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How to deal with Christmas ‘blues’: 5 Wallpapers to make you smile

With 2017 in full swing and the holidays behind us for another year, it can be easy to be feeling the post-festive, Christmas blues. Not to worry, this is nothing that a fun, vibrant and bright wallpaper can’t fix! We’ve picked out our top 5 wallpapers that are sure to make you smile and help you through the post-Christmas blues for another year.

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A Slice

The perfect way to push aside any blues and put a little summertime on your walls all year long is Paula Coop McCrory’s A Slice. This bright, bold and nostalgic design pours happy and fun vibes not only into the room you choose to treat this print, but your entire house! A Slice is an effortless way to relive all of your fondest summer memories while making your space feel as light-as-air as you make your way through the New Year!



If your post-Christmas blues has you wishing to be whisked away, look no further than Tropicale. Large monstera leaves ooze tropical vibes straight into any room you treat with this design – so much so you can basically feel the ocean breeze sweeping through your space, washing away any blue feelings and replacing them with relaxed tropical vibes.

Jillian Harris - Milton & King

Tropic It Like It’s Hot

An island escape is the perfect outlet to wash away any blue feelings, which is why we love Tropic It Like It’s Hot. This super fun and vibrant design slides effortlessly into any room of your home and works a treat to get you to brush aside woes from the festive season being over – because really with Tropic It Like It’s Hot there’s always a reason to celebrate!

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Gula radiates cool and relaxed vibes into any room it’s placed into. Soft colours and textured florals add to the summer vibe all year round, even when you’re suffering from winter-time blues. It’s the perfect way to bring a breath of fresh air into your space after the festive season and to keep it there all year long.

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Watercolour Birds

Watercolour Birds pays homage to our winged friends and adds a sense of mystic and wonder to your space. In depth and intriguing watercolours that feature all the colours of the rainbow and more. Bring your space back to life and have people second glancing your walls, all for the right reasons.

These are our top 5 wallpapers to help us through the post-Christmas blues and get us through another year until the celebrations start again. Which one is your favourite – be sure to let us know which one you pick up!


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