How to: style your coast house for the summer
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Beach House Getaway Decor

A beach house is a place we go to escape to a lifestyle of ultimate relaxation. Whether it is our permanent abode or somewhere we run to on the holidays, it’s important that this space has the perfect interior décor for the beach getaway of your dreams. Contemporary beach shack styling is all about the effortless and minimalist touches that compliment natural light and shade. Think: a breath of fresh air, a clean yet natural state, calming and re-energising. We’ve put together some of our top tips for styling your beach house for the summer!

Colour palettes and prints

When we walk into a room, the colour palette immediately sets the tone and vibe. Whether it’s conscious for the keen eye, or sub-conscious for the usual, everybody will notice. It’s safe to say that bright white rooms paired with modern furnishes is luxe and timeless, but we think it’s best to break it apart with some pops of colours and prints. At the end of the day we want it to feel loved and lived in, not sterile and ignored. Try using white as your base colour and building up different tones and textures around it. White walls with hues of pastel blues and greens in your cushions or linen throws is a playful way to bring some life and personality into the space. For those wanting something more neutral, tones such as beige and brown always look great among the mix of white, so why not pick up an oversized rug with a bold geometric pattern as a quirky statement in the living space.

Raw materials

It’s important to remember the roots of beach shack décor, and think about how we can incorporate it into a modern day space. We don’t want our beach getaways to be too cut and polished, so to add in a little rugged touch, raw exposed materials such as timber and brick are a soft way to tone down the room. Rustic timber floorboards with natural marks and imperfections are a timeless trend that is suitable for mixing and matching trends and styles. For a more refined interior look, the popular interior trend of indoor timber cladding, otherwise known as Shiplap is always a treat (you can read more about Shiplap here). This look can also be easily achieved with our Whitewashed Timber wallpaper as seen below.

faux timber wallpaper called Whitewashed Timber by Milton & King perfect for a beach or coastal design

Image Courtesy of Ozdesign Furniture

Natural light

Possibly the most important and key thing to consider when styling or designing your perfect beach house getaway, is lighting. Wherever feasible, let as much natural sunlight into your space through windows and open spaces as you can! Larger, more dramatic windows are acceptable, if not encouraged at your beach house dreamland. To keep with privacy but not totally disregard lighting, linen curtains are the perfect solution. Lightweight in structure and aesthetically pleasing, linen drapes are also great for keeping your seaside abode cool in the summertime.

Feature item

Now it’s time to have some fun with your beach home design and add in a final quirk for something extra special. A feature item that you would not typically (but maybe should think about) include in your usual suburban or city home, that is a match made in heaven for your coastal home: A hammock. Hammocks can be hung in your favourite sunroom reading spot or out on your balcony so you can absorb the sea breeze drifting by. A cosy woven hammock is the ultimate bohemian luxe…why not treat yourself?

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