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Sam, Matt & Abby’s New Home

We wanted to share with you a heartwarming story that was originally posted by interior designer and Canadian television personality Jillian Harris.  She read a story about a mom named Sam who had to undergo a C-Section to give birth to her baby girl, Abby.  She received a spinal anesthesia that was supposed to wear off in 6 to 8 hours.  However, after 10 hours of numbness, doctors performed tests only to discover that she had suffered nerve damage on the bottom of the spine that may have been related to the procedure.  Sam was left with limited motor ability and sensory paralysis from the waist down which put her in a wheelchair.   It was a very traumatic time for Sam, seeing other families able to go home with their babies during a 5 month hospital stay.  She had her very supportive husband, Matt who would stay with her every single night for those many months while members of the family would take Abby each night and bring her back to the hospital in the morning to spend time with Sam and Matt between physiotherapy appointments.

When Sam was finally able to come home she had to face another hurdle.  Their home wasn’t wheelchair accessible which included a bathroom that wasn’t wheelchair friendly and a whole lot of stairs.  Sam and Matt then had to find another living situation and eventually found a condo that was entirely accessible.  Sam, Matt & Abby had settled in and met a lot of other families but something was still missing.  Sam wanted to make this new house feel like a home.  Sam used to love going shopping and picking out furniture but with her limited mobility, it wouldn’t be so easy to go out and look around.

But that’s where Jillian and her friends Ally Spino from the show Love It Or List It (Vancouver)) and Erin Sousa (Founder of Sparkle Media) stepped in to help.  They met with Sam to check out her home and spent the next few months designing the space.  After all the planning and putting everything together, it was time for the big reveal.  Sam and the fam were blown away!

Check out the photos below and see The Parlour wallpaper from our Tastemakers collection creating a majestic and romantic space in Sam and Matt’s master bedroom.

Matt, Sam and Abby walk into their newly renovated space by Jillian Harris

Bedroom space designed by Jillian Harris showing The Parlour Wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King with white bed linens and light brown accentsBedroom space designed by Jillian Harris with The Parlour wallpaper manufactured and sold by Milton & King with a simple beautiful flower arrangement on the end table.Matt, Sam and Abby looking happy with their new renovated and revealed home designed by Jillian Harris
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Milton & King were so honoured to be a part of the good cause of helping a family not just design their interior, but create a gorgeous space…a space that makes a family feel like their house is a home!

We’re also happy to report that Sam is slowly regaining some motor skills and sensory functions. She just took some of her first steps with a walker! As Sam continues her recovery, we’re happy that she has a beautiful home to make her and her family feel good along the way.

Thank you for letting Milton & King play a role in this incredibly humbling project.