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Seasoned Pickers & Amateur Tyre Kickers

Another year, another Toowoomba Swap Meet. 15,000 punters from all corners of Australia got their backside trackside with high hopes of scoring a bargain or making a buck and some space in the shed. Seasoned pickers and amateur tyre kickers all in the hunt for a bargain; even after the early birds had grabbed a few of the worms.

“The Swap” plays host to a diverse range of vendors who trade miscellaneous antique and collectible items from car parts, furniture, garagenalia and bric-a-brac. This makes it perfect for scoring some choice decorative pieces for house or mancave. As always the swap is a family outing, and even though I fall into the amateur tyre kicker category, I have a seasoned picker in Dad to educate me on the art form of haggling and what’s worth a damn and what isn’t.

Despite my rookie status I did pick a few vintage pieces for cheap. A couple of nice old oil cans and 3 vintage suitcases all for $30. Given that I’m in the wallpaper game, I speculated how they could work with some of our patterns. After careful consideration I decided that Camden Factory Bricks or Tilt Slab from Kemra would make a great pairing for a vintage industrial interior style. The Rock Island Line wall mural from Erstwhile would also suit a industrial theme.

All in all, the Toowoomba Swap Meet is a great day out, especially if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty to have a dig for a bargain. If you look hard enough, you may find a decorative piece that can really improve a room in your house, or even the credibility of your mancave or shed.

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