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Milton & King Vs.Traditional Manufacturing

We are all wanting to take more responsibility for sustainability and helping the environment, but what do we really know about the products we buy? Where are they made? How are they made? Who makes them and with what technology?


Milton & King Vs. The Incumbents


Milton & King is pioneering the emergence and development of not only Lean Manufacturing Principles but also Distributed Localised Manufacturing in the wallpaper industry.

Unlocking opportunity!

The key to unlocking these opportunities lies in a distributed manufacturing operation – one that relies on a network of smaller, more agile and flexible factories around the world located closer to where customers are. Decreasing the time it takes to create, receive, schedule, and process a client’s order. We have adopted a more sustainable approach based on made-to-order manufacturing strategy. Simply put, we are driven to make high quality wallpaper, with short lead times in a factory closest to your location.

Thus providing a meaningful reduction in logistics costs, emissions derived from manufacturing and distribution operations, supporting more sustainable business practices such as waste reduction and support of local economy as well as removing the risk of Global Supply Chain volatility. We always have a production backup!

Traditionally, the wallpaper industry has relied on physical inventory to meet market needs and mass production to keep costs down. The result is the buildup of complicated global supply, distribution and sales networks. However, the unpredictability of human behaviour, local markets and global trends means there is no perfect projection formula to ensure that the right product is available quickly and in the right location. Storing wallpaper collections for the possibility of their use requires a generally large physical footprint, as well as facility upkeep and the personnel to keep it running. Expensive, massive warehouses of product sit in wait to supply demand that may or may not come – and may or may not be localized enough to be helpful for areas of demand.

“Digital inventory” is a backbone of our supply chain management. More than a buzzword, the underlying principle is that rather than stock a physical warehouse with mass quantities of wallpaper that may or may not be in demand at any given time, we manufacture on-demand in a production facility located near the source of need. Sharing digital files, color profiles and IP seamlessly across our own network.

Our Top 5 Advantages

  • By manufacturing orders on-demand and closer to their end destination, we reduce logistics cost, lead times and environmental impact. Satisfying consumer demand for faster delivery and customized service.

  • Direct-to-Consumer: From the factory floor to your door. We manufacture, market, and distribute our own products without middlemen, which enables us to reduce costs, interact directly with consumers, and provide a seamless start-to-finish buyer’s experience.

  • We Are Agile: Not only are we incredibly flexible with our localised manufacturing but we are super stretchy with getting product from initial concept through to market. We can design, test and launch products in days not months.
  • We Embrace Technology: Swatch Books are so Yesterday: We don’t print miles and miles of wallpaper to then chop it up and put it in a swatch book. Not only is it incredibly wasteful and archaic in its thinking, but success relies far too heavily on the effectiveness of product marketing or the personal taste of in-store sales staff. We ship samples direct to your location, quickly and efficiently. Within a few days you can have your very own sample to create beautiful flat-lays, color coordinate finishes or to simply touch and feel the quality. Yay technology!

  • Minimal Waste: We run a very lean manufacturing process with less than 5% production waste. We only print what sells and as you know, don’t print swatch books. So we’re not left with masses of old standing inventory that didn’t sell or outdated swatch books. We have a smaller manufacturing footprint which helps reach our sustainability goals.

Private Label Wallpaper Manufacturing

If you are a brand or artist and think that wallpaper would be a great product add for your business. Why not reach out and get the run down on how our private label manufacturing works. Utilize our network and launch your collection without the cost, slow timeframes and unrealistic minimum orders of the incumbents. Reach out today and join our already strong list of private label brands. Let’s start the conversation.

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