Mairead Murphy Illustration
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The Many Facets of Mairead Murphy

Boasting a well informed sense of balance and precise illustrative flair. Mairead Murphy’s work is considered, adaptable and most importantly, beautiful. 

Where are you from/ where are you currently?


Who / what are you influenced and inspired by?

There are so many incredible sources of inspiration at your fingertips these days that it can almost be overwhelming! Melbourne is full of such talented people creating amazing work, everything from folk art to street art. I definitely draw on my background as an Interior Designer – pattern making is the perfect combination of illustration and arranging things. Illustration contrasts the longer project times of my design work perfectly. I love the immediacy of creating characters and scenes, they become real as the pencil lines become more exact and their little personalities emerge.

Mairead Murphy | Milton & King

How would you describe your work?

A work in progress. I am always keen to try new mediums and continue to develop my style. My work tends to be character based and I try to create forms that simplify geometry without being overly cartoony.

What is your favourite artistic medium?

I work in pencil initially which lets me easily put ideas on paper. Sometimes I work with watercolours but most of my colouring is digital so I can switch up colour palettes and play around with textures.

Mairead Murphy | Milton & King

Mairead Murphy Illustration

What are you up to currently?

I’ve got some really great projects coming up. I’ve started working on my next set of patterns which will be a bit more ‘grown-up’ than my last one. I’m working with a bag company on a pattern to be part of their winter collection, I have a range of clothing and home wares available through the Club of Odd Volumes with my illustrations on them, as well as some other exciting projects that are still a bit new to talk about … but stay tuned!

Mairead Murphy | Milton & King

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I’m really enjoying where things are at the moment so hopefully more of the same. I love the balance between my illustration work and my design work and I’m hoping to continue to grow and develop each practice.

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