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Our Spanish counterparts

An office can get quite boring and the working weeks become repetitive. The Milton & King office was once like this, but due to an influx of Spaniards, office morale is at an all time high. These Spaniards are hairy and have four legs, also known as Spanish Water Dogs. She is Muffin, and he is Mani. Hola Perros! 

Many moons ago, when Bryce (our creative director) was living and working as a designer in Spain he bought Muffin. Upon returning to Australia Bryce decided to bring Muffin to his homeland. After a testing 56 hour plane ride and 30 days in quarantine, “Muff” was now an Aussie and had to learn English pretty darn quickly. Mani followed suit a year after Muffin, and they combined to be the only breeding pair of Spanish Water Dogs in Australia. Both have settled in sunny Queensland and dream of trips to the beach. These Spaniards really come into their own when near the ocean, or any body of water for that fact. Muffin has been known to fall asleep in the bath or dive to the bottom of a pool for a tennis ball.

Puppies | Milton & King

Mani is a quiet and shy fellow, saving his energy for his morning run/ fetch session where he displays his fleet footed skills. Socially speaking, Muffin is the yin to Mani’s yang. She is quite gregarious and always up for a chat, coming over to my side of the cubicle for pats on a hourly basis. SWDs are athletic and intelligent companions, and are an extremely rare breed in Australia. In Spain, they have a proud history as a working dog. For centuries they have herded and drove sheep, goat and cattle.  Muffin & Mani have now had 2 litters of pups, and they are also proud namesakes of our range of children’s wall decor. Gracias Muffin y Mani!

Puppies | Milton & King

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