bedroom in the basement with white The Parlour Wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. The bed has white linen and there is a large soft rug on the floor with blue grey tones
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Top 10 Wallpaper Instagrams For 2017

We are near the end of the year and everyone loves a top 10 list. We’re going to put together a few lists but this one is going to be all about Instagram. We’re putting together the Top Wallpaper Instagrams for 2017 from our @MKwallpapers page. Now if you think this is going to be a biased list, you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to analytics, metrics and all that algorithmic jargon, we’re able to create this list using data like “engagement,” “likes,” “impressions,” “comments” and all that not-very-fun stuff to discuss. Basically, YOU picked this list. Now to the good stuff. Let’s look at fabulous wallpapers installations and the best that 2017 had to offer.


In at #10 is a photo we reposted on August 1, 2017.  Erin, an Oklahoma mom of 4 girls known as @CottonStem on Instagram captioned on an early photo of the wallpaper,  “You guys. This. Wallpaper. ? I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it! Most of you know that every square inch of our home is wood tiles (Style Selections in Natural Timber Cinnamon from Lowes), so I can’t hop on the cement tile bandwagon with the cool kids. Blerg. ? But!! When I saw that @mkwallpapershad created a cement tile wallpaper…and in NAVY?!!? Sold. Done. Boom. (It’s called Heritage Tiles, FYI!) Now, I’m not a wallpaper aficionado, but my MIL is, and she said this was the nicest, best quality wallpaper she’s ever seen or used! My sweet hubs installed this for me for Mother’s Day, and I absolutely love it. Kinda out of my norm…and that’s why I like it. Nobody puts Stems in a corner. ?? To compliment the navy, I added a huuuuge vintage copper pendant and some copper molds, and I think the whole guest room project based around this cement tile-esque Milton and King wallpaper is just yum. Wanna be our guest?! ? “

We couldn’t agree more Erin.  It’s very yum.

bedroom with blue Heritage Tiles Wallpaper by Milton & King on the wall behind a queen sized bed, two white end tables, each with a small lamp and a big bronze ceiling lamp


Our #9 spot belongs to a mum of two from Perth in Western Australia. Alicia, aka @hudson_and_harlow on Instagram is always updating her kids’ playroom with different color schemes, canopies and play sets.  It always looks so good against our Tile Progress Wallpaper from the Ingrid & Mika Collection.  Every time we repost one of her photos it gets a great response.  In this photo, Alicia had just purchased a new kitchenette play set from Kmart.  Looks like a future baker is being molded.

Kids playroom with Kmart kitchen set and white Tile Progress Wallpaper from Milton & King on the wall


On September 20, 2017, we posted this photo of a guest bedroom that underwent a transformation from a creepy basement room to a beautiful cottage style guest room.  Tammy from @ourburlapbungalow on Instagram chose our Whitewashed Timber wallpaper and hung it so the panels were horizontal. It’s a very effective technique for making a small space appear wider.

guest room with Whitewashed Timber wallpaper on the wall with a white daybed and black railing. Two black sconces hang above the bed. A pillow says "bonne nuit"


Our number 7 spot goes to Tarina from the blog Oh Eight Oh Nine or @oh.eight.oh.nine on Instagram. She was designing a room in a brand new house for a boy that was making the transition from baby to big brother, big boy …or toddler.  She wanted a neutral palate with pops of color.  We think the little man will feel very sophisticated in his bedroom.  Bust out the bubble pipe!

toddlers bedroom with Tile Progress wallpaper on the wall with a framed picture of a baby deer. Bed bed has a light wood bedframe and blue pattern bedding


From a big boy room to a big girl room, Lindsey  @ourcoloradohome on Instagram, wanted to create a lofty industrial feel for her daughter. She used Limewashed Bricks from the Kemra collection and we think she definitely achieved that goal.  We reposted pictures of this room twice, once in October and again in December when the Christmas tree was added.  It received even more attention the second time.  With this grown up bedroom and Wonder Woman pillow, all we can say is, “Watch out world!”

girl's bedroom with limewashed brick wallpaper behind the bed and a frost covered fake tree at the foot of the bed.


This next post makes it to the top five! It was posted on April 18, 2017.  Brittany (@brittanyork on Instagram) moved into a new home two years ago and wanted to make what was a plain boring space into something more lively and exciting.  Her number one goal was to bring the fun. She credited the new bright and fun environment as “Mostly thanks to that super cute cactus wallpaper from @mkwallpapers.” All we can say is, YOU’RE WELCOME!

a young blonde long-haired boy brushing his teeth in front of a sink with white top on top of black cabinetry. He is looking into a mirror with a ornate gold frame. behind the boy is a wall with white horizontal timber on the bottom and on the top is blue and white Cactus Wallpaper by Milton & King.


Nicole, a mother and wife from Alabama known as @graceinmagnolias on Instagram posted a photo of her laundry room that they hurried to finish before baby Rocco came into the world.  May 30, 2017, we posted the pic below where she captioned, “Laundry has doubled since Rocco joined us but I’m not minding as much since the addition of the @mkwallpapers wallpaper.” When the right wallpaper can make the most dreaded home chores a little less daunting, you know you’ve done something right.  Check out her Leo’s Spots wallpaper installation!

a laundry room with a dark metallic washer and dryer on the left and a white door on the right. the floor is a black geometric tile. on the far wall is wallpaper called Leo's Spots wallpaper manufactured by Milton & King and designed by Jillian Harris. On the wallpapered wall are two pictures framed that say "Its Like That" and "Cuz Thats The Way It Is". On the floor are red gumboots.


Grabbing the number three spot is a repeat of the previous wallpaper. Leo’s Spots comes in as a favorite again for this powder room.  Posted on October 23rd, @GrandeWestBuilders on Instagram installed this and said “In love with this wallpaper!” We can see why.  These spots seem to be able to transform any Plain Jane bathroom and turn it into a glamorous space.

a powder room with light wood cabinetry. On top is a white sink bowl. Leo's Spots wallpaper manufactured by Milton & King and designed by Jillian Harris is on the wall and in the mirror reflecting the opposite wall.


Our first runner up is another wallpaper repeat.  Tile Progress wallpaper does it again.  Christine @brogsathome describes herself as a “Toronto-based home décor enthusiast” and “compulsive re-decorator.”   In June of 2017, she re-decorated a bathroom and captioned, “Can you believe this wallpaper from @mkwallpapers isn’t tile? I love how it turned out!”  Mission accomplished!

a bright white bathroom. The sink has gray wooden doors with a white top. A mirror with silver trim sits above the sink. On the wall is Tile Progress Wallpaper by Milton & King with two framed pictures of cactus.


We finally have come to our top spot.  Posted on October 7th, this is our number one photo when it comes to a cross-section of likes, comments and engagement.  It goes to Kimberly known as @littlesimone on Instagram.  One interesting little tidbit of info is that this doesn’t come from a blogger or Instagram social guru with thousands and thousands of followers.  This is your normal account of someone who just did a fabulous job creating a nursery for her newborn.  And boy did she go wild!  Using our Leo’s Spots wallpaper designed by Jillian Harris, she went for a warm, cozy, animalistic vibe with framed pictures of a llama, zebra, giraffe and lion.  Hanging over the crib is a fur blanket and a giant stuffed giraffe toy to the side of the crib.  The Leo’s Spots wallpaper definitely fits that sense of safari and ties it all together.

a nursery with animals themes. The crib has a white frame with maple wood dowels. hanging over the crib is a white fur blanket and two light colored towels. On the wall behind the crib is Leo's Spots wallpaper designed by Jillian Harris and manufactured by Milton & King. On the wallpapered wall are four framed pictures of a llama, zebra, giraffe and lion. To the left of the crib is a large stuffed giraffe toy. The floor has a large off-white soft rug with diamond shaped patterns in black outlines. Towards the front of the photo to the bottom left is a crocheted stool and wicker basket

It’s been exciting to see what posts we would be tagged in throughout the year.  We often get orders for wallpaper and send rolls out and never know the outcome. It’s wonderfully fulfilling when someone let’s us know how it all turned out by posting a photo and tagging @mkwallpapers. We’re always impressed at how people choose to design their space and what accessories they add to bring out their own artistic tastes and sensibilities.    We hope you enjoyed this list of the Top 10 Wallpaper Instagrams For 2017.  We look forward to 2018.  Maybe next year, YOUR photo will make our Top 10.  Until then, Happy New Year and Happy decorating!

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