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Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper, The Best Seller For 2017

At Milton & King, we know that trends evolve over the years with some wallpapers being the favorite over others.  But we didn’t expect too much to change when it came to our most popular designs.  Camden Factory Bricks was always at the top.  It works to create that industrial loft vibe in people’s homes and also works really well in commercial applications.  But this year bought us a surprise in the form of Whitewashed Timber wallpaper, the best seller for 2017.  It was hard not to notice how many Instagram posts we were being tagged in of customers who installed this wallpaper. And as we would repost those posts, we couldn’t help but notice how bright and white our Instagram feed was becoming.  It was all because Whitewashed Timber was flying on the shelves because everyone was loving it.

Whitewash Timber Wallpaper

Whitewash Timber wallpaper is a faux wood wallpaper that is highly realistic.  We often hear customers say that guests are walking up to touch the wall to see if they had real wood paneling installed.  The same goes for most of our Kemra range which mimics wood, brick and concrete.  One of the main strengths of this particular wallpaper is it’s versatility.  It can add almost entirely opposite elements to a space.  For example, if your space has a modern thing going for it, using Whitewashed Timber wallpaper can give it a warm rustic sensibility.  However, if the space seems a bit older or worn, this wallpaper can provide a more contemporary feel because of it’s clean lines and bright color.  We have seen posts where people hang the wallpaper horizontally or vertically to great effect.

Bedroom using Whitewashed Timber wallpaper, the best seller for 2017, with picture above the bed that says Stay A While

Photo by: Christine Johnson (cottageonlex) hanging Whitewashed Timber wallpaper horizontally


Teenagers bedroom with Whitewashed Timber wallpaper, the best seller for 2017, hung vertically with a peace sign on the wall

Photo by: Rose (@themodernmumma) designed this bedroom with Whitewashed Timber wallpaper hung vertically

The Nursery

We could’t help but talk about where we see this wallpaper appearing most often. Sure it works well in a family room, bedroom or kitchen but we’re seeing this design pop up in nurseries most often. Perhaps because of the range of characteristics from soft, bright to rustic that makes it appealing to both babies and adults alike.  Whatever the reason, it’s the baby favorite!

nursery with whitewashed timber wallpaper, the best seller for 2017, hung vertically with white crib wooden decorative wall art and a large ruler for measuring growing kids

photo by Katrina Bernard (@katrinabernard) nursery for her baby girl


nursery using Whitewashed Timber wallpaper, the best seller for 2017, with white crib. wood carved name Alaska and baby girl standing

photo by Kyree Harvey (@misskyreeloves) of her nursery for baby daughter Alaska

We read the reviews and customers seem to be over the moon about Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper, the best seller for 2017 for Milton & King.  This style of bright wood wallpaper is often referred to as a Scandinavian style.  We are sure this trend will continue into 2018 because…well…just look at it!  It’s beautiful, it’s clean and it gives off that homey vibe.  It sure beats having to lug in a bunch of wood and nail it up and have to worry about termites and who knows what else.  We do it for the kids folks.  We do it for the kids.

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