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How To Install Wallpaper

How To Install Wallpaper + Step-By-Step Video

When people think of wallpaper, some may clench their jaw at the thought of installing wallpaper without tears and air pockets. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard! Believe it or not, you can install wallpaper quite quickly and easily, and it’s a great way to add new life into any room and update a tired interior vibe. Using wallpaper in your decor is a cleaner and easier way to completely overhaul your space because you don’t have to tear down walls, rip up carpet and completely rework space. Instead, install a colourful wallpaper and ta-da!

To ensure you install your wallpaper correctly, watch our short How-To video. We show you all the basics of applying wallpaper, from wall prep and pasting the glue to hanging the wallpaper and matching up the pattern. Now the only hard thing left to do is choose your design!

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