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5 simple tips to update your living room

5 Simple Tips To Update Your Living Room
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5 Simple Ways to Give Your Living Room a Makeover

The living room is one of the first spaces in the home that start to feel dated and boring, which can quickly put you into a “living room rut,” especially if you spend a lot of time in there. The following five ideas are easy to implement, but will make a BIG impact when it comes to giving your living room a stylish makeover.

  • Create a feature wall with a unique wallpaper. Adding a statement wall can completely transform a room and make it feel new and fresh. With an extensive range of creative and fun designs to choose from, we’ve definitely got one that is perfect for you and your space – from bricks and floral to geometric designs and cute prints, there’s something for every living room no matter your personal style. Need more of an excuse to use wallpaper? Our wallpaper is printed on 150 gsm, double layered, non-woven paper which is then covered with two coats of glaze, so you can be assured the finished product is durable and can be cleaned with ease. Now all you have to do is choose your design!
  • Invest in a new couch. The main feature of a living room is the couch, so purchasing a new one can dramatically spruce up the space and turn the current layout upside down. Opt for a new colour, modern shape and experiment with different textures – the opportunities are endless!
  • Add a rug. Sometimes to breathe new life into a room, all you need to do is add a textured rug. A rug can soften the room, can be seen as a piece of art and it’s perfect for the cooler months ahead. It’s also a fantastic way to add a splash of personality to the room, without overwhelming your family and guests. Just be sure to choose the appropriate size and shape for the space you are working with to ensure the room is balanced.
  • Use pillows to add character. Pillows are perfect for adding layers and character to a room, just like accessories do when paired with an outfit. For example, a couple of coloured decorative pillows can give the room a vibrant touch, while a sequined pillow adds glamour and elegance. If you’re giving your living room a makeover on a budget, you definitely need some decorative pillows because they’re an affordable addition to your room and they’re perfect for renters and temporary living arrangements too. If you have time and the resources, you could even put your DIY hat on and create your own.
  • Use mirrors to your advantage. In the world of interior design, mirrors are a great way to make the most of a small space. They add additional light into the living room and trick the eye into believing the space is much larger than it actually is. They’re also functional and bring an element of design into the room, acting has a piece of art.

Have you used any of these tips to update your living room?