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Treat and Company is a collective of designers and thinkers. Team member Lisa Dammann was so kind as to elaborate on what sets them apart.

Treat And Company is an eclectic team of personnel who each have abundance of expertise. Spanning retail, product development, merchandising, marketing and trend analysis. Their patterns in Wallpaper Republic display a considered and diverse approach to design.

Treat And Company | Milton & King
Our motto is Enhance the human experience.  Eliminate ugly.

TREAT AND COMPANY creates amazing product and consumer connections- trend-inspired and awe-inspiring.  We uncover new ways to bring design styles and solutions, to delight our customers with ideas perfectly made for each business. Our approach is unique.  Our team is small and nimble, yet because we’re made up of so many diverse designers and thinkers our capabilities are extensive.

Treat And Company | Milton & King
Our work is rooted in great design and expands from wallpaper and surface design mediums like illustration, watercolour and graphic design, to 3-dimensional product thinking and marketing.  The original intention of the product is our foundation, the way it connects with consumers is our essential difference.

Treat And Company | Milton & King
Based in Minneapolis, our team spreads from San Francisco to New York and is constantly traveling the globe to learn what’s next.  Our business extends internationally to serve brands, manufacturers and retailers that value great design. Currently we’re working with a handful of international and US brands on new product concepts, surface designs as well as marketing strategies, to build tailored and meaningful design solutions.

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