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Modern wallpaper is a whole new breed and designed to create bold, dynamic spaces. Styles and choices have improved dramatically in recent years and the quality exists on a whole new level. Technology has elevated wallpaper products to new levels of realism and style. This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper!

Designs are astonishingly real. If you want all the drama of wood, tile, or brick, among other materials, wallpaper is a great option! You can get these trendy looks without the cost, hassle or commitment of installing wood panels, tiles or actual bricks. Wallpaper provides a realistic and stunning alternative to the real thing.

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Check out these before and after photos of the kitchen accent wall:


Kitchen area before wallpaper with bare white walls and light maple wood dining tableAFTER

Image showing after wallpapering using Heritage Tiles wallpaper from Milton & King

This beautiful wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom is called Heritage Tiles, and looks like real vintage mediterranean tiles complete with detailed imperfections and three-dimensional grout. This amazing paper is from Milton & King. This is just one of their many fantastic options you can shop from their site MiltonandKing.comClose up photo of Heritage Tile wallpaper from Milton & King with blue tile design and light wood accents



  • Immediate style
  • High drama
  • Less long-term commitment
  • Removable
  • Less expensive than the remodeling required for installing real tiles or real timber
  • No heavy machinery or power tools required ?


  • More commitment and expensive than paint
  • Not easy to hang alone
  • Might require a professional wallpaper hanger
  • Professionals, especially good ones, can be fairly expensive and hard to find
  • Always style risk involved

But the Drama makes it all worth it! ?

Beautiful blue tile wallpaper decor in bathroom


  • A high quality roll can cost around $100-140
  • Depending on where you reside, pros charge roughly $25-50/hr and
  • Priming the wall and hanging the paper takes longer than you might think, especially if done well.
  • Depending on pattern repeat match up requirements and the size of your wall, you could need 2-4 rolls per wall on average
  • Most wallpaper sites have calculators and even online chat to help assist with accurate estimating


I spent nearly a month looking for a local professional who could do my wall papering projects, someone with a lot of experience and someone who was worth the money! I found Bob of Bell Wallcoverings. He has owned his business for over 35 years, and his skills demonstrate it. He is a perfectionist.  His services include hanging all kinds of wallpaper and interior painting as well. Now that I have Bob’s phone number, I’ll be giving him more work ?

close up photo of Heritage Tile wallpaper in the bathroom


This bathroom remodel was made complete with the installation of these fantastic pipe shelves. You can shop them and variations in sizing and style. The color is called Early American. The shopping items listed below are all from the same company who made my pipe shelves pictured above.  They have outstanding quality products


If you are interested in creating your own pipe shelves,  check out one of our most popular blog posts,

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves: Build Your Own!


  1. The size of the print: small prints are more subtle and therefore less “risky.” Small prints are frequently more feminine and more delicate. Larger prints usually bolder and make more of a statement.
  2. Some papers can be as subtle paint, offering more in the realm of texture rather than very noticeable patterns. If you want safe option, those should be considered.


A new trend is removable wallpaper. This is basically a large decal. Less preparation and fairly easier removal make this an option worth considering.  This type of wallpaper can be slightly tricky to apply and definitely a two-person job as it’s not easy to adjust once applied to the wall. Quality varies in this new genre with lots of cheaply made options,  so look for a quality-made product like the one I used in my kitchen from Shop B Darling.

The wallpaper material from Shop B Darling is environmentally safe and bio-degradable.  There are no PVC’s  and it’s nontoxic to the environment. There is no Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde in the adhesive either.

I used their Large Subway throughout my kitchen and applied the vinyl on top of my existing back-splash of dark granite. I am thrilled with the end result. You can shop their selections at ShopBDarling.Com

Wallpaper decor

Wallpaper on trend


Since wallpaper is a matter of personal taste, you must choose the design based on what you like, and this can be difficult. The problem for many people is determining the best choice before it covers your walls.

  • Do your design homework
  • Consult interior decorating sites like Houzz, etc.
  • Browse Instagram, Pinterest and magazines for inspiration
  • Create an online décor file, mood board or maybe a board on Pinterest  and keep them in a photo file on your phone
  • Take into consideration all the items that will remain long-term in the room (sofas, tables, family photos)
  • Consider the direction of the room

Bedroom with faux timber wallpaper called Rustic Wood Panels from Milton & King

  • Ask yourself: What activities will happen in this room? What mood do you want to inspire? Creativity? Fun? Serenity? Masculinity?
  • Narrow your search and choose your top 3.
  • Most companies offer samples for free or for a low price (it’s worth it to ensure confidence in your choice)
  • Pin the samples and allow yourself time. If wallpapering an entire room, view the sample on the different walls, in various lights, and place behind various pieces of furniture and accessories like end-tables and wall art
  • If you’re still uncertain, consult a design or decorating professional
  • Wallpaper is an investment in your home and life-style. Doing your homework will help make sure your money is wisely of bedroom with Rustic Wood Panels wallpaper from Milton & King

This amazing wallpaper looks like actual rustic wood even up close! Visitors always go up and touch the walls! I used this wallpaper called Rustic Wood Panels from the awesome company, Milton & King. You can browse their HUGE collection of high quality choices on their site HERE.

wide shot of Rustic Wood Panels wallpaper from Milton & King with a white sofa chairs in the foreground


Wallpaper sets a stage. It creates a mood for a room, and does so dramatically. Because of this power, making the right choice is essential. The pressure can be intimidating. But with preparation, you can confidently embrace this exciting design trend.  Jodie and I believe that where nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. With risk comes the potential for reward. For an instant and dramatic style transformation, nothing beats wallpaper!

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Happy Decorating, Friends!

With Love,

Julie & Jodie

The Design Twins

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