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You won't see any token beach scenes or bamboo in this collection. What you will see however, is an exciting range of wall murals designed by highly skilled artists, designers and photographers; all exclusive to Milton & King.

Starting with the Muffin & Mani Collection, a range of kids wallpaper murals perfect for any little boy or girls room. Let their dreams take flight with the magical and whimsical wall murals by Terry Fan. A talented creative with a enchanted imagination. For your new nursery, try the playful Nursery Rhyme Wall Murals and lull your sweet baby off to sleep. For the older Children, pop a full size world map mural on the wall. Making geography homework a breeze.

The super cool and creative designs found in the Wallpaper Republic Mural Collection is for the risk takers. Exclusive Designs from some of the worlds most talented creatives. The grandfathers of pixel, eBoy and their stunning Pixorama pixelised cityscapes. Jared Nickerson and his awesome Digital Illustration, Camilla d'Errico and her manga painted murals. Whatever your passion, you will find it here in spades.

A result of a collaboration with Mary Evan's Picture Library, Erstwhile takes authentic vintage images and creates time-honoured wall decor. From vintage sketches of New York City to Japanese woodblock prints, the Erstwhile collection is a retrospective collection of wall Murals.


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Vintage Wall Murals


 Reproduction Vintage Murals. Original postcards, maps, advertising and Japanese illustrations. 
Children's Designer Wall Murals


 Whimsical, Wonderful and Magical. Delightful designer wall murals for children.
Exclusive Designer Wall Murals


 Exclusive Designer Wall Murals. No token palm trees here, just totally awesome & unique designs.


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For the walls, approx  =  10m (35ft) rolls of paper Rolls

Please note: This calculator estimates the amount of wallpaper you require. Milton & King will not be responsible for overage or shortage based on these calculations. Different designs will require varying quantities depending on the match type and the size of the repeat pattern.