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Are You Making One Of These Mistakes When Installing Wallpaper?

When renovating and refreshing your home, chances are you will run into some roadblocks and have to make some head-scratching decisions. Whether these be with materials you’re choosing or the furniture you are picking, renovations usually never go smoothly! But that doesn’t mean they can’t! So before you jump straight into re-doing your home, avoid making one of these common mistakes and enjoy a far less stressful reno experience.

Measure, measure, measure

Don’t be caught off-guard with the incorrect sizing for materials and furniture you’ve ordered in. Ensure your measurements are exact and re-measure multiple times before ordering to guarantee the correct size arrives on your doorstep. Make sure you measure your actual space and don’t forget extra inclusions such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.


Before beginning the process, take a moment (or several) to really think about and plan your new room. Consider different layouts and designs and determine which one you like the look of as well as which ones are the most practical for your lifestyle and home. This will help throughout the renovation to always know exactly what stage you are at in renovating and what is happening in every instance, keeping you organized and less stressed. You don’t want to get halfway through an intense renovation and decide to change your ideas and preferences. Have a solid idea and try and stick to it as much as possible.

Not ordering enough

Whether this is tiles, carpets or even wallpaper, always order more than you think you will need. This will allow for any problems that you may encounter in application and installation. It is always a good idea to keep extra of these things, particularly tiles, for any future accidents or damages that require replacement. Usually, tiles will go in and out of style and the particular style you’ve used could be retired, meaning you’ll never be able to get an exact replacement again.

Wallpaper Mistakes | Milton & King

ย Know your limits

Be prepared to have toย call in professionals to help you tackle your project. If you have never done a project like the one you are undertaking, chances are you will struggle and require the assistance of a trained professional. It is always better to request the help if in doubt to avoid any costly mishaps or future consequences.

Think classic

While it may be tempting to deck your home out in the latest and greatest trends, it is wise to stick with a classic style if you aren’t willing to refresh the space on a regular basis. Think of it this way: the more adventurous your design is, the quicker the design will start looking outdated. So opt for something that is classic, and style it with the latest trends to get the best of both worlds.