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Jared Nickerson is a Seattle based graphic artist. Jared owns and operates Jthree Concepts who specialise in art direction, branding, logo and character design. He has an impressive array of clients including but not limited to Adidas, Coca Cola, Nike and Activision.

Known for his distinct vector stylings, Nickerson has has crafted a livelihood out of being honest to the muse. Jared’s vector know-how in illustrator has been attained over many years of pen tooling and pathfinding (and reluctantly learning the latest features of each new update). As a self-taught artist he came to the conclusion that digital art would thrive in coming years. Consequently, he worked hard toward honing his craft. Jared’s gravitation toward vector art can be attributed to versatility. A program like Adobe Illustrator allows manipulation of size and colour on a large scale without loss of quality, making it ideal for any number for digital viewing or print.Jared Nickerson | Milton & KingStylistically speaking, Nickerson’s work is bold, bright and character driven. His work appears to be brimming with political and social commentary, however Nickerson concedes that this is not actually the case. “Really my art is purely for visual sake. It’s to look at and say “Wow, that’s cool”. At the end of the day Nickerson knows that the viewer will draw their own conclusions.

Jared Nickerson | Milton & King Jared is the co-founder of the Blood Sweat and Vector community. An invitation-only based site, that allows artists a platform to share their latest work and updates. Whilst simultaneously acting as a site where the public can become versed in artists that otherwise, they wouldn’t be exposed to.

Jared Nickerson | Milton & KingWhen he isn’t busy with visuals, he finds time to rock as a member of the lo-fi new wave band Dead Astronauts. Music is an integral part of his creative output, he declares that he’ll put together a playlist before starting on a new piece of visual work. Nickerson’s varied work and resume reinforces the fact that if you work hard to establish yourself and your vision, you can make a living doing something you love.

Jared Nickerson | Milton & King

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