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best indoor plants for your home

Best Indoor Plants For Your Home
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7 Of The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Adding some indoor greenery to your home is a great way to incorporate nature and bring in an organic feel. Technically, all plants could be considered an “indoor plant,” however to get the most of your indoor plants, you need to consider whether they are able to withstand indoor environments, changing temperatures and limited sun exposure. Here are 7 plants that make the perfect addition to your indoor space. 

Air Plant

Are you after an interesting plant feature that will become a conversation starter in your space? An Air Plant is exactly what you’ve been looking for! These little gems have special leaves that absorb moisture rather than the roots, so they work really well as an indoor plant, but also as a decor item because of their interesting nature.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

This small tree is perfect for indoor environments as it requires low light and doesn’t need large amounts of water to survive. These long-leaved trees look fantastic in neutral pots placed in contemporary decor homes alongside a neutral colour palette. 


More than just an indoor plant, the spiky Aloe succulent is decorative and practical too. With medicinal and healing properties in its leaves, Aloe is a great inclusion in any family home. Aloe is also an easy and manageable plant as it requires very few waterings and only needs a small amount of sunshine.  

The Best Indoor Plants | Milton & King

Maidenhair Fern

Do you want a softer plant for your home? Take a look at the Maidenhair Fern because it has softer, more delicate foliage which has a gentler look. This particular plant needs a little more care in terms of watering and maintenance, so be sure you are ready for the commitment.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant (also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) has relatively straight leaves that generally grow upwards. This plant oozes industrial chic and would look divine in a marble pot against our Soft White Bricks wallpaper.

Janet Craig

Perhaps you want something a bit taller? This plant can grow up to 3 metres if not pruned back regularly, so it is perfect if you have a corner space dedicated to the Janet Craig. Forming a stem and growing leaves from the top of the plant, the Janet Craig lives well in low light areas, however it does need to be watered thoroughly. 

Try one of these 7 plants in your home today to bring the garden into your home and give new life to one (or more) of your rooms.