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A History of Wallpaper


We wanted to hit rewind and take you back to where it all begun…for us anyway! We have a lot to thank for the roots of wallpaper, for they have given us the gift of ever growing art, design and creativity, all to be splashed on the walls that surround us. So, for those eager eyes wanting to get a little bit educated on how wallpaper was brought into our lives, keep on reading!

Wallpaper has been around for thousands of years, in all sorts of variations. There are many records of wall art or wall decorations being used as early as 13th Century England. Considering this, there isn’t an accurate date as to when wallpaper or wall art actually came about. The Chinese have been hanging decorated rice paper with delicate designs dating back to thousands of years ago, however it wasn’t until the Europeans adapted the wallpaper trend for it to be introduced to the western world, somewhere between early 15th and 16th Century England. At this time, wallpaper imitated fabric designs through block patterns and applying colour carefully by hand. A patient and time-consuming task, we can only imagine the magic they would have embodied with each brush stroke!

Upon its not-so-humble beginnings, wallpaper was exclusive for only the most affluent families, thanks to the high price mark.  Used to brighten up households with vibrant colour and design, it was evident once walking through the doors that the home meant serious business. By the mid 1600’s, wallpaper started to trickle down the hierarchy and became popular and available to less affluent families.

An element of wallpaper that is often forgotten from its origins is that wallpaper was designed with usually floral or architectural borders around the edges, almost to frame a room or the intricate design that spread between. However, this was purely to hide the tacks that held the wallpaper up in the desired position.  A sneaky tool with grand effect, right?

England and France took on the lead role for manufacturing and producing wallpapers, which serviced all of Europe. In 1785, French and German entrepreneur Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf changed the game by introducing a revolutionary machine, which could print coloured tints on sheets of paper. Snowballing off this idea, a gentleman names Louis-Nicolas Roberts birthed a machine in 1799, which could produce continuous sheets of paper (this machine became the basis of the Fourdrinier Machine!). And just like that, the first wallpaper machines were manufactured, making continuous sheets of coloured patterns available. By the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, wallpaper had become an export to countries all around the world, such as North America and China.

Fast forward to late 20th century, wallpaper was considered a necessity in households, and often boasted retro colours with bold floral patterns and prints. Designers and artists such as Andy Warhol saw it as an opportunity to create unique prints with a luxury stamp for consumers to drape throughout their home. The 20th century prints were all about contrasts and textures, not for the faint of heart.

Today, wallpaper is used to shape the entire feel of your home. It can mimic a material or texture, and create an environment in your space that is from thousands of miles away.  We use it to spice up a feature wall, or interactive and playful for our children. Wallpaper is a technology that is ever-changing through trends and textures, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

A History of Wallpaper infographic

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Monochrome Wallpapers To Use In Your Home

Black and white patterns, also referred to as monochrome, have been the ‘it’ style for as long as we can remember and this trend isn’t in any hurry to leave – which makes us so happy! Monochrome patterns add a sense of elegance to any space all while staying in touch with the minimalist vibes you’ve created throughout the rest of your home. We’ve picked 5 of the best monochrome wallpapers to put throughout your home to achieve this highly sought after look.



Taking inspiration from the canyons that live in the west of North America, Canyon is a rustic monochrome look with an earthy colour scheme. This wallpaper fits in effortlessly in any room of the house as its soft colours offer a sense of ‘grounding’ and pull the whole room together in a way you might have not expected.


Boom Box

What better way to add a splash of monochrome than with Boom Box? This retro print is the perfect addition to any kid or teenagers room, with it’s funky and minimalist design, you’ll easily be able to pair it with the rest of the room. Boom Box is a pattern that will never tire, constantly bringing its feel good, monochrome vibes.



Looking for a monochrome design that offers a sense of depth and intrigues everyone who sees it? Woodland is the wallpaper for you! An array of beautifully illustrated woodland creatures live peacefully together in this monochrome design that adds a texture and a little bit of fun to your walls. Perfect for a living room or a study, this design is perfect for achieving the monochrome look in an unusual, but perfect, way.



This texture has been the ‘it’ look in the monochrome world for a very long time, and for good reasons! Marble adds a cool, calm, and sophisticated edge to any wall in your house with its effortless design of grey veins weaving through the white background. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, bathroom or even your living room Marble is the perfect wallpaper to add a smooth and chic look in a heartbeat – something that will have all lovers of monochrome swooning over.

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Leo’s Spots

Playful, fun spirited and versatile – Jillian Harris has created the perfect little pattern that effortless compliments any and every decorating style. Leo’s Spots acts as a consistent backdrop while paying homage to the beauty of minimalist interior design, making it super easy to have Leo’s Spots along for the ride no matter how your style might change.

These are our 5 go-to designs to effortless achieve a monochrome look throughout your home. We can’t wait to see which one you pick up, let us know which wallpaper is your favourite!

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You Won’t Be Able To Resist These Cute Wallpaper Designs

If you know you want to treat your walls to some new wallpaper but want to avoid something run-of-the-mill, we have the answer! Gaze your eyes over these 5 cute and irresistible wallpaper designs that suit any room, at any age for any house!


Polkadot Dreams

Brighten up any room in an instant with this super cute and fun design. Polkadot Dreams takes this classic design to a whole new level with dots covers in solid colours, floral, and tiny polkadots inside bigger ones! It’s the perfect print to put in a playroom or even a reading room for a cute look that brings a relaxing yet upbeat vibe.



It’s always a party when there’s confetti involved, and this print is no exception! Confetti adds a beautifully subtle texture to your walls with a pop of colour that is both vibrant and soft. Perfect for modern nurseries or a feature wall in your entertainment space, Confetti is sure to add that ‘little something extra’ you always felt was missing from your space.

Paula Coop_A Slice_1

A Slice

The perfect way to put a little summertime on your walls all year long is Paula Coop McCrory’s A Slice. This bright, bold and nostalgic design pours happy and fun vibes not only into the room you choose to treat; but your entire house! A Slice is an effortless way to relive all of your fondest summer memories while making your space feel as light-as-air.


Bear and Butterfly

Bear and Butterfly is the ultimate cute wallpaper to feature in your little one’s nursery. This gorgeous hand-illustrated design is cute, soft and full of warmth – leaving your little one to dream of grand adventures with this adorable duo during their fundamental years.


Hugs and Kisses

Give you walls the love they deserve with the irresistibly cute Hugs and Kisses design. This black and white pattern offers a sleek look while adding it’s own soft, fun twist with little hearts scattered throughout. This cute pattern is perfect for your teenager’s room or even as a feature room in your workplace office or break room to add a splash of cute and fun to your working environment.

While there are countless of patterns that are just as cute, these 5 take the top spots in our hearts and on our list! Let us know which one of these designs will you be splattering on your walls, we can’t wait to see what you pick!


5 Reasons to Choose Wallpaper over Paint

So you’ve decided to decorate or redecorate your room, how exciting! With so many interior options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming – especially when it comes to choosing between painting or putting up wallpaper. To make the choice a little easier, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why to wallpaper or a mural instead of paint.

Super durable and easy to clean

Unlike paint, wallpaper is a very durable material. If you just moved in or have little ones running around the house, not to worry! Unlike paint, if you bump into wallpaper it won’t chip, dent or scratch. If you did happen to get a mark on the wallpaper then that too is not a problem as wallpaper is so easy to clean! All you’ll need is a sponge, some water and soap and you’re good as new. The Balloons wallpaper is the perfect wallpaper to paste up in your kids room for these reasons. Finished with two coats with a formulated glaze, wallpaper like Balloons is incredibly durable and fade resistant.

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Available in different designs and textures

Another great reason to choose wallpaper over paint is simply because of the vast availabilities of designs and textures they come in. To add depth of character to any room, choosing a wallpaper that features an ‘offbeat’ design and texture is the perfect way to do so. Wallpapers such as Recycled Timber and Bronze and Cooper are amazing examples of this. With their unique looks and textures, they add a rustic, homey feel to any room in an instant.

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Visual Appeal  

Building off of how wallpaper adds to the character of the room with their design and textures, wallpaper has an overall visual appeal that paint can sometimes lack. If you love vintage vibes but are looking to have a ‘feature’ vintage piece, vintage wallpaper is the perfect option. Chevallier and Lime Washed Bricks are so visually appealing and effortlessly add vintage vibes throughout the entire room.

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People can sometimes be deterred from choosing wallpaper with the fear of having to put it up themselves. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are so many wallpapers that are perfect for the home handyman! Take Snow Drop wallpaper, for example, made with hardwearing, non-woven, paste-the-wall wallpaper this is the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial applications that can be done by you all while having a professional finish.

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Standout features 

Finally, wallpaper or mural is so great for standout features. If you’re a minimalist who still searches for that one standout feature, wallpaper and murals are your answer. You can choose from funky patterns or even an entire wall mural. It doesn’t have to be your token beach scene or New York skyline, while those are super dreamy, take it up a notch with Solar System or Ocean Meets Sky. These unique murals add a calming yet striking presence to any room, one that you couldn’t quite create with paint.


Retro Print Revival

If you love the 50’s retro, vintage era and want to splatter it all over your walls, we’ve picked 6 of the best retro wallpapers for you to swoon over!

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetHalcyon

Amp up the retro vibes with Halcyon; this relaxing tropical vacation transports you to easier times. A beige background accompanied by deep, rich colors brings retro to the entire room, perfect for the days you when find yourself wishing you were sitting beachside.

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetPicture This

Looking for a way to add depth, character and uniqueness in a retro way to your walls? Look no further than Picture This. This one of a kind wallpaper features picture frames of all different shapes, sizes and colors that any retro lover will swoon over. Picture This suits any room and causes for a second look every time you see it – and all for the right reasons!

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetVintage French Maps

What better way to add retro into your home or work than with Vintage French Maps? Aesthetically pleasing, educational and informative, what’s not to love about this contemporary twist on an old-school favourite. It’s also a perfect way to fuel that wanderlust as you grab your suitcase and set off on your very own retro-inspired journey.

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Mixed Tapes

Nothing is more retro than Mixed Tapes. This unique, edgy wallpaper is an ode to the days of making and remaking mix tapes, choosing the perfect order and the perfect artists for the mix tape vibes. It’s intriguing, characteristic and playful in a retro wallpaper just for you!

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Gosport St Milk Bar

The retro era is known for it’s bold, bright while unique, and Gosport St Milk Bar captures this perfectly. An array of old soda crates transports you to a 50’s Aussie summer in a cool and quirky way, all while having you wish you could delve deep into those retro vibes and join in on all the fun! Perfect for any room and any season, Gosport St Milk Bar is the wallpaper of your retro dreams.

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Tropical Flamingos

Okay okay, we’ve said it a lot so far but how retro can you be when it comes to Tropical Flamingos?! This bright, quirky and fresh wallpaper oozes retro from every corner of the room and will have you feeling deep in a funky jungle of pink flamingos, in no rush to leave whatsoever.

We love all of these retro inspired wallpapers perfect for the retro lover inside us all, we can’t wait to see which one you treat your wall too!



It’s A Boy: Perfect Wallpapers For Your Little Man’s First Nursery

Hooray, you just found out it’s a boy! Bringing home a little boy to join in all the family fun is such an amazing and exciting time but you may find piecing together the perfect boy nursery is a little trickier! With so many do’s and don’ts for nursery’s it’s easy to feel stuck in a world full of choices. You should create a fun and loving environment that reflects you as parents but also one that will entertain and calm your little one as he’ll be spending the first few years in this new little haven. We’ve chosen 6 of our favorite wallpapers for a playful boys nursery.

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Beach House

Turn your boy’s nursery into a relaxing underwater world with this whale inspired wallpaper. Fun drawings and soft blues make this the perfect wallpaper to accompany your little one’s growing curiosity and is perfect for when he gets a little older too.

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Hosts all of the cutest animals in the land on your nursery wall with this beautifully illustrated wallpaper. Not only will it be as if your boy always has his animal pals with him, but it’s a fun way for them to start learning animal names while they spend the majority of their fundamental years in the nursery.

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Planes and Helicopters  

What better way to kick-start your child’s imagination than with the Planes and Helicopter wallpaper? This soft design will have your little one dreaming of faraway adventures that he can take in his flying machine, oh the places he’ll go. The neutral blue tones make this wallpaper super easy to style with, leaving room for a number of statement pieces to be added to the nursery.

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Run Away and Join The Circus  

Come one, come all to the greatest show in town – your nursery! The Runaway and Join The Circus wallpaper is the perfect choice for parents looking for standout wallpaper; with pops of bright colors and lots of fun characters it’s a nifty addition to any boy’s nursery.

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What little boy (or girl even) wouldn’t want their nursery wall decked out in the cutest cars and trucks? Trucks is the go-to wallpaper for a fun, easy going look in your nursery and while the red and blue color scheme seems a bolder choice, it leaves so much room for you to fill the nursery with color neutral items, making the rest of your interior designing easy-peasy.

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This adorable wallpaper pattern shows these animal friends enjoying everything Paris has to offer. Paris is a design and color scheme you’ll love working with as it adds a little interest as you see what each pair of friends are up to while keeping the overall look simple and easy to match.

Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


It’s Only Unconventional Until You Put It Up

Let your wallpaper express who you are! Unconventional wallpapers have a special and dominant effect on a room, which is why adorning your walls with an eccentric pattern can often create magic. Whether you have chosen a bold print to emphasize a feature wall or you are creating a ‘dress to impress’ approach wall-to-wall, we have selected our boldest prints to satisfy your creative appetite…..and remember it’s only unconventional until you put it up!

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Wawani Birds is a wonderfully alive seamless wallpaper pattern, that is sure to breathe life into anywhere it is installed. Light, loose and relaxing this adorable wallpaper is perfect for any setting.

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This pattern is a collection of creatures from under the sea, created as part of a set of patterns. No scaly or slimy creatures here – these brightly patterned dudes are fancy free – enjoying a sea change. The pattern uses a coherent style, drawing on folk art patterning and graphic techniques across the character groups.

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Plus sign is a delightful print, which delivers a combination of cool and classic to the modern interior.

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Ooh la la! A stunning designer wallpaper that in turn is aesthetically pleasing, educational and informative. Vintage French Maps is a contemporary twist on those classrooms from bygone days where the walls were covered in maps.

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Watercolour Birds is a stimulating watercolour pattern that is truly a breath of fresh air. All colours of the rainbow scattered lovingly across this homage to our winged friends.

Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


Flower Power

Despite the perception that floral prints should belong solely in ‘grandma’s’ bedroom, florals have been all the rage this year, from time-honoured bouquets to bold leaf pattern’s they have been taking center stage on wallpapers and fabrics.

To inspire some ‘flower power’ in your home, we have selected some of our top picks, from ostentatious bouquets in strong colors to a delicate posy of field flowers, whatever your taste we have it covered, allowing you to create a special atmosphere in any room yearning for some floral invigoration.

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Sture is vivid and very much alive, watch it bloom and illuminate your wall. This is an evolution of a classic floral and is set to breathe life into the most mundane space.

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Friday Floral beautiful, bright and whimsical floral wallpaper that’s ideal for the warm colorful days of summer. Perfect for powder rooms or bedrooms this floral wallpaper will add a big dose of cheer to your space.

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As the name suggests Flower Bomb is an explosion and celebration of floral and colors. Look closer and you will not only discover flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors but some very well hidden insects lured to investigate these impressive, vivid and lively bouquets.

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The Flora wallpaper design is a bold floral with unique illustrated line work. The colorway options available make it a versatile décor option. It is available in Original Black, Cocoa and Yellow Mist.

Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


5 Tips For Choosing The Right Wallpaper For Your Space

Wallpapers are a great way to add interest and colour to any room. However, choosing the right wallpaper for your space is equally as important as instaling it perfectly. Here is a list of 5 tips to consider before investing in a particular pattern to ensure you choose the right one for your space, style and project.

  • Look At A Lot Of Patterns
    When looking for the perfect wallpaper design, look at a large variety of designs and consider all of the options. Follow us on Pinterest and create a folder or board of images that you love and then imagine them in your own space. Don’t get too caught up on one particular pattern too soon and remember to keep a relatively open mind when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for your space.
  • Get Samples
    As you would with a paint sample, you should always grab a sample of the wallpapers you are considering too. Temporarily attach it to the wall where you want it to be applied and quietly observe it over the next few days. This will help you notice how it looks at different times of the day as well as how it matches the furniture and other items in the space. You can order samples of any of our wallpapers, just add them to cart and select the sample size online.
  • Have A Theme
    If you have a room or home theme, try to stick with that when choosing your wallpaper design. This will ensure the space matches and flows with the rest of your home and doesn’t appear out of place or strange. This will also help in guaranteeing that the design matches perfectly with the décor items and your own personal style too.

Choosing The Right Wallpaper | Milton & King

  • Understand Colours
    If you have a smaller sized room, consider using a lighter shade of wallpaper like Flower Garden (Blues) to trick the mind into thinking the room is larger and the ceilings higher. Darker coloured wallpapers will tend to bring the walls in and make the room visually appear smaller in size. Additionally, colours also can make a big difference in your personal feelings. Cooler colours put across tranquillity whereas warm colours appear to make a space feel warmer. So, the purpose and mood of the room will have a big impact when you are choosing a wallpaper for your space.
  • Pattern Size
    The scale of the pattern of the wallpaper can completely change the room dynamics. A larger scale print tends to make a room feel more intimate whilst a smaller pattern gives the illusion of more space and light. Observe your room and understand what you want to achieve with the wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper can be a hard task if you don’t know exactly know what you are looking for or what you want to accomplish in your room. If you need some assistance in knowing what to consider when purchasing a wallpaper, we hope these five tips give you some guidance in making a confident decision to select the perfect wallpaper.


Installing Wallpaper: 8 Things You Shouldn’t Do

Installing wallpaper has a bad rep, as many people automatically assume that it’s hard work and a difficult task. In reality, with a good understanding and proper preparation, installing wallpaper is not as daunting as you might think. To ensure an easy and stress free installation, here are 8 things you definitely shouldn’t do!

Don’t Forget To Prepare

Preparation is extremely important in guaranteeing your wallpaper is installed perfectly. To properly prep for the hanging of wallpaper, the wall should be smooth with any holes or indents filled or covered. For the most flawless results, remove the covers to electrical sockets and switches to help the wallpaper sit better. To get the best finish, we recommend you apply a primer prior to application (ensure the walls are clean and dry before applying). In some cases, if the walls are painted you may need to test whether or not the paint will accept the wallpaper. If they aren’t suitable, extra steps to sand and wash the walls will be required to make sure the wallpaper sticks.

Don’t Buy The Minimum Quantity

Don’t get stuck in a pickle and ensure you measure your walls and add a couple of extra metres or rolls to your order incase you tear a section or don’t calculate correctly. This will be useful if something happens during the installation process and you need to start over. Giving yourself more wallpaper than you will need will also keep you from getting through half of the room and realising you don’t have enough to finish the project.

Don’t Cut Too Much

When cutting your wallpaper for installation, avoid cutting more than a couple of strips at a time. Additionally, keep your knife or razor super sharp for clean, crisp cuts every time. Ultimately, you want your wall to look like it’s one large piece rather than multiple pieces joined together, so it is important that each cut is seamless and perfectly straight.

Don’t Forget To Mark The Wall

Don’t forget to measure and mark the wall where each piece of wallpaper will go. You will be able to install your wallpaper easier if you have measured and marked the edges and can simply align and paste with minimal struggles. Avoid hanging the wallpaper on the fly and instead keep the process structured and organised for the best results.

Wallpaper Don'ts | Milton & King

Don’t Do It Alone

You might want to do it yourself, but try and convince a friend or family member to help you out so you have an extra set of hands on call. They could hold the other end of the strip and assist you in applying it without getting a mess everywhere, or they could be there for moral support.

Don’t Forget To Smooth

You will have a couple of minutes after hanging to ensure the paper is straight and in the perfect position before it sets. In this time, you should also use a damp natural sponge to remove excess glue as well as get rid of air bubbles or wrinkles that may have formed. If bubbles occur that cannot be removed pop a small hole into it with a needle and gently press the air out.

Don’t Go Without A Drop Cloth

Better to be safe than sorry and lay down some drop cloths below your working space for to avoid any messy drops of glue or even the wallpaper. If you’re working in a room with carpet, it is even more important to lay a drop cloth down before you get started,

Don’t Start In The Middle

Definitely do not start installing wallpaper from the middle of your wall.  Pick a corner, possibly an inconspicuous area behind a door. This will be less noticeable for any first-timer errors and can also be helpful when it comes to matching the pattern of the wallpaper.

To achieve the best results, make sure you don’t make these 8 simple mistakes when installing wallpaper. If you would like further assistance on the best application methods, check out our quick and simple Non-Woven Wallpaper Installation video below which demonstrates the steps from preparing the wall to finishing a wallpaper project so you don’t fall victim to one of these “must not do” things.

Now all you have to do is choose your favourite wallpaper or wall mural on our website – happy decorating!