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Ayana House: A Project by The Designory.

Ayana House is an immaculately designed family home.  It is finished down to the finest detail. This is just the latest project by The Designory, a Sydney-based design studio with a team of talented designers, draftsmen, decorators and consultants who specialize in end to end transformations of residences, small-scale commercial and hospitality projects.

Ayana House was designed for the Director of The Designory, Melissa Bonney and her family. It was a complete renovation from the front exterior to the backyard pool and everything in between. Walls had to be removed, redefining living spaces both downstairs and upstairs to create a haven that was filled with light and custom-made with signature natural materials and finishes.

The team at The Designory used high end appliances, bespoke joinery, solid walnut, luxe wool carpet, natural stone, sheer linens, plantation shutters and so much more throughout the home. These features helped to create the relaxed tropical vibe that the family was seeking. Upon entering the home, one would find a new stacked stone and timber clad facade. Then there is a custom designed outdoor shower and seating area. The design team did a beautiful job creating a secluded relaxation space.

A second living area was created and crucial for the family of five.  Their teens needed different zones than the toddlers.  But there also needed to be a space for everyone to be together. Separating the front of the house from the rear is a cavity slider. When opened, it reveals a massive open space where the kitchen becomes the main hub. The living areas have skylights and bi-fold and sliding doors allowing for maximum natural light. The backyard has a tropical inspired pool and leafy garden with a built in BBQ.

However, when retreating upstairs where the bedrooms are, it’s all about serenity. The bedrooms are finished with beautiful bespoke joinery, luxurious wool carpets, built-in desks and mini walk-in wardrobes. There is a stunning curved wall featured in the master suite as well as a walk-in wardrobe and a balcony surrounded by palms.

The toddler’s room continues the sense of calm with cool blue colours coming off the Shibori Stripe wallpaper from Milton & King.  The Designory cleverly hung the wallpaper with the stripes vertical rather than horizontal. This creates the illusion of a room with higher ceilings. See a few of the photos from Ayana House below and for more details and photos of this beautiful project by The Designory visit

Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically with a basket of stuffed animals and a bookshelf full of childrens' books.
Boys bedroom with Shibori Stripe Wallpaper hung vertically shelving
Interior Tips

Quick Tips For A Bedroom Refresh

For many (us included!) our bedroom is our favorite space in our homes! However, sometimes our bedrooms don’t get the love and attention they deserve and usually they tend to look more drab than fab. Keep your bedroom fresh and modern with some of these quick tips that will leave you with a brand new bedroom in the space of a weekend with a quick bedroom refresh!


New Bedding

An obvious choice, but new bedding can make the world of difference. Store away your old quilt sets and sheets and invest in some new, trendy ones that can breathe some new life into the room. Without much effort (apart from choosing the perfect pattern), you can completely overhaul your bedroom!


Change Up Your Side Tables

Side tables are there to compliment your bed and to help tie the whole room together. Choose a side table that beautifully complements your bed frame and other furniture pieces of your bedroom. If you have a metal bed frame, go for something metal or industrial, if you have timber bed opt with a timber side table.


Get Rid Of Clutter

The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful place, so try and keep it that way by avoiding build up of clutter or hoarding. Keep your bedroom tidy and opt for a minimal decor to keep stress levels low every time you enter and put your head down to sleep. Aim to make your bedroom a serene spot away from daily hassles and problems.

Bedroom Refresh | Milton & King

Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall has become an ever popular interior design trend over recent years. By choosing one wall to act as a statement piece in the room is a great way to bring some interest to the space. If you are worried about having an entire wall a specific pattern, think about placing the wallpaper behind your bed so there is only a subtle peek of the pattern. We love full designs like Monstera, Feathered Nest and Byronian Hills that leave little blank space and really capture the eye when you walk into the room.


Choose A New Color Theme

While you may always stick with blues or green, choose something different for your color scheme like yellow or orange. A simple change in your styling color choices will make a huge impact on the way your bedroom looks and feels and helps to avoid you falling into a styling rut.


Add A Scent

Keep a diffuser in your bedroom or add some scented candles with their lids off to add a scent to your bedroom. Not only will your space smell incredible, but if you choose a relaxing and calming scent like lavender you’ll be in for a relaxing night when you tuck yourself into bed.


We know you love your bedroom, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our styling in it, so spruce it up this weekend with these 6 ways! With minimal effort, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab and enjoy a cosy night sleep in your new space!

Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom
Interior Tips

4 Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom

Styling a teen bedroom can be a difficult process – they’re indecisive, messy and generally don’t want you to make a big fuss. As a young adult, teens either want to style their bedrooms themselves, or not at all, which can be a daunting thought for parents and homeowners if you’re teen is let loose to do a DIY makeover of their bedroom. Here are some tips to consider when changing and styling a teen bedroom so it’s hip and cool, but also functional and relaxing.

You Need Storage

Teens are notoriously messy, so give them a whole bunch of storage options so they never have an excuse to have clothes lying on the floor again! Put cupboards and drawers in places you wouldn’t have thought of, such as underneath the bed or desk and hidden in the closet. Get creative and invent multiple storage solutions, especially if you’re working in a small space.

Think Ahead

As they age, it is only natural that teenagers want more independence and space from the rest of the family, so don’t create a bedroom space that cannot be changed easily. Versatility is key because a teen bedroom has a multiple of functions – it’s a sleeping quarters, a place to escape the rest of the household and an area to study, relax and hang out with friends. Help them make the most out of their space and don’t make anything too permanent so they can change it up as the years fly by.

Interior Tips For A Teen Bedroom | Milton & King

Make It Fun

Most importantly, keep their bedroom fun. Generally speaking, teens like to have fun and express their personality with bold colours, artwork and posters and decor that represents their hobbies. Bring youthfulness into the room with a bright feature wall and incorporate some of their favourite things to spark creativity and positive energy. As teens regularly change their style, consider using wallpaper to make a statement because it is quick and easy to put up, and change if required. We love Ingrid + Mika’s Plus Sign (available here, pictured in feature image) wallpaper design because it’s classic, fun and goes with everything without making the room over complicated and bust.

Give Them Space 

Finally, let your teen make the majority of choices (at least the ones that aren’t so permanent!) so you can create a space that they generally love. It’s the one place in the family home that is entirely theirs, so create something that works for them, their interests and their lifestyle. 

These are just a few handy hints to make styling a teen bedroom a lot less complicated. Allow your child to explore their creative freedom when it comes to making the room work for them and styling it with their favourite colours and decor items. 

Have you styled a teen bedroom recently? What’s your best tip from the experience?