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Six New Milton & King Designs by Jacqueline Colley

Milton & King are thrilled to announce 6 new designs by Jacqueline Colley.  We’re going to go deep on each of these beautiful pieces and introduce you to this wonderful and creative talent.

So who is Jacqueline Colley?

Jacqueline Colley was born and raised on the British Island of Jersey.  She moved to London at the age of 18 to study at Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated in 2008. Selected by H&M’s graduate scheme, she moved to Stockholm and worked as a print designer. For six years she worked for High Street fashion retailers before going freelance in 2014 to focus on developing her own prints and illustrations. She also produces her own range of products and limited edition art prints.  That’s where our paths crossed.  We were absolutely smitten with Jacqueline’s own designs and we thought that these would make fantastic wallpapers! We narrowed down our favourites to six designs that we’re so excited to launch: The Roadtrip, Palm Springs, Jungle Tiger, Hawthorn, House Plants and Woodland Birds.

The Roadtrip

Inspired by her own 2016 California roadtrip, Jacqueline features some of the most notable attractions that the Golden State is known for. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree are just some of the places she highlights in this design.  She even includes a hop across the State Line for a quick stop in Las Vegas.  Jacqueline captures the fun of California’s open road with a feeling of 50’s nostalgia and uses colours inspired by desert hues and sun-bleached roadsigns. This fun retro design could suit a multitude of applications including commercial spaces such as a cafe, burger joint to cute little bungalows and powder rooms.

The Roadtrip Wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring popular tourist attractions like The Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, Las Vegas

Palm Springs

There was one spot on Jacqueline Colley’s roadtrip that was a particular favourite, so much so it deserved it’s own dedicated design. Palm Springs looks exactly how you would it expect it to look:  pink flamingos, swimming pools and palm trees.  This design is a soft and feminine take on the geometric trend so prevalent in Mid century architecture. The pastel hues were inspired by the sugar pink and sky blue doorways of elegant homes of the 1950’s. This wallpaper oozes vacay vibes and will transform any wall into a statement. It’s light and fun and makes me want to go for a round of golf followed by a quick dip with a cocktail.  Who’s got the floaty?

Palm Springs wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring Mid-century architecture, swimming pools and pink flamingos

Jungle Tiger

Jacqueline was born in the year of the fire tiger so it would only make sense for the ginger-haired artist to have a fascination for the big cats.  This opulent wallpaper oozes sexy and cool with bold and beautiful colours.  The ooohs and aaahs it involuntarily conjures is a testament to it’s visceral sensibilities.  The rich blues perfectly capture the look of botanical palms bathed in moonlight. The coral coloured Sumatran Tigers sit so beautifully in this tropical nighttime jungle .  This print offers a sophistication and intrigue to any space it adorns. From a nightclub VIP area to a cosy personal bedroom, its design versatility is just one of its many strengths.

Jungle Tiger Wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring Sumatran Tigers among a tropical jungle in midnight blue hues


Hawthorn is a botanical celebration of English gardens. It features shrubs and climbers to a plethora of creatures including lady bugs, peacock butterflies and bullfinches. The diversity of colour in this print boasts of deep greens with bright oranges, yellows and reds.  There is a pleasant sweetness inherent in this art. One could imagine that Jacqueline Colley must have looked out her window and captured the type of beautiful moment that must happen daily in the English countryside. You will bring your interior to life with this organic spring blossom design

Hawthorn wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring birds, ladybugs perched on branches


House Plants

Jacqueline dedicated this print to her ever growing collection of plants. She also can’t resist quirky ceramic pots and where there’s a pot, there’s a place for a plant. This obsession made it’s way to the canvas and we’re so happy it did. She was particularly inspired by the shapes and markings of the calathea medallion and fishbone cactus. It’s a bight and bold design featuring a variety of stylised house plants, perfect for bringing greenery into the home! It’s organic, modern and a fresh take on the tropical trend that will bring colour and joy to any space.

House Plants Wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring luscious green potted plants

Woodland Birds

Inspired by memories of running through the wild fields as a child, Jacqueline Colley created a print that captures the woodland edge. It features an intricate and lively botanical setting with cowslips and daisies nestled among thistles and long grasses. Six varieties of birds strut through this English pastoral scene including a jeweled pheasant and red legged partridge, each illustrated with stunning detail. This is a large scale pattern that would look stunning in any environment.

Woodland Birds wallpaper by Jacqueline Colley featuring British Birds

Jacqueline Colley has brought so much talent, colour and personality to these designs.  The diversity of this series is a testament to the artist’s versatility.  If there was a common element to all the prints it has to be the element of play.  Each design is so fun that you can’t help but feel good when looking at them.  These prints could make a bad day good and a good day better. Visit to get one of these brilliant new designs into your space.