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How To Make Your Office Space A Creative Hub

We all know that a fun and positive workplace is necessary to increase productivity and inspire creativity among your staff, so perhaps it’s time to renovate your office space. Putting more attention into the design and style of your office is great for businesses to support and reinforce their vision, culture and message. You and your employees will love turning up to work every Monday morning in a space that is comfortable and functional, but it also inspiring, creative and fun. Here are 6 fantastic ideas to consider is you are looking to renovate your office space and turn it into a creative hub:

Get Some Animal Colleagues

You might not be able to do this in every office space because of location and potentially staff allergies, however if you can, you should consider creating a regular roster where employees can bring their pets into the office for the day (of course, only if they are well behaved!). This will deliver an instant pick-me-up for the team as well as bringing comfort and calm to the office, as well as a whole lot of cuteness. To avoid any issues, create a roster system where staff with pets can bring their fur-babies in on a particular day.

Play Some Music

Music is a great way to calm and relax employees but also inspire creativity and productivity. Choose some tunes that are relaxing whilst still being upbeat and play them in the background of the office. This will rid of any of those awkward or uncomfortable office silence situations as well!

 Change Your Walls Up

Instead of having basic white walls that remind someone of heading into a clinical hospital room, use some colours and patterns to add some character that employees can embrace. Try something like our beautiful and vibrant Camoufleur Tangerine wallpaper design or aim for something impressive like the captivating New York wall mural. The great thing about wallpaper is that you can change it up if you please.

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 Offer Individual Work Spaces

Rather than being confined to a desk, embrace emerging office trends and incorporate some couches and work pods to allow for a more relaxed feel when completing tasks. Sometimes changing your environment can have a big impact on your productivity and change your thought process, so it’s always good to get away from the desk and work somewhere new.

 Add Some Greenery

From potted plants and trees to grass sections, adding some green to your workspace is not only visually appealing but also works well at reducing stress. With such a large range of indoor plants to choose from, you can go from small feature plants and succulents to larger indoor trees. Check out our recent blog post on our favourite Indoor Plants to get some inspiration.

Add Some Fun

Get some games into your office that help to relieve stress amongst employees, bond with other team members and kick-start the creative process when they’re experiencing a block in creativity. Think of things like video games and board games to add some much-needed company fun! Keeping employees motivated and engaged with each other and the company helps to build a good relationship and consistently high-quality work.

Don’t be afraid to do things out of the box when it comes to improving the creative nature of your office. Embrace unique and out-of-the-ordinary ideas to create an office environment that encourages productivity and supports creativity. Take inspiration from these 6 tips and start feeling excited to go to work every morning.

How do you make your office a creative hub?