2017 Colour Trends
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2017 Colour Trends

A new year brings fresh interior concepts, meaning an array of new colours to be splashed into your home or office. Implementing colours to your décor is not just aesthetically pleasing, but can also assist in lifestyle and mood based on your surroundings. The 2017 colour forecast is proving to be bigger and bolder than ever, suitably a shade of choice for every kind of person. Here is a guide to the colours that are stealing the show for 2017.

Dusky Greens

Landing on the softer end of the scale, dusky forest greens with a muted undertone is the most popular trend across the board. Paired with natural timbers and industrial styled lighting, your space will be transformed into a serene utopia. For a more upscale take on this shade trend, keep it clean and crisp with cooler materials such as steel and white glossy finishes. A flush of green in your home has also been proven to be calming and peaceful with its representation of nature and all things good.


Powder Blues

Bringing those Hampton vibes to the city (or anywhere!), fresh blue hues are a timeless favourite. 2017 interior predictions pointed the finger at the effortless and undone look of powder blues paired with washed white timber and homey throws. Typically styled in a beachside manner, powdery blues can also be warmed up with deep burgundy timbers and rustic gold accessories, if a deeper palette is preferred. Like green, blue can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere when used in décor– the perfect colour we want to see when we get home, am I right?


Yellows and Oranges

To add some spunk into your home, bursts of yellows and oranges are the real deal. An ode to the retro years, this trend is coming full circle back into our lives, with no plan to slow down. Decorating your space around these colours can be playful and eccentric, with artistic pieces and simple accessories. A great way to play on this trend is also pairing pastels with vibrancy in the same shade to create dimension and an element of surprise. Contrasting modest with over the top fixtures and furniture is the key to paying tribute to this colour palette.


Noir is for the sophisticated; for the modern romantics; for the classics; and for the bold. Embodying plum purples, deep blues and rich greens, noir plays on classical trends blended with contemporary characteristics. Pairing sophisticated hues with less obvious décor of choice gives an unexpected take on your interior while still remaining elegant and understated. Noir shades tricked up with contrasting lighter tones of the same variance and some mahogany floorboards make for an cosy interior with a timeless sense of richness.

Musky Pinks

Not to be mistaken for the “girly-girl” colour, pastel pinks can be manipulated with top-notch style and accessorising to create a neutral living space. Extenuated to more of a modern nude, pastel pinks can be used for a subtle pop of colour on the wall or in simple room accessories throughout the space. Perfectly paired with copper accents and marble finishes, this interior trend has proven a force to be reckoned with. To really play up the femininity of the colour, create a space with a flawless finish. It is all about keeping the area fresh and open and adding depth with indoor plants and eclectic lighting.

Musky Pinks

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