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How To: Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Home

The Scandinavian interior trend has become one of the most popular and desired home interior trends in recent years. Focused on minimal styling, monochrome features, and simplistic furniture details, this home interior trend isn’t looking to be slowing down anytime soon. It is hard not to love the organised feel and the “blank” palette look that comes from this style. If you are struggling to work out how to make your own home have that chic and sophisticated Scandinavian feel, here are a couple tips and tricks to get your home Pinterest worthy!

Don’t Forget About Grey

While Scandinavian homes usually love the straight black and white scheme, don’t forget about grey! Grey can be the perfect soft transition shade in the room to mesh the black and white pieces together. This of keeping your grey features to a couch, bedding or curtain and avoid using grey on the walls.


Avoid Clutter

A given when you walk into a home inspired by the Scandinavian home decor trend is that there will be no clutter. Keep accessories to a minimum and ensure your organisation skills are up to scratch to really complete the vibe in your home. Use containers or closets to store and hide unsightly things from the view of guests.


Add A Rug

Keeping everything so monochrome in a room can tend to be quite cold and clinical, however by adding a rug you can really warm the space up and ensure the room doesn’t feel like a dentist office! A rug is the perfect opportunity to add some colors into the room, otherwise, a chic neutral rug will compliment everything perfectly.



Don’t worry, you don’t have to frame photos of yourself everywhere in your home if you don’t want to. Large frames with simple quotes or artistic images are a great way to add some interest into the room and avoid the walls or shelving looking bare and boring.


Scandinavian Interior | Milton & King


Keep The White To The Walls

A reason why Scandinavian home interiors look incredible in smaller spaces is they usually keep the white of the room to the walls and this helps to trick the eye into thinking the room is more spacious than it really is. Rather than a plain white wall, add some interest with a classic black and white wallpaper like Contact Grid 55 and Kaleidoscope. These types of wallpapers will suit the theme perfectly with a white base, but the added black details work in creating some dimension and interest.


Consider Timber

If you are keeping everything else basic and minimal, consider timber accents to bring some warmth and variety into your home.ย As we have said, a straight black and white room can have the tendency to look stark and clinical, but adding in timber is a great way to add a little warmth as well as bring in some natural materials into your home.


Avoid Clunky Furniture

This is as simple as avoiding sofas with large armrests or legs or passing on a bed with a large headboard. The key to the Scandinavian home interior trend is less is more.ย Think of items with thinner parts and joints to keep the room from looking outdated and light. We love using stools or chairs with metal legs or wire framing to achieve this look!


We love the Scandinavian home interior trend as there are so many ways to customise it to match your personal style and preferences! What are your tips in creating a Scandinavian inspired home decor? Let us know in the comments!