Ximena Escobar
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Woman + Earth

Ximena Escobar is a talented graphic and textile designer from Medellin, Colombia. Her work is a celebration of the relationship between women and nature. 

Her earthly connection can be traced beyond her own lifetime, back to that of her Great Grandmother. An Orchid Collector who studiously observed and researched her field with a great deal of love and awe, and is said to have discovered a new species of Orchid. Ms Escobar communicates her femininity and close ties to the earth through a diverse visual output.

Ximena Escobar | Milton & King
Ximena’s work exudes an alluring type of eclecticism. Lately she has added an extra dimension to her creative output. Literally doing so by collaging pieces of deftly trimmed fabric into divinely tactile pieces of art. These works display Escobar’s strong sensibility of colour and layout ultimately serve as a vehicle for her ecofeminist musings. Her work celebrates strong female figures, who are intertwined with their natural surroundings.“Nature connects them to the wisdom of the earth, with beauty and fertility the self supply of the land, the farm, the garden, the home and an innate capacity of being a guardian, keeper and preserver of the beautiful inherited habitat”.

Ximena Escobar | Milton & King
Ximena initially graduated from a bachelor of graphic design at UBP in Medellin. She next furthered her schooling by completing her Masters in Design for Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Upon finishing the course she returned to work as a freelance designer in Colombia. For 6 years Ximena evolved her design aesthetic before deciding that further study could assist her growth as an artist and designer. Once again Ximena returned to London, this time studying her Masters of Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts.

Ximena Escobar | Milton & King
Ximena currently resides in Medellin, her hometown. As always, she is broadening her scope as an artist and a designer. “I guess because I studied design and hold a certificate that says so, I am a designer but I like experimenting and researching in a way that is sometimes is more like an Artist. But if you ask me, I prefer to call myself a Maker.” Ximena’s experimental nature as a creative is evident within her own portfolio of work. There is quite a juxtaposition between her Wallpaper Republic collection and her collage work. Staying true to her creative impulses is paramount for Ximena as it keeps her work vital.  If you keep showing up, eventually the muse will too.

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