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Quick Tips For A Bedroom Refresh

For many (us included!) our bedroom is our favoriteย space in our homes! However, sometimes our bedrooms don’t get the love and attention they deserve and usually they tend to look more drab than fab. Keep your bedroom fresh and modern with some of these quick tips that will leave you with a brand new bedroom in the space of a weekend with a quick bedroom refresh!


New Bedding

An obvious choice, but new bedding can make the world of difference. Store away your old quilt sets and sheets and invest in some new, trendy ones that can breathe some new life into the room. Without much effort (apart from choosing the perfect pattern), you can completely overhaul your bedroom!


Change Up Your Side Tables

Side tables are there to compliment your bed and to help tie the whole room together. Choose a side table that beautifully complements your bed frame and other furniture pieces of your bedroom. If you have a metal bed frame, go for something metal or industrial, if you have timber bed opt with a timber side table.


Get Rid Of Clutter

The bedroom is meant to be a peaceful place, so try and keep it that way by avoiding build up of clutter or hoarding. Keep your bedroom tidy and opt for a minimal decor to keep stress levels low every time you enter and put your head down to sleep. Aim to make your bedroom a serene spot away from daily hassles and problems.

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Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall has become an ever popular interior design trend over recent years. By choosing one wall to act as a statement piece in the room is a great way to bring some interest to the space. If you are worried about having an entire wall a specific pattern, think about placing the wallpaper behind your bed so there is only a subtle peek of the pattern. We love full designs like Monstera, Feathered Nest and Byronian Hillsย that leave little blank space and really capture the eye when you walk into the room.


Choose A New Color Theme

While you may always stick with blues or green, choose something different for your color scheme like yellow or orange. A simple change in your styling color choices will make a huge impact on the way your bedroom looks and feels and helps to avoid you falling into a styling rut.


Add A Scent

Keep a diffuser in your bedroom or add some scented candles with their lids off to add a scent to your bedroom. Not only will your space smell incredible, but if you choose a relaxing and calming scent like lavender you’ll be in for a relaxing night when you tuck yourself into bed.


We know you love your bedroom, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our styling in it, so spruce it up this weekend with these 6 ways! With minimal effort, you can turn your bedroom from drab to fab and enjoy a cosy night sleep in your new space!

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