Vintage New York Wall Mural Katherine Wills
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Latrobe St Apartment

If you had to guess, which city would be the self proclaimed cultural and artistic hub of Australia? I’m pretty sure that you guessed Melbourne? if not, then you’re a touch out of the loop. It’s got the food, the entertainment, the art scene and all the rest of that cultural jazz. If there was to be an equivalent of New York City in Australia, arguably, it would be Melbourne.

“Nicknamed the ‘NYC 3000’ for its Manhattan appeal and Melbourne postcode, Latrobe St apartment is a bite of big apple in the little smoke.”

Vintage New York Wall Mural | Milton & King

Interior Designer Katherine Wills employed one of Wallpaper Republic’s most popular wall murals in her decoration of the inner-city apartment. And rightly so, Vintage New York is a grand panoramic shot of the city by Wallpaper Republic team member Rob Harrison. Poised above the bustling NYC skyline, your view is from Upper Manhattan gazing toward Downtown. A mural of the most recognisable cityscape of post industrial mankind coupled with a modern interior style, makes for a warm, contemporary living space. If you can’t be in New York City, Vintage New York wall mural will be the next best substitute for your New York State of Mind.

Vintage New York Wall Mural | Milton & KingVintage New York Wall Mural | Milton & KingVintage New York Wall Mural | Milton & King

* Photography by Kevin Hui

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