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Teresa Chan’s New Wallpaper Collection

Teresa Chan is a graphic designer whose passion for design began as a young child.  She would find herself sitting for hours at a time in her grandfather’s tailoring business in San Francisco. Mesmerized by the beautifully patterned fabrics, she found the relationship between the images and the patterns they formed was magic, a language with which she could fully express herself.

Teresa was accepted at San Francisco State University where she focused on Industrial Arts.  From there she went on to study Advertising Design at Chung Yuan University in Taiwan. After her studies, she dove into her design career where she utilized her talents in various capacities, from managing complex print production to designing brand materials. You can find her work in retail stores and through collaborations with some of the world’s top brands.

Teresa Chan has now come full circle with Chan Graphics. She has returned to surface pattern design with the memories of her grandfather and to the language that started it all. Teresa’s patterns are inspired by the natural world with its expansive varieties of plants and animals and its infinite intricacies.  She strives to transport you to vistas that are both deeply familiar and imaginative. Her style aspires to be traditional, with a modern twist.  It is organic and playful, waking our imagination and memories through the design of florals, animals, and keepsakes of all kinds.  We are proud to feature five of her beautiful designs in a variety colourways at Milton & King.  Take a look below.


Olive Dapple

Olive Dapple is a pastel ode to a sunny Mediterranean day, providing a backdrop of Peace and Victory for any room.  Its pink and black leaves create a beautiful contrast and draw you into the hidden intricacies of the plant, ultimately revealing the sumptuous olive treasure. This design is available in colourways Blushing Pink, Fuschia Night, Laurel Wood and Olive Canvas pictured below.

Olive Dapple wallpaper designed by Teresa Chan from Milton & King

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise communicates the opulence of nature unrestrained and the indulgent luxury of an idyllic garden.  Its leaves, branches, flowers, and feathers meld into a baroque love song.  Where you lounge with your most treasured pleasures, that’s where you’ll find Birds of Paradise. This design is available in colourways Evening Blue, Green Vogue, Pink Lady, Grey and Tropical pictured below.

Birds of paradise Wallpaper designed by Teresa Chan from Milton & King

Ostrich Savannah

Step into the arid, exotic landscape of Africa with Ostrich Savanah and feel the languid rhythms of the plains.  The thin trees, long legs, and open leaves invoke an expansive terrain, ready for exploration.  Infuse the spirit of safari to any room. This design is available in colourways Gypsom and Brisk Blue pictured below.

Ostrich Savanah wallpaper designed by Teresa Chan for Milton & King

Ostrich Strut 

Nothing says, “be yourself,” like the funky and unique Ostrich Strut.  It doesn’t matter what direction you’re going, all are welcome.  By yourself, or with a partner, owning your strut makes any day or space much more fun.This design is available in colourways Blushing Pink, Midnight Stroll and Grey pictured below.

Ostrich Strut Wallpaper designed by Teresa Chan by Milton & King

Bunny Garden

Evocative of Spring in the English country side, Bunny Garden is about the freshness of life in bloom.  Have some tea, smell the flowers and imagine the possibilities of your day.  We can do and be anything we want in our Bunny Garden.  This design is available in colourways Deep Teal, Pastels and Blush pictured below.

Garden Wallpaper designed by Teresa Chan for Milton & King

Visit Milton & King to view all of Teresa Chan’s beautiful new designs in their various colourways.

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