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Installation & Care


Our wallpaper is a beautiful thing, and hanging it should be undertaken with the same delicacy and precision we put into making it. To help you get it just right, we’ve rustled up some insider’s tips.


Inspect every roll to ensure that all rolls are in good condition, with no variations in shade, and that no other faults are present. The company cannot accept liability for defects that are apparent at the time of hanging, nor can the company be responsible for any consequential loss. After hanging 2 or 3 lengths we strongly recommend that you carefully inspect the results.


Preparing a wall for wallpaper is like laying good foundations for a beautiful home. It needs to be done methodically, and thoroughly. So find the perfectionist within you and follow these steps:

  • • You want the wall as clean as possible, so remove all traces of dirt, old wallpaper, and flaking paint.
  • • With a suitable filler, even out cracks and irregularities to achieve a satisfyingly smooth surface.
  • • Once you’ve smoothed, filled, and sanded your wall, make sure all surfaces are clean and dry.
  • • Remove electrical coverings.

Printable Instructions: Click here for Installation Guide.


You’ll need:

  • • Wallpaper
  • • Wallpaper paste (a quality fungicide protected, tub adhesive)
  • • Measuring tape
  • • Scissors
  • • Paint roller, paint tray and paint brush (Mohair paint roller if possible)
  • • Drop cloth
  • • Sponge
  • • Bucket of clean water
  • • Straight edge
  • • Pencil
  • • Level or Plumb-bob
  • • Craft knife (with ample blades)
  • • Smoothing tool (brush or plastic)
  • • Seam roller (if available)


Milton & King wallpapers are protected with two coats of a specially formulated glaze, making the non-woven base and paper top layer very durable and easy to clean. Dirt, dust and other marks can be simply cleaned using a damp cloth with soapy water. Stains caused by grease and oil, ball point pen, felt tip markers, crayons etc, may be removed using a solvent cleaner like methylated spirits or acetone. Note: Please use caution when using these cleaners as Milton & King accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur from their use or during cleaning.


The information given here or any other technical advice, whether verbal or in writing or by way of trial – is for guidance only and is given in good faith but without warranty, since the skill of application and site conditions are beyond our control. These papers are specially made to order and therefore no goods are supplied on a sale or return basis.


To get the best out of your wallpaper, please take the following points into consideration:

While our papers can be hung in bathrooms and kitchens, they are not suitable for high humidity areas. If planning to paper a humid room, please fully consider the general environment of the room and potential implications before you proceed.

Local conditions will differ from room to room depending on size, extraction, and general humidity, all of which give varying levels of condensation. As such, we cannot guarantee our papers’ suitability across all situations.

Please ensure sufficient ventilation; whilst our papers are wipe-able, they are not waterproof.

Air the room! Remember never to shut up a room of newly-hung wallpaper, but leave to air and maintain a normal room temperature to ensure the wallpaper dries properly. The room and wall should be kept at a minimum of +64°F (+18 °C).

Raised edges, blistering and gaps? These common problems are not due to the wallpaper, but rather to the amount of adhesive used, the surface and the method of wallpapering. Damaged materials are replaced with a defect-free version on production of an order. Milton & King Pty Ltd is not responsible for painting and re-wallpapering costs or costs associated with loss of time or any other indirect damage.

How many rolls do I need?

For the walls, approx  =  10m (35ft) rolls of paper Rolls

Please note: This calculator estimates the amount of wallpaper you require. Milton & King will not be responsible for overage or shortage based on these calculations. Different designs will require varying quantities depending on the match type and the size of the repeat pattern.