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Decorating For Halloween

If you’ve walked into any grocery or department store, you’ve no doubt seen the splashes of black and orange and caught the aroma of latex in the air.  Decorating for Halloween can be a fun activity and there are so many directions a person can go.  From scary and horrifying to playful and cartoonish, you’ll find everyone has a unique take on the spooky holiday.  We’ll take you through some of the most common ways people bring Halloween to their homes and also some of the ways people create a more year ’round permanent solution to satisfy their inner ghoul.


There probably isn’t a more iconic symbol of Halloween than the pumpkin.  Native to North America, pumpkins are used in all sorts of recipes for Thanksgiving and typically represent bounty.  But for Halloween, they are carved out to make jack-o’-lanterns.  Make them devilishly frightening or go the more goofy route.  For the more talented and patient, entire works of art have been carved into pumpkins.  Nowadays, you can buy stencils from the store or even download templates online that can be traced right on to the pumpkin.  The PumpkinLady.Com is a great resource.  But don’t be put off by the effort.  You don’t necessarily need to do any carving to create the Halloween vibe.  After all, a carved pumpkin will start to rot after a couple of days.  You can always leave the pumpkin untouched and display them as they are.  An uncarved pumpkin can last anywhere from two to three months.  Check out these cool carved and uncarved displays for inspiration.

decorated pumpkins for halloween including carved, painted and uncarved


An easy way to put a little fright into your Halloween decor is to play on our sense of mortality.  Nothing does that more effectively than seeing a skeleton.  It only takes a skull or two to change the aesthetic from playful to a bit creepy.  If they are properly displayed on your lawn, you can make it appear as if the skeleton is busting it’s way out of the grave.  Some people can DIY these things with paper mache but you’d be better off getting some cheap stuff from the Halloween section of your local party shop.

spooky photo of bat wing potion and skull on a book


If we’re taking our mortality to the next logical step beyond our bones, then the spirit world would be next.  One of the easiest ways to dress up for Halloween is to toss a white sheet over yourself and you’re an instant ghost.  Similarly, it’s very easy to create some ghosts on your porch or in your home by simply hanging some small white linens.  Cheesecloth is a great options for that transparent effect.  There are a couple of very clever ways to go about this.  One easy method is to use a spherical object, preferably a styrofoam ball and toss some cheesecloth over top.  Then,attach a string to it, either by tape or pin and needle through the cheesecloth.  Then, pin the other end into the ceiling.  Give it a pair of eyes and a mouth but even that isn’t necessary.  Another very clever way to create a ghost is using a white balloon.  Some black permanent marker can be used to create the eyes and mouth.  Then tape some white tissue to the bottom and you’ve got a couple of friendly ghosts flying around.  The DIY Network has a great tutorial on making ghosts.

Ghost Halloween Decoration Hanging From a Tree


When you think of creatures that tend to give you the creeps there are probably a few that would instantly come to mind.  Oddly enough, snakes are not a Halloween character but bats and spiders are.  Black cats have also had a reputation of being a bad omen.  However, they are much more revered than feared nowadays.  Bats’ association with Halloween may have something to do with migration habits in the Fall in North America.  But a bat is also associated with one of the forms which popular vampire icon, Dracula can take.  The easiest way to add some bats to your doorway is cutting them out of black construction paper and hanging by a string.  Not much else is needed.  There is no shortage of fake spider webs that you can purchase from any grocery store’s Halloween section.  Grab as much of this and spread it out to heart’s desire.  Spread it over the bushes outside, across windows or span it at the top of your doorways.  It’s always an easy and very effective decoration.  Check out this example of someone using creepy creatures when decorating for Halloween.

Spider Halloween Web Decoration with webs spread across outside brick wall and across bushes


What do you do if you’re so into the Halloween aesthetic that just having a day or even a month doesn’t satiate your craving for the macabre.  There are solutions that can turn a room into something that expresses your ongoing gothic tendencies.  Wallpaper has a history that harkens back to the Victorian age which is a popular aesthetic for creating a haunting vibe in the home.  The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is popular template. But there are modern options too that can create an amazing backdrop when you’re decorating for Halloween all year ’round.  A few of our favourite wallpapers are pictured below.  From the sexy, sophisticated gothic look of Huntington Lace, the dark creepy farmhouse effect of Black Wood Boards or the dramatic impact of Amityvillve, any room can have strong dark overtones and create a canvas for all your furniture and accessories.  If black cats are your thing and you want to be a bit more playful with your decor, Meow would be right up your alley.

Huntington Lace Wallpaper.  White floors and black lace wallpaper with a short black dresser Huntington Lace

Black Wooden Boards Wallpaper.  Wallpaper with black faux timber look with black lamp shade, black lamp stand, black wall clock and black chair and yellow blanketBlack Wooden BoardsAmityville Wallpaper. white Skull wallpaper with a smokey skull in a mirror with a brown chairAmityville

White Wallpaper with Black Cats called Meow from Milton & King.  In front of the wallpaper is a striped tent, letter blocks on the ground a black crochet stool and a black cat. Meow

For more eerie wallpaper designs, check out everything that Milton & King has to offer.

Halloween has it’s history rooted in the meeting of religious and pagan traditions.  Today, it’s largely bereft of any serious connotations.  Now it’s all about the fun.  What will we dress up as?  How will we decorate?  There are no rules when it comes to transforming your porch or your home.  There are definitely some easy options if you’re stuck.  Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, and skeletons are all easily identified with the holiday when you’re decorating for Halloween.  If you desire to dress up your lair for more than an annual occasion, wallpaper is a great way create a haunting backdrop that any soul would find to suitable to dwell in.

Interior Tips

Interior Design 101: ‘Converted Warehouse’ Living

What is it about ‘converted warehouses’ that appeal to the design-savvy and creatively astute? After all, their history is commonplace with roots in factories and warehouses.

Despite their mundane heritage, they serve as a reminder of truly great workmanship, still standing after many years and ultimately offering an authenticity which cannot be recreated.

Converted Warehouses offer character filled interiors by preserving their much-loved exposed individuality which tells a story, often far beyond our time. What’s more; they are found in the bustle of any major metropolis, offering vast amounts of space; a highly unusual trait not found in its neighboring buildings.

So we know that these luxury pad’s offer big spaces with lots of character, but the question is: How do you create a homely vibe with key features such as; large windows, high ceiling, exposes beams, ducts and pipes, loft spaces, wood and metal surfaces and bare bones flooring?

You use them to your advantage! Here is a 5 step guide, allowing the combination of industrial style and cozy chic interiors to reign supreme.

  1. Repurposed furniture

Recycling or upcycling pieces to use as furniture in industrial spaces adds patina and quirkiness! The use of repurposed wood to create custom creations will fit the space you need. Why not try recycled materials to create funky beanbags and extravagant lighting.

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

  1. Let there be light!

There is a stigma that old industrial buildings are dark and gloomy but they don’t have to be! Use the light to your advantage and paint vast areas in white. You will be pleasantly surprised with how light and airy the end result will be!

  1. Space is your friend

Space is your friend, not foe! When you begin your design journey it may feel like you will never fill the space. It won’t be long until you eat your words! Embrace the space and before long you will have filled it with just the right number of items. Remember not to clutter the space as this will hinder the open plan living and dining areas which are supposed to flow seamlessly.

  1. Be Bold!

Modern design against historic architecture can work wonders! Try Milton & King’s studio ‘East Coast Surfboards’ mural. Available in large, perfect for the space offered in a converted warehouse! This ultra-chilled wall mural is perfect for a bedroom or living area and its vintage industrial look will work wonderfully into the natural character- filled interiors.



  1. Avoid rugs

Polished concrete, aged wooden boards- even rubber! – look amazing in industrial spaces. Avoid rugs as they will break up the look!

We love filling industrial spaces! What are your tips in homely yet industrial inspired home decor? Let us know in the comments!


Interior Tips

How To: Scandinavian Interior Design In Your Home

The Scandinavian interior trend has become one of the most popular and desired home interior trends in recent years. Focused on minimal styling, monochrome features, and simplistic furniture details, this home interior trend isn’t looking to be slowing down anytime soon. It is hard not to love the organised feel and the “blank” palette look that comes from this style. If you are struggling to work out how to make your own home have that chic and sophisticated Scandinavian feel, here are a couple tips and tricks to get your home Pinterest worthy!

Don’t Forget About Grey

While Scandinavian homes usually love the straight black and white scheme, don’t forget about grey! Grey can be the perfect soft transition shade in the room to mesh the black and white pieces together. This of keeping your grey features to a couch, bedding or curtain and avoid using grey on the walls.


Avoid Clutter

A given when you walk into a home inspired by the Scandinavian home decor trend is that there will be no clutter. Keep accessories to a minimum and ensure your organisation skills are up to scratch to really complete the vibe in your home. Use containers or closets to store and hide unsightly things from the view of guests.


Add A Rug

Keeping everything so monochrome in a room can tend to be quite cold and clinical, however by adding a rug you can really warm the space up and ensure the room doesn’t feel like a dentist office! A rug is the perfect opportunity to add some colors into the room, otherwise, a chic neutral rug will compliment everything perfectly.



Don’t worry, you don’t have to frame photos of yourself everywhere in your home if you don’t want to. Large frames with simple quotes or artistic images are a great way to add some interest into the room and avoid the walls or shelving looking bare and boring.


Scandinavian Interior | Milton & King


Keep The White To The Walls

A reason why Scandinavian home interiors look incredible in smaller spaces is they usually keep the white of the room to the walls and this helps to trick the eye into thinking the room is more spacious than it really is. Rather than a plain white wall, add some interest with a classic black and white wallpaper like Contact Grid 55 and Kaleidoscope. These types of wallpapers will suit the theme perfectly with a white base, but the added black details work in creating some dimension and interest.


Consider Timber

If you are keeping everything else basic and minimal, consider timber accents to bring some warmth and variety into your home. As we have said, a straight black and white room can have the tendency to look stark and clinical, but adding in timber is a great way to add a little warmth as well as bring in some natural materials into your home.


Avoid Clunky Furniture

This is as simple as avoiding sofas with large armrests or legs or passing on a bed with a large headboard. The key to the Scandinavian home interior trend is less is more. Think of items with thinner parts and joints to keep the room from looking outdated and light. We love using stools or chairs with metal legs or wire framing to achieve this look!


We love the Scandinavian home interior trend as there are so many ways to customise it to match your personal style and preferences! What are your tips in creating a Scandinavian inspired home decor? Let us know in the comments!