – This brick wallpaper is the perfect choice to get the authentic, rustic brick look that every interior stylist dreams of. The warm tones are fantastic if you want to create a cozy feel in any room. Lubeck Bricks – Moving away from the standard brown brick look, Lubeck brings a sense of class and sophistication with its monochrome design. This is perfect for those who want a brick look without sacrificing their black and white styling preferences. Clubhouse Bricks – Don’t want too much color and want to open up your space? These Clubhouse Bricks are a great choice for keeping your room light and fresh whilst still bringing the natural materials into your house. They look great in a kitchen or dining area and are also perfect for a rustic bedroom theme.


Wood and timber is another trend that has taken over the interior styling world. Similar to bricks, timber helps to add some depth, interest and history to blank areas and can help give a vintage and industrial vibe to a space, depending on how it is styled. Milton & King offers a large range of timber wallpapers ranging from natural wood to painted timber styles and there are a number of different colorways to choose from.

Natural Wallpapers | Milton & King

Pictured above: Black Wooden Boards – For a sleek, sophisticated timber look, try these Black Wooden Boards. This stunning vertical timber design is the perfect way to mimic a trendy New York loft and can be hung horizontally or vertically. With intricate details in the wood grain, you’ll be constantly surprised that it is a faux-look wallpaper! Whitewashed Timber – This wallpaper is perfect for smaller sized homes and apartments or even more cluttered rooms and spaces as the larger width of the “slats” helps to convey a sense of space. Pally Post Office – This gorgeous wallpaper pattern displays rustic and weathered white timber boards. Inspired by old Outback shacks, Pally Post Office is a great way to add a little extra charm and personality to your walls and can be styled a number of different ways.

Metals, Stones & Marble

No doubt you will have seen these textiles popping up increasingly in the last couple of years and it doesn’t look like the trend is slowing down anytime soon. These textiles add a sense of luxury and bring a chic industrial vibe into the space. The options are endless when it comes to faux metal, stone and marble wallpapers!

Natural Wallpapers | Milton & King

Pictured above: Bronze & Copper – Not for the faint hearted, Bronze and Copper is a gorgeous marble pattern of various metals and tones from gold and yellow to teal and green. This wallpaper is perfect for a trendsetter wanting to achieve an industrial look in their home with little effort using a statement wallpaper and styled with neutral hues. Marble – We mentioned using Marble as your feature wall as a way to incorporate the trend into your home here and it is still one of our favourite natural wallpaper designs (and one of our customers favourites too!). The marble trend is here to stay and can transform a room from drab to fab instantly. Our Marble wallpaper is perfect for turning any room into an oasis of luxury and glamor. Tilt Slab – Concrete is no longer for sidewalks or driveways! Concrete has become a go-to material for interior stylists wanting to achieve the industrial look, whether it be on walls, ceilings, flooring or even in furniture. Using Tilt Slab is a great way to add a disheveled, yet perfectly put-together, touch to your room with minimal effort.

Are you looking for the perfect faux wallpaper for your space? Let us know in the comments below if you can’t find the right fit on our website, because it might be the very thing we are working on next! 


Interior Tips

Are You Making One Of These Mistakes When Installing Wallpaper?

When renovating and refreshing your home, chances are you will run into some roadblocks and have to make some head-scratching decisions. Whether these be with materials you’re choosing or the furniture you are picking, renovations usually never go smoothly! But that doesn’t mean they can’t! So before you jump straight into re-doing your home, avoid making one of these common mistakes and enjoy a far less stressful reno experience.

Measure, measure, measure

Don’t be caught off-guard with the incorrect sizing for materials and furniture you’ve ordered in. Ensure your measurements are exact and re-measure multiple times before ordering to guarantee the correct size arrives on your doorstep. Make sure you measure your actual space and don’t forget extra inclusions such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.


Before beginning the process, take a moment (or several) to really think about and plan your new room. Consider different layouts and designs and determine which one you like the look of as well as which ones are the most practical for your lifestyle and home. This will help throughout the renovation to always know exactly what stage you are at in renovating and what is happening in every instance, keeping you organized and less stressed. You don’t want to get halfway through an intense renovation and decide to change your ideas and preferences. Have a solid idea and try and stick to it as much as possible.

Not ordering enough

Whether this is tiles, carpets or even wallpaper, always order more than you think you will need. This will allow for any problems that you may encounter in application and installation. It is always a good idea to keep extra of these things, particularly tiles, for any future accidents or damages that require replacement. Usually, tiles will go in and out of style and the particular style you’ve used could be retired, meaning you’ll never be able to get an exact replacement again.

Wallpaper Mistakes | Milton & King

 Know your limits

Be prepared to have to call in professionals to help you tackle your project. If you have never done a project like the one you are undertaking, chances are you will struggle and require the assistance of a trained professional. It is always better to request the help if in doubt to avoid any costly mishaps or future consequences.

Think classic

While it may be tempting to deck your home out in the latest and greatest trends, it is wise to stick with a classic style if you aren’t willing to refresh the space on a regular basis. Think of it this way: the more adventurous your design is, the quicker the design will start looking outdated. So opt for something that is classic, and style it with the latest trends to get the best of both worlds.

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King
Interior Tips

How To Makeover A Room In One Week

Is there a particular room in your home that you are feeling a bit “eh” about? Why not give it a makeover! Before you start adding up the hours, weeks and months it will take to transform your space, read our top tips to makeover a room in one week. It’s definitely possible, and it will save you a lot of money and effort too!  

Add A Colourful Rug

With only a week for the transformation, you don’t have time to completely overhaul the flooring, so instead, bring a new rug into the space. It could be a large rectangle in the middle of the room or something small to add texture, colour and interest. A soft rug will also add warmth to a tiled room and make a small space appear larger.

Bland Walls Be Gone

Changing the walls will add a huge difference to a room. Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, laundry or living space, painting a room can take a long time when you consider what’s involved to prep, coat, seal and dry the wall/s, especially if you are doing it yourself. Instead, add colour and contrast with a wallpapered feature wall and have it all done in a day with minimal mess and frustration. Milton and King offer a wide variety of wallpaper designs, from colourful florals and monochromatic geometrics to dots, stripes, faux brick and more, so your hardest decision is choosing the wallpaper, not installing it! Don’t believe us that it is that simple? Check out this video we made to help you install wallpaper for the first time. 

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King

Does Your Room Have A Theme?

To “complete” the room and help you add the finishing touches, select a theme and carry it out throughout. The theme could be monochromatic or a specific colour palette theme, or something fun inspired by a nautical, floral, industrial, vintage or luxe modern theme. 

A Feature Piece Of Furniture

You’ve got the perfect excuse, and you’ve no doubt saved a lot of money by transforming your room in just one week, so go out and invest in a feature piece of furniture. It could be a great lounge chair if you’re reworking the living room, an intricately detailed bed head for the master bedroom or new bar stools with copper accents for the kitchen. Bringing a new piece of furniture into the room can give it a whole new feel and complements the theme and other decor pieces. The new piece of furniture should make a huge impact on the room, so choose wisely but ensure it is something you absolutely love.

Makeover A Room In One Week | Milton & King

Rearrange The Layout

Sometimes rearranging the layout of the room can make a world of difference (and it doesn’t cost you a thing either!). Whether it is the first thing you do or the last, move your furniture around to contemplate different layouts before making your final decision. This will also help you see problem areas that you didn’t notice before (scratches on the walls, carpet stains etc) and give you an idea of what you are missing too.  

Makeover a room in one week with these simple but effective tips and transform your room from drab to fab without breaking the bank. You’ll have more time to spend on the areas you really want to renovate, and more budget to turn your space into your dream home.

Have you done a room makeover in just one week? How did it go? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom
Interior Tips

4 Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom

Styling a teen bedroom can be a difficult process – they’re indecisive, messy and generally don’t want you to make a big fuss. As a young adult, teens either want to style their bedrooms themselves, or not at all, which can be a daunting thought for parents and homeowners if you’re teen is let loose to do a DIY makeover of their bedroom. Here are some tips to consider when changing and styling a teen bedroom so it’s hip and cool, but also functional and relaxing.

You Need Storage

Teens are notoriously messy, so give them a whole bunch of storage options so they never have an excuse to have clothes lying on the floor again! Put cupboards and drawers in places you wouldn’t have thought of, such as underneath the bed or desk and hidden in the closet. Get creative and invent multiple storage solutions, especially if you’re working in a small space.

Think Ahead

As they age, it is only natural that teenagers want more independence and space from the rest of the family, so don’t create a bedroom space that cannot be changed easily. Versatility is key because a teen bedroom has a multiple of functions – it’s a sleeping quarters, a place to escape the rest of the household and an area to study, relax and hang out with friends. Help them make the most out of their space and don’t make anything too permanent so they can change it up as the years fly by.

Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom | Milton & King

Make It Fun

Most importantly, keep their bedroom fun. Generally speaking, teens like to have fun and express their personality with bold colours, artwork and posters and decor that represents their hobbies. Bring youthfulness into the room with a bright feature wall and incorporate some of their favourite things to spark creativity and positive energy. As teens regularly change their style, consider using wallpaper to make a statement because it is quick and easy to put up, and change if required. We love Ingrid + Mika’s Plus Sign (available here, pictured in feature image) wallpaper design because it’s classic, fun and goes with everything without making the room over complicated and bust.

Give Them Space 

Finally, let your teen make the majority of choices (at least the ones that aren’t so permanent!) so you can create a space that they generally love. It’s the one place in the family home that is entirely theirs, so create something that works for them, their interests and their lifestyle. 

These are just a few handy hints to make styling a teen bedroom a lot less complicated. Allow your child to explore their creative freedom when it comes to making the room work for them and styling it with their favourite colours and decor items. 

Have you styled a teen bedroom recently? What’s your best tip from the experience?

How To Style A Geometric Wallpaper
Interior Tips

How To Style Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper prints are so popular right now in the interior and design community, with their vibrant colours and fascinating patterns creating a modern and sophisticated feel in any room. However, geometric wallpaper designs such as our Marble Block or Bamboo inspired print can be hard to style and seem overpowering if you don’t have an eye for interior design. Here are a couple of helpful tips to consider when styling a geometric wallpaper print.  

Use Complementary Colours 

If you want to go with some bright colours in your wallpaper design ala our Back Yello design by the fabulous eBoy, opt for more neutral and monochromatic shades for the furniture and decor items. Hues such as white, beige, grey and black are perfect to complement the loud geometric print and work in harmony with the feature print. On the contrary, if you are using a neutral geometric wallpaper such as the Kaleidoscope design in white, work some bright pops of colour into your room. You can choose one specific colour or a couple of key hues to really make the geometric print pop. Ensure that the colours you add to the room complement the geometric wallpaper, rather than compete with it.

How To Style A Geometric Wallpaper | Milton & King

Make The Geometric Wallpaper The Feature 

Only use a geometric wallpaper if you want it to be the feature piece of the room as that’s when it performs best. Whether you are using it for one wall or all four, make the geometric print the key feature of the room and keep all other furniture and decor simple, inspired by the minimalistic trend. Use colour in blocks and avoid adding another pattern to the space as it can make the room appear cluttered and small.

Be Open Minded 

Styling geometric prints requires an open mind and creative spirit, so don’t think about it too much and instead, have fun with the design. Mix and match if you’re feeling game and try different combinations.

The Installation Must Be Perfect 

To ensure your geometric wallpaper has the desired effect, the installation process is key. That doesn’t mean it must be a professional job, but do take care when hanging the wallpaper to ensure it all matches up without gaps and tear. If you need help installing your wallpaper, check out our how-to video on our Youtube channel.

Have you used a geometric wallpaper in your home? Don’t forget you can tag #miltonandking and #MKstylingtips on Instagram and Twitter if you want to show off one of our wallpapers, or share interior tips with our community.