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How To Refresh Your Kitchen In A Weekend

When you think of a kitchen renovation you don’t think “weekend job”. Generally speaking, a renovation of a kitchen could take weeks and even months to complete, however, there are some ways to turn your kitchen from drab to fab in just a weekend without completely demolishing your current space. Here are 7 easy-to-do ideas that will breathe new life into your kitchen in the space of a weekend!

Invest In New Whitegoods

This isn’t a cheap thing, however, purchasing new whitegoods can completely change your kitchen. Gone are the days of the basic white refrigerators and dishwashers with many whitegoods now available in silver, black and even fun, bright colors. As some of the biggest and most important items in your kitchen, simply changing these over will alter the entire look for your kitchen for yourself and anyone else who visits.

Change Your Hardware

Doing a quick change from some boring cabinet hardware to some luxurious, fancy handles can really give a kitchen a facelift. It’s the small details that can make all the difference in a room so choose some hardware that will perfectly suit your kitchen decor theme. Opt for rustic, vintage handles to achieve a homestyle kitchen and some crystal clear knobs to achieve a polished, chic kitchen.

Display Your Pots

Add a rod above your island or with your window and display your pots and pans for practicality and also for a cool, industrial look. This is super easy to complete but will add a lot of character to the space. If you feel like your kitchen is super small or cramped, you should consider this very carefully before committing as the hanging pots will take away from any extra space you have.

Spruce Up Your Lighting

Lighting is an important factor in any room but the lighting in a kitchen can easily set the vibe. Want a luxurious feel? Add a chandelier as your key lighting in your kitchen. Want an industrial, loft-style kitchen? Choose a wired creation to light up the space. Depending on what you choose to do, your lighting choice can actually end up being the focal point of your entire kitchen.

Refresh Your Kitchen In A Weekend | Milton & King

Change Your Splashback

The splashback is a critical factor when deciding what theme or style you want your kitchen to follow. Did you know our wallpapers can be used in your kitchen? We love “Snowdrop” for a country inspired kitchen, “Herringbone” for a chic, polished kitchen and “Watercolour Birds” for a fun, fresh kitchen. What is your favorite?

Add A Rug

Rugs aren’t just for a family room or bedroom, they are making their name in kitchens as well. A new trend, rugs look incredible in a relatively basic kitchen as it adds a new texture as well as an injection of must-needed color.

Switch Out Your Stools

If you have an island in your space try changing out the seating you are using. Choose a stool style that will complement the vibe you want in your kitchen, whether that be wooden for a country feel, metal for an industrial mood or cushioned for a Hampton’s vibe.

Not enjoying your kitchen lately? Want to jazz it up but don’t want to spend a fortune or dedicate months to the renovation process? We hope these 7 quick and simple ways will help to transform your kitchen in as short of a time as a weekend!

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