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November Sale Conundrum

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday presents a November sale conundrum for companies like Milton & King. Which category do we fall in?  Can we take part in all 3 sale days? How do we differentiate each day’s specials from the next? Or perhaps we should just conduct one large sale all weekend. With most companies having an online presence as well as a physical shop, nearly everyone is taking advantage of Cyber Monday. And with the internet, there are more small businesses than ever before it seems.  All 3 sale days apply to Milton & King. And we’re excited to tell you about what we have in store for our Black Friday Sales Weekend.


Since 1932, Black Friday has been the most important retail sales day of the year for nearly every business, and every consumer for that matter.  The name comes from the terms accountants used to describe debt and profits.  A business is out of the red and into the black when they’re no longer running at a loss.  Prior to the internet, there wasn’t a November sale conundrum.  The 4th Friday of November or the day after the American Holiday of Thanksgiving was called Black Friday.  Businesses would slash prices to get people in the door with the hopes that they would purchase other things as well as it’s officially the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season.  However, after big companies like Walmart and Target seemed to be monopolizing the market, small business owners found themselves overwhelmed and undercut.  They needed a day of their own.

Image: very crowded shopping mall on Black Fridan.karim/Flickr


Small Business Saturday was launched in 2010 with the help of American Express Corporation. As a bit of a oxymoron that may seem, the American economy as a whole is dependent on small businesses.  66% of new jobs and 54% of all sales revenue comes from the small business.  In 2011, President Obama endorsed Small Business Saturday and it has grown every year since. In 2015, 95 million people across America shopped at small businesses spending $16.2 billion, a 14% increase over 2014. The idea was to  help small businesses that may be overlooked by the advertising power of bigger corporations and support your local community by helping the “mom and pop” type shops in your neighborhood. According to American Express and the National Federation of Independent Business, 55% of Americans are aware of Small Business Saturday.


Cyber Monday initially launched in 2005. With many brick and mortar stores just starting websites and many brand new companies having their sole presence online, this was a day to highlight shopping on the world wide web. Even more than Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday is an international shopping day. The internet, not having to worry about borders and having a global reach, allows people from anywhere in the world to participate in online shopping deals. Cyber Monday is the highest online spending day of the year.

A lot of companies solve the November sale conundrum by having promotions all 3 days. Milton & King is a small boutique business that is mostly an online retailer. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and Austin, Texas.  Our unique digital designs and modern production technologies allow us to manufacture the highest quality wallpaper with a very fast turnaround compared to other wallpaper companies at competitive prices. We also include free shipping with every online order worldwide. As we gear up for the holiday season, we are looking forward to participating in all the fun sales days that get us in the spirit of the season. We will be announcing what we are doing for each of these sale days soon. So sign up for the newsletter and watch this space if you’re looking to purchase a unique, fantastic quality product for your next project in the coming months.  [UPDATE:  Click here to see the sales]


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