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Designer Spotlight

Influencer Spotlight: Home With Keki

Based in Chicago, Cecilia (often referred to as Keki) is a professional interior stylist and stager who knows a good wallpaper when she sees one! Along with being a successful interior stylist and stager, Keki is also the creative genius behind Home With Keki, a home interior blog and Instagram showcasing her own, as well as her clients, renovations. With close to 8,000 Instagram followers, Keki is one of our favorite influencers and we’re so happy she chose Milton & King to help renovate her client’s powder room. We love how she has used our Wildflower wallpaper by Joel Dewberry as an accent in the room, only installing it on the upper half of the walls.

You can read all about the renovation on her blog here or you can check out the process in the photographs below!

Home With Keki | Milton & King

Home With Keki | Milton & King

Home With Keki | Milton & King


If you are afraid of using a bold pattern, do what Keki did and use it as an accent rather than a full feature. You can get some more inspiration of what else you can do with our versatile wallpaper by reading our blog post 16 Wallpaper Projects To Try.


Bathroom | Milton & King
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The Best Wallpapers For Your Bathroom

Did you know that Milton & King wallpapers can be used in your bathroom? Ensure you have good ventilation and avoid using wallpaper in areas that are constantly damp and you can have chic and patterned walls in your bathrooms. Choosing a decor theme in your bathroom is a big choice – do you want to go light and bright or rich and luxurious? We’ve chosen our top 15 wallpaper picks for a show stopping bathroom that you can achieve!


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Botanical – With a base of white, Botanical features different and distinguished watercolor flowers. If you are after a subtle vintage edge in your bathroom, you will love this 18th Century inspired wallpaper.

Flower Garden (Blues) – Who doesn’t love a touch of blue in your bathroom? This gorgeous floral pattern is soft and simple enough to add some interest without overpowering a smaller space.

Governors Rose (Prestige) – For a touch of darkness and mystery, we love our Governors Rose design in the Prestige colorway. If you are in love with this rose design but want something a little lighter and brighter, Governors Rose comes in another 3 colorways to make sure you get your perfect bathroom.



Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Marble – One of our favorite wallpapers in our entire collection, Marble is so versatile it can work in any room. We mentioned our Marble wallpaper in our blog post on how to create a luxurious bathroom and we know you will love the sophisticated feel it brings to your space.

Rustic Wood Panels – If you want something a little more worn in, something a little more industrial we recommend our Rustic Wood Panels design. This realistic wood wallpaper will give your bathroom a gorgeous warmth and feel that can only be achieved with timber.

Whitewashed Timber – Similar to Rustic Wood Panels, Whitewashed Timber gets the same feel but adds a Scandinavian and Nordic twist to your bathroom without being stark white. Pair with some light colored bathroom features for a full look.


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Shibori Stripe – So simple yet so stunning. This gorgeous design adds a handmade feel to your bathroom and the blue tones compliment a bathroom perfectly.

Sarah Annie – This art deco inspired wallpaper looks gorgeous in a bathroom because of its white and light blue design. The soft pattern in Sarah Annie allows for more statement bathroom features like sinks and bathtub to make a statement.

Fans (Eden) – Coming in 3 colorways, we love the design Fans in Eden to get a light and fresh pop of color in a bathroom. The combination of seafoam green and white together make for the most perfect coastal inspired bathroom.


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Indigo – Another handmade design by the Shibori team, Indigo is a statement geometric wallpaper with gorgeous blue colors running through. Opt for white bathroom features to really compliment and allow the wallpaper to be the statement piece.

Monument Tiles – Whilst this isn’t a crazy design, it sure is a unique one. This blue and white (again, perfect bathroom colors!) wallpaper has a tile feel made up of USA monuments with multiple layers to create depth and a realistic feel.

Watercolour Birds – This bright and eccentric design will work well in an exciting and youthful home. We love the splashes of yellow and pink for something different in a bathroom!


Bathroom Wallpapers | Milton & King

Rainy Days – This cute design can be used in so many rooms of the home, but the bathroom is definitely one of our favorites! The soft seafoam green and grey raindrops make for a very interesting yet subtle design that can match a variety of styles.

Chestnut Branch (Pinafore Blue) – We love how this wallpaper is majority blue with only small pops of white to break it up! This is a gorgeous design for the bathroom as it isn’t so intricate to be too much for a small space but it does have a fun pattern to stop it from being too heavy and dark.

Feather Palm (Sea Breeze) – Go for a tropical twist with this gorgeous palm leaf design. The Sea Breeze colorway is our pick for a bathroom renovation and the soft blues and greens are key bathroom colors that you can’t go past!


If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, we hope you get some inspiration from our top 15 choices for bathrooms! Let us know which one you’ll be installing in your bathroom in the comments.

Interior Tips

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

Your bathroom is one space in your home that can date quickly, often within a couple of years. Whether it is the combination of dull tiles on the floor, boring walls, a cringe-worthy color palette or outdated decor, if not done correctly a bathroom can appear clinical and sterile, rather than luxurious, which is what it should be! As one of the most used rooms in your entire house, we feel it deserves a refresh and a special touch every now and again. If you feel like your bathroom is losing its spark, consider implementing these 6 changes to bring your luxurious bathroom to life.

Update Your Mirrors

Get rid of that daggy rectangle mirror you have and grab a beautiful Victorian inspired mirror. Something with curves and intricate detailing to really put across a glamorous, luxurious vibe in your bathroom. If you don’t want to go with the Victorian approach, look at different shapes or framed mirrors to increase the quality and feel of the room.

Pay Attention To Details

You’ll notice as you use your bathroom, things become messier and regularly used items go everywhere on your vanity and drawers, and sometimes even on the floor. Invest in some fantastic storage options for the bathroom to contain all your products, from skincare to toilet paper. It’s the smaller details that will make the biggest impact on the luxurious feel of your bathroom, and keeping things organized and neat and tidy will ensure your bathroom stays chic and classy despite everyday use.

Incorporate Marble

Marble is the epitome of glamor and is a beautiful complimenting pattern in any bathroom, however, it doesn’t always come at the cheapest price! As an alternative, Milton & King offer a gorgeous ‘Faux Marble‘ wallpaper, and you’ll be pelased to know it is a fraction of the price of the real thing! Choose to use it on the walls, or focus on one feature wall instead. The choice is up to your personal preference and we know it would look beautiful either way! While we’re on the topic of marble, check out our top tips to adding marble to your home without going overboard with the trend here.

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious | Milton & King


Avoid the harsh fluorescent lighting that comes in many bathrooms as stock standard nowadays and opt for something with more character and style. An increasingly popular trend in lighting for a bathroom is the inclusion of a grand chandelier (one which you would have often found in the dining room) above the bathtub. Not only does this look extremely glamorous, but it provides gorgeous soft mood lighting, perfect for a relaxing soak in the tub. Other trending themes when it comes to lighting is a gorgeous drop light hanging over the basin.

Gorgeous, Soft Towels

Keep your bathroom fully stocked at all times with soft and fluffy towels and rugs. Having them easily accessible inside the bathroom adds a hint of that luxurious hotel vibe we all know and love when we head to a fancy hotel. Keeping with a singular color scheme will ensure the room looks complete and polished, rather than mismatched with random colors and patterns.

Add A Splash Of Gold

Ooze chic with some gold accents throughout the bathroom. Whether it be the taps and faucets or perfume bottles on the vanity, incorporating gold into your bathroom will add to the glam vibe that you want to achieve. If you don’t like gold, there are plenty of other metals you can choose from including silver, copper and rose gold that can still pull off that luxurious and stylish feel in the bathroom.

Have you renovated your bathroom lately? We’d love to hear how you added a touch of luxury to the space in the comments below!